Seriouslyarealperson #sexist

A 5cm (2") increase in height is associated with a 9% decrease in suicide risk

Society is a human farming corporation dependent upon reproduction for its economic health. A person's value and often their self esteem in this borderline cult is primarily derived through their apparent convenience to society's reproductive ideals.

Both men and women are raised/programmed to invest their self esteem into receiving the approval of the opposite sex for the purpose of exalting reproduction for the benefit of society. Women have innate value: they are the limiting factor in human reproduction. Men have no similar value and have to compete much more rigorously for respect; A male of age that, for any reason(s), is perceived to be unattractive to the limiting agents of reproduction is less respected, especially by women. This is why men, short men in particular, tend to literally kill themselves more often than women. Today, with social media and internet dating further empowering women's hypergamy, men are being further demoralized as much of our self esteem is increasingly dependent upon having fashionable genes. Men are objects to women today.

When I hear that a guy has killed himself often people will say it's "mental illness", when in reality the conditions of our sick culture, conditions we are almost religiously conditioned to never confront, gradually destroys men from the inside out, often for factors we cannot even control.

I'm 5'3", and I can tell you I've seriously considered suicide multiple times. The things I've had to go through, specifically with women, have been absolutely soul crushing. I often have literally been made to feel by women that I do not belong, or that I simply am not "good enough" to be loved by a woman just because my skeleton isn't impressive enough. People think this shit is "all in my head" but if they had to live through just some of the things I've been put through: the disrespect, the blatant insults to my masculinity, the glaring almost angry or insulting stares from women for no reason, the heartbreaks, the fact that many of my accomplishments are seen as insecurity or over compensating....I'm sure they would feel differently to say the least.



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