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Ok, I am a believer now

In chemtrails.

I had a hard time believing in it before today.

But this morning, as I went out to put my little ones on the bus to go to preschool, I looked up at the sky and saw...
eight streaks of jet exhaust, perfectly parallel, slowly spreading out. And two more jets putting out more, exactly in formation. This continued for about half an hour. Then the jets began flying the opposite direction, north to south, instead of east to west. It formed a perfectly square checkerboard pattern, covering half the sky overhead.

When I saw the trails at first, I immediately called my sister who lives next door, to tell her to go out and look at the sky, and tell me what she thought of it. She already knew all about it, and asked me if I had heard or seen the huge dark helicopters as they flew over. I had not. She said there were two of them, and they each had two prop wings, and they flew very low, very close together. I was surprised that I had not heard them, but these are the mountains, and sounds can be swallowed up pretty easily. Also, I was busy giving baths to two rather noisy, intense kids at the time.

And this sister never pulls my leg about things like this. And she was dead serious.

Now I have to say, I live in an extremely rural area of the mountains. We have no major airports close by. We do see jets fly overhead, from northeast to south and back. That is normal for this area. But they usually fly much higher, as there is no landing place close by for these monster jets. And there are usually only a couple jets a day.

But this was different. Really weird. The flight formation, and then the aftereffects.
The exhaust trails didn't dissipate as the sun warmed the sky, as they usually do. Instead, they slowly spread out and formed an oily haze. Three hours later, there is a very bright flat-white haze with a wave of denser haze where each jet went thru.

The sun rose to cast two oily sundogs, one on each side. Low on the horizen, lies the natural clouds that are supposed to bring us a warm rain for the next two days.

It will be interesting to see how many in the community get sick this weekend.

Personally, I will dose up on the silver.



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