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Ok, I am a believer now

In chemtrails.

I had a hard time believing in it before today.

But this morning, as I went out to put my little ones on the bus to go to preschool, I looked up at the sky and saw...
eight streaks of jet exhaust, perfectly parallel, slowly spreading out. And two more jets putting out more, exactly in formation. This continued for about half an hour. Then the jets began flying the opposite direction, north to south, instead of east to west. It formed a perfectly square checkerboard pattern, covering half the sky overhead.

When I saw the trails at first, I immediately called my sister who lives next door, to tell her to go out and look at the sky, and tell me what she thought of it. She already knew all about it, and asked me if I had heard or seen the huge dark helicopters as they flew over. I had not. She said there were two of them, and they each had two prop wings, and they flew very low, very close together. I was surprised that I had not heard them, but these are the mountains, and sounds can be swallowed up pretty easily. Also, I was busy giving baths to two rather noisy, intense kids at the time.

And this sister never pulls my leg about things like this. And she was dead serious.

Now I have to say, I live in an extremely rural area of the mountains. We have no major airports close by. We do see jets fly overhead, from northeast to south and back. That is normal for this area. But they usually fly much higher, as there is no landing place close by for these monster jets. And there are usually only a couple jets a day.

But this was different. Really weird. The flight formation, and then the aftereffects.
The exhaust trails didn't dissipate as the sun warmed the sky, as they usually do. Instead, they slowly spread out and formed an oily haze. Three hours later, there is a very bright flat-white haze with a wave of denser haze where each jet went thru.

The sun rose to cast two oily sundogs, one on each side. Low on the horizen, lies the natural clouds that are supposed to bring us a warm rain for the next two days.

It will be interesting to see how many in the community get sick this weekend.

Personally, I will dose up on the silver.

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I heard they are spraying mind-dumbing agents from the skies in many parts of the midwest in order to quench the tide of rebellion in the conservative states of the people who still have values and ethics so that they too can become de-sensitized, liberalized, immoral fruitcakes like the rest of the masses living on the coastal populated areas....

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Don't forget that it is the New Agers who plan on forcing the entire human race through a mass satanic initiation into their Age of Aquarius. And they claim that those who choose not to be initiated, are choosing not to evolve to the higher level for the human race... these people (us Christians) will enter a different level of consciousness. (uh huh.) It will be a painful time for the human race, but a necessary pain, in order to evolve to the next higher level.

Lots of gobbledygook, but not hard to see what they mean. Will we have to lay down our lives in 2012? I wouldn't be surprised a bit. Guillotines don't scare me. In fact, I want to go home NOW. Different level of consciousness, here I come!

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The US has no business telling Israel what kind of government they should have. Thankfully, our opinion probably won't affect the process in Israel. It looks like Livni is not interested in joining a coalition with Likud, so there will probably be a right leaning government led by Netanyahu and the Likud. I really believe that a strong Israeli leader might be what is needed to set off the events that will fulfill some of the prophecies like the destruction of Damascus and possibly the coming invasion led by Gog (Russia).

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[Re: Gore to Children: Question Your Parents]

gee, Al Gore is kind of an old guy- at least to a 12 year old, maybe they should question his ideas too- you know the whole global warming, the earth is gonna die if we don't change right now thing.

This is unbelievable, I hope the parents of those children understand what this man is doing? A subtle form of brainwashing- this technique is used by cults everywhere. Undermine the authority figures in someones life. And yes- global warming is a cult IMO.

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I have lived and worked at a "church" owned camp for about 6 months now. (I am a high school science teacher in CA who was 'downsized', and took a camp job to support me and my daugher)The denomination who owns the camp was openly against Prop 8. My daughter and I attend a fundamental, evangelical church in town, and are not part of their denomination. During the campaign, my daughter (10 yr old), wrote in chalk on the camp pathway in front of our house, "Yes on 8" and "Jesus loves you", and "John 3:16". When the manager (not a Christian) saw the chalked words, he told me to remove them immediately! I did.

In my job evaluation in December, I was given a glowing review--God had blessed my work, camp was fully booked for the first time ever, and I had met and exceeded all my goals. The manager told me that he wanted me to be happy here and stay for at least the next 3 years. However, just 3 weeks ago I was surprised by a termination meeting with the Manager, Asst manager and Director of Camping (who is gay and drove 150 miles to terminate me himself). I was only given 3 weeks to find a new job and be out of the house.They claimed it was a budgetary lay off--however, one person here has offered to leave so that we can stay at least until the end of the school year for my daughter, but management has been adamant that we leave.

This feels and seems vindictive, especially, because they hired someone just a week later-- not to do my specific job, but to do work that I had also done, kitchen work. They did not give a 30 day notice, despite my minor child, and have not listened to requests to say in the house a month longer while I work and find a place to live. I can't help but wonder if it does not have to do, in part, to my support of Prop 8 and our willingness to be vocal about it. The denomination is also actively supportive of Mr. Obama.

I imagine we will all have more opportunity to speak out against the pressing evil that is promoted by Pres. Obama and his socialist cohorts. Dear Father, give us strength...

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[The only place to get your news is on the internet and talk radio.]

True. If you want the truth that is. If you don't want to be brain washed by the NWO. I get so angry when I hear people slamming Israel. They are doing this on purpose. To brain wash Americans to thinking their evil ways. You know, if America turns against Israel, I will be in such distress.

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I personally suspect that persecution is coming more subtly, like losing your job if you refuse to go along with a new program. Those kinds of things are already happening without resorting to WW II style concentration camps. When I worked as an engineer in the U.S. 11 years ago, we were openly informed that if we expressed certain opinions at work, and others on the street, we were liable to be heavily fined and lose our jobs as liability risks to the company under provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act. A number of teachers have lost their jobs just for questioning Darwinism. They don't have to do something so dramatic as put us in concentration camps. They can just put us out of work, take us to court under existing statutes, and leave us penniless in the streets without even a bowl of prison rations. I think the watch dogs are barking up the wrong tree.

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[Re: Concentration camps]

I believe (and I could be totally wrong) but I think they are going to be used on people who get out of line. You know once things really fall apart there is going to be wide-spread rioting, etc. They will round them up and put them here. We plan to try and stay under the wire as much as possible. Don't make a fuss and stay quiet and out of the way.

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If any one of these women decided her puppy was inconvenient and publicly executed it, would the media and elite "support her decision?" No, there would be a national news blurb, and outraged letters to the editor, breathless reporting and tut-tutting from local television reporters, and a stern judge lecturing and sentencing. Yet BHO supports even killing children born alive after a "botched" third trimester abortion.

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While i dont believe in aliens, I do believe in demonic manifestations.
Has anyone ever heard of Planet X or Nibiru.
The mayans had knowledge of some planets thousands of years before they were discovered.One of them is a tenth planet in our solar system that we "havent found yet".Nibiru.
The whole thing is dripping with conspiracy.
The mayans were "visited" by winged people from this planet.
When this planet passes close to the earth it causes all kinds of things like a polar shift, in which tidal waves,earthquakes and explosions of volcanoes occurs.
As i see it, a VERY VERY stong Delution can occur if a planet does appair from behind the sun and people start to see aliens ( demons).
How many young christians will question the truth of Gods word when 2 or three aliens (demons) are on CNN and Fox news having an interview?
The Bible speaks about Nephteli, it speaks of fire and brimstone raining down (volcano)it talks about great earthquakes and when Joshua asked for the Sun to stop it didnt- The earth stopped spinning- for about a day!

Luke 21:25-27

This verse seems to say that everyone (nations) will fear something happening to the earth and the earth will be shaken(possible polar shift).

I have alot of other thoughts but i cant type as fast as i can think -30 mins just for this
AGAIN this is just a thought and is bordering conspiracy but i wanted everyone to consider the Delution that can occur if Aliens (Demonic manifestations) appaired for another planet- What would you think if it really happed.

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[Re: Obama media restrictions questioned.]

Wasn't a more transparent government promised in his inauguration speech? Is this what a more transparent government looks like? It's so pathetic that it makes me laugh. Silly people who believe Obama and think he's somehow going to make everything all right. The same people who think the Bible is a fairy tale and mock God. Boy I am glad I am not that blind and foolish.

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Funny you should mention that. I was just thinking of how much 'white horse' and 'white house' sound alike.

And then there's that pic. of Obama under the white horse at Mile High Stadium in Denver.

It's cold here in Minnesota, but I've got chills, and it ain't from the weather.

It's time to turn to the Lord, and not be influenced by this evil, sinful world.

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If you remain in the public school system as a teacher and teach these abominations and participate in indoctrinating children into the evil they intend to do to our children... then yes... you would be just as guilty as any child molester... IMO.

Being a Christian... I am certain you would not participate in such things, or would resign before doing so...

So... while you are telling me to be careful how I characterize teachers, you please take my comments in context... the context of which had to do with teachers who are participating in these evil things, and indoctrinating kids into evil, and perversion, and twisting their little minds

daffodyllady #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

The most influence of all in school, is the other children. My children had been raised in a Christian home, and had been homeschooled up to the year my husband left us. He demanded they be placed in public school. That year, they learned more on the bus than they did in class. Words that I didn't know existed. The dog-eat-dog world of peer pressure. Behavior that I am sure the bus driver had no idea was going on. Really immoral stuff. I prayed and wept, and God made a way for me, a single mom, to take my children out of public school. Now, they have gotten straightened out... but all that junk is still floating around in their brains. I wish so badly they had never learned about such wickedness.

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Today the actor, Forrest Whitaker, was on the Oprah show.

Oprah said he had sent her an email regarding Obama. It said, "THE LIGHT OF THE NEW AGE IS HERE!"

That really, really freaked me out!!!

And, especially since from the beginning of Obama's campaign, Oprah introduced him as, "THE ONE."

Together with many other things (people in foreign countries calling him "The Messiah", etc., etc., etc.), I admit it's scaring me silly!!!

Waiting4Jesus #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

In answer to your question, NO, this most certainly did NOT occur, either with Clinton or any other President in my memory!!!!! John Kennedy was very well-loved...Reagan was real popular, but this Obama-worship is in another category altogether!

I am an "old-timer" of 62 years old and I have never seen anything remotely like this scary, blind adulation of Obama!!!! Not even close!

Reminds me of Hitler...the masses of people were ECSTATIC...women were said to fall down at his feet and kiss his boots (I am NOT making that up -- read his biography!!!).

This is SO SCARY, folks!

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Simple answer:

Take your kids out of the public school systems permanently!!

Find a local home schooling group... join it... teach a subject... help in the classes...

I would encourage you to keep your kids home on Tuesday, just because they believe they can dictate to you in that fashion.

Then I would write a simple note, stating that your child had an appointment and was unable to attend school that day. Doctors, dentists, whatever... religious holiday, aversion therapy (as in avoiding being exposed to all the godless **** that will be on display) You don't need to tell them that their aversion therapist is you... or explain what the aversion therapy is for...lol
and if they mark it unexcused... what r they gonna do? kidnap them? or place them in detention? I'd tell my kids... don't go... u will not report for any disciplinary action...

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Obama's New Age...?

Did you all notice his reference to the New Age?

He chastised us for refusing to transition for a New Age.

It seems to me his meaning was a little more hidden than most would understand.

It is surreal. It feels like I have been transported back in time, and half-way round the world to Germany, to hear the inauguration of Hitler.

Cantaress4Him #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

I would caution your husband (and anyone else reading this) to use great caution when addressing Satan. I would be very careful about calling him disrespectful names because he is a celestial being and we are specifically told not to do that.

Years ago, I had a family member who railed against Satan and was talking so big and bad to him ... talking about what he'd like to do to him when he gets his glorified body. Anyway, shortly thereafter, he started hearing disembodied, raspy breathing in close proximity that no one else could hear. We prayed for God to take it away, but to no avail. Then after two months, we were trying to figure out why on earth God would allow this to continue. Then the thought came to me that maybe it was because of his railing against Satan a couple of months before. He apologized to God and asked God to forgive him for this, and for God to deliver him from hearing this breathing. As we were praying, he said that the breathing got angrier and louder and when we said "Amen", it stopped. It's been years now and he hasn't had any more problems with this.

revelation2012 #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

People seem spell bound. I have never seen this kind of reaction to a man after a presidential election. People are looking at him as if he is the savior of the world. I have to say I think there is much more in play than a man being elected president.

Movie stars pleading allegiance to Obama, the sheer worship. It reminds me of someone who rose to power in the 30s. I remeber people had to swear a statement of loyalty to him.

Pretzelogical #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

Test the spirits. Obama speaks of several in his speech that calls us to a one world government of socialism and no tolerance for "childish" things like having our own opinions as only his way WILL BE DONE. Several times he is commanding in tone that it will be done; no discussion. He wants to be leader of the world, he is handing over our military for slaughter to appease the Muslims, and our government will take over farms for food production for the world, freedom of speech is only for the tolerant, and it will be hateful and illegal to proclaim God's word that people are sinners destined for hell without Christ, the only way. Read the warnings God gave to Israel when they asked for a king. I believe we are repeating that part of scripture now. Our nation has totally rejected God as our king and God gave us Obama to judge us.

daffodyllady #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

One need only look at other socialist governments to see how the money is spent on pomp and circumstance, while the common people hurt for necessities.

And remember, since this inauguration was declared a state of emergency, Obama enters office under those terms. He is a sitting dictator, able to bypass Congress and the Justice Dept, until he declares the emergency over.

daffodyllady #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

One time I was trying to pray, and I felt it was not going any higher than the roof. Something was hindering me, terribly. So I asked the Lord what it was that was keeping me from getting thru. Immediately, I saw a dark form in the room. It had no face, and no substance. It was an intensely dark nothingness. But it had the shape of a person.

I was terrified, and asked the Lord why that demon was there. Immediately, I saw a Barbie doll. And I knew.

When I was a little girl, I became very attached to my Barbie dolls. I would make clothes for them, and they were intentionally immodest. I played dating with Ken. I imagined all kinds of impure things with those dolls. From that point, I became obsessed with impurity, in my thought life.

When I became a Christian, I tried to get rid of those thoughts. It was a horrible battle. And I never completely won. Many times, I would slip back into that impure mindset. And I would slide far away from God.

That day, when I saw that demon, I knew that I had a stronghold in my life, that needed to be broken. I had given a place to the devil.
Parents, I implore you: do not allow your little girls to play with Barbies! It can destroy their precious souls!

('I played with Barbies when I was a little girl and I never had the problems you mentioned you had while playing with them.')

I mean that to allow a child to play with a doll that is shaped so as to appeal to a playboy mentality, is just plain wrong. It puts a stumblingblock in the way of that little one. Perhaps not every girl will come under demonic influence thru that doll. But many, many do. I have known some of them. Boys get a great charge out of those sexual dolls. I have also seen little boys get overly attracted to those dolls, and it awakens something in them that is wrong. Should Christians parents take the chance, just to avoid "legalism"?

The Barbie doll was inspired by and modeled after a German prostitute doll named Lilli. That should tell you enough.

If you really want to know more, just Google "Jack Ryan" who was the creator of the Barbie doll, and you will find out more than you would ever want to know about the mentality behind her creation.

noble1 #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

Sense of Evil During Sleep

Last night TWICE while I was sleeping I had a sense of evil or major unrest. I found myself at that point beginning to pray and asking Jesus to take it away (plus pleading the blood of Jesus over my family and safety for all). At one point I got up to go to the bathroom and was more alert to be able to tell "idiot boy" (as my husband calls him) that I know the end of the story and he goes up in flames! Whoo, I was really brave!! Anyway, I just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing these types of situations at night or even during the day. I know we are more susceptible to attack while we are asleep since the enemy knows that if he can't attack us during the day (when we are more alert) then night time is a prime time to do so.

aaron #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

6 7 5 = 18
Barack Hussein Obama = 18

6+6+6= 18

I know the thread is about Obama's ride named the Beast, but I would fall out of my chair if the car's plates had a certain 3 digit number on them that included three 6's.(...)

So I must respectfully submit that there is just a lot of 'red flags' raised at our next president, and he will be monitored closely by those of us that are suspicious that there is more than meets the eye.

SueAnn #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

[Reacting to the Book "The Shack"]

Reminds me of 2 other bestseller books that were works of FICTION, but are quoted and discussed today with
such reverence, they were clearly taken as FACTUAL by the readers. One of them even has one of the AUTHORS stating over and over in interviews today that it was a work of FICTION.

Holy Grail/Holy Blood and The DaVinci Code are the two books I am referring to.

We really don't need yet another work of fiction that will cause people to get confused between fact and fantasy.

The Devil's brilliant diversionary tactics is what they are...IMO

Waiting4Jesus #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

The Shack" Has Me Very, Very Disturbed!!

Has anyone here read "The Shack"?

I am so upset over that book!!! It's riding the bestseller list, going to be made into a movie and it is teaching false beliefs about Christianity.

There is one page that claims you can be saved WITHOUT BELIEVING IN JESUS CHRIST that has me especially upset. Jesus said, "I am The Way, the truth and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father but by Me..." There IS no other "way" except Him!!!

On another page it claims God does NOT want you to "slavishly follow His Will..." Huh??? What happened to, "Thy Will Be Done"?? This is so, so wrong! And it's so frightening that it's selling like hotcakes! I'm glad I didn't spend a PENNY on it, checked it out of the library -- I don't want to contribute a DIME to that author's heresy!

Another page claims you should NOT try to "be like Jesus." Whaaaaaat??? As the name of the famous Thomas Kempis book goes, "Imitation of Christ," we ARE supposed to try to "model" Jesus, to constantly strive for His goodness and Holiness (even though, obviously, we can never be that good).

This book is leading people astray in so many ways. It breaks my heart that it is a bestseller. And the most awful part is that it CLAIMS to be a "Christian book" and a "great work." Give me a break!!!!!!

The author should be ashamed of himself!!!

Final Trumpet #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

If someone was out on the street screaming about the earthworms and rolly pollys destroying the earth, they would be locked up in a mental institution. However, give them a lab coat and research grant and they are considered a credible source.

I guess it isn't surprising from the same society that would take a guy who goes around committing mass murder and lock him up, but give him a medical certificate and a lab coat and he is a dr. helping a woman with her right to choose.

returnwithmercy #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

The real question is where will it end?
First we allow gay marriage under the guise of "social justice". Then perhaps the people who like having sex with animals will get upset, make a cause and go to the courts demanding the right to marry their goat "partner".
The conversation might look like this.

We demand the rights that the US has given us in the constitution! I am in love with this goat, and this goat loves me! I demand that this goat be treated with equal rights and given the same rights to marry me so we can enjoy the mutual enjoyment of marriage.
Just because this goat cannot communicate why would you discriminate against it? Would you disallow a mute person the ability to get married? Just look at the way it looks at me... we are in love!
Why do you discriminate against us? You are a hater and it is disgusting! You are the intolerant one, how you can you determine what my rights are?

Bob the Quiet #conspiracy fulfilledprophecy.com

The US is going to fall. But not in 2010. 2009 seems much much more likely. Some will call it the Second Civil War (as though there was a first, really it was the War of Southern Independence). Others will more accurately call it the Second American Revolution. On the one hand you will have globalist thugs on behalf of the "government" trying to enact the NWO on us against our will. On the other hand you will have patriots fighting to preserve their liberty. In the middle you will have bandits looting all they see, and innocent people who are just trying to survive.

Somewhere along the line the UN and EU will likely send troops over to assist our by then illegal and rogue "government" to suppress and the "rebellion" and to slaughter every last freedom-loving patriot with enough guts to stand his ground. Of course, the terrorists in DC (our rogue "government") and in New York (the UN) will falsely label those freedom-loving patriots as being terrorists.

This war will be precipitated by a massive economic collapse, that will make the Great Depression look like paradise. Government agents, probably disguising themselves as militia, will engage in some form of terrorist activity in order that the government can then give a "good" reason to go after and destroy all legitimate militia groups. Alternatively, they will try to provoke actual militia groups into engaging in violent activity. Of course, some militia groups are practically "chafing at the bit" for such a provocation - others are more level-headed. However, no matter how it ultimately goes down, the blame for why the Second American Revolution turned into a shooting war will rest with a rogue US government.

Many will call the above a "conspiracy theory" and other things of that nature. It is a prediction, and one that I feel to be frighteningly accurate. Some may call me crazy now, but let's just see if you're still calling me crazy a year or two from now. Because, it is going to go down very much like how I just described

kazbo #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

I just wish the atheists would attack all religions rather than just predominantly Christianity. They betray themselves as really being anti-Christian rather than atheist in its purest sense.

Would they had the guts to put up banners that say "There probably is no Allah. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

beeps #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

("A Brazilian Christian has been fined 2,000 reales (834 USD), and his book confiscated for publishing his belief that God condemns and punishes homosexual acts.")

The confiscated his book because of what it says about homosexuals, well how long till they confiscate the Bible.

Not long.

Oh and I am not stockpiling weapons and food, stocklpile bibles instead.

jgilberAZ #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

TV programming is almost always produced by those who have a worldview contrary to scripture. Even if you find a "good" show, the commercials are vile. To me, it seemed like I was allowing Satan direct access into my home to influence me, my wife, and my children. That access is coming to an end on December 23rd.

gridlost #fundie fulfilledprophecy.com

It is the same with the current "assisted suicide" laws that are being passed in states.
Step 1: It is ok for a MD to assist with a suicide in certain conditions.
Step 2: It is ok for a MD to assist with suicide in more conditions.
Step 3: It is ok for a PA to assist with suicide in a broader range of conditions.
Step 4: It is ok for a nurse to assist in suicide for emotional as well as physical reasons.
Step 5: It is ok for "community organizers" to assist with suicide for the betterment of mankind (sorry...couldn't help myself)
Step 6: It is ok for a spouse to "assist" with the suicide of the other spouse if they cannot affort to pay for any of the above to support in the process.
Step 7: Murder will no longer be a crime. A man with a gun who demands your money will simply be assisting you with suicide when he pulls the trigger and takes your wallet.

Once we start down the path...we humans always want to broaden our rights.