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Although I have nothing against them as an ethnic group or even as a religion in particular, there are certain groups of them that I despise, and that are causing much of this modern rot. Rothschilds and other Ashkenazi mass banking families of either Atheist or sometimes even Satanist beliefs funded the French and Russian revolutions, among other destructive movements. The Zionist control of gentile governments is highly destructive, as is the Judiazation of Christianity.

I do not in any way view them as a "chosen people" at this time. The only reason they were such in the first place was to provide a clean line for Jesus to rise out of; God could have just as easily chosen any other people. As soon as they abandoned Him and broke the old covenant, they entirely forfeited that status. This is why I don't see Christianity as a Jewish or Semitic faith, because it is designed for all of mankind and that group of people no longer holds any special position within it (Unlike Islam, which often affords such a position to the Arabs and their language).

The various races and ethnicities are allowed to live as their own groups, without suppression of any traditions that are not conflicting with it. However, many churches (notoriously the medieval Catholics) did try and suppress native cultures, hence their common refusal to translate the Bible. These groups usually were hijacked at some point by forces wanting to push their own dominance. Throughout most of history true Christians haven't had a real uncorrupted organization, other than individual worship.



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