Glorious TERF poets #sexist

(OK, we all know incel poetry by now, so here are some TERF haikus to cringe at)

A difficult task
To write a GC haiku
Because my lady brain makes logical tasks like counting syllables impossible

Penis it's a man
Vagina it's a woman
Gender is garbage

Restrooms don't exist
To validate your feelings
Let us pee in peace

Trans activism
Is really misogyny
Don't believe the hype

You are not oppressed
Female isn't a costume
Be nice to people

Your body isn't wrong
Nothing about you is wrong
Don't harm your body

No female penis
And no lady brain either
Reclaim womanhood!

The cotton ceiling
Perpetuates rape culture
Dykes don't want your dick

Oh for the last time
No one cares about your dick
Just shut the fuck up

XX chromosomes
Are what make one a female
It's science, moron

Woman's not a feeling
It's not dresses and makeup
Screw your damn fetish

There's a better way
End global patriarchy
Liberate women

He has a smug smile
That AGP over there
Five o'clock shadow

A purloined garment
Pervert father with implants
Stay out of my draw'rs!

Lesbian penis
Adam's apple eyeliner
Creep-ass gaslighting

Don't want to see that
You are a bigot, they say
Just shower at home

I love writing haiku, so I'ma keep going!
Trained hard to compete
He swooped in and snagged it all
What do we have left

Front hole, chesticles
Vagina's not our own now
Words ain't mean nuthin'

males are not oppressed
shut up about your penis
please fucking kill me

Boys can't become girls
Female is not a feeling
Fuck off with that shit

Transgenderism is
Misogyny incarnate
For they are the same



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