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Answering a reponse to this post:

[escapingthepain wrote:
Yeah, so the muslim woman deserves to be beaten and really wants to be hit eh?]

Yup. Not only muslim women, all women.

[escapingthepain wrote:
Trying being a muslim woman for a day, see how it feels...
Or are you deviod of emotions? perhaps you both are psychopaths who don't care what happens to other human beings? Oh I forgot, women aren't human are they, no they're just domestic animals... or tilth for you to go through... that's all we are... no worth what so ever!]

Exactly. Women are farms. We may plow 'em and seed 'em as we like. The Holy Quran mentions:

"Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) go to your tilth as ye will, and send (good deeds) before you for your souls, and fear Allah, and know that ye will (one day) meet Him. Give glad tidings to believers, (O Muhammad)."

This is indeed a very very glad tidings to us Believers



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