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This is in response to my previous post, where a debate took place about whether Christians should use modern medications or not as it relates to so-called mental illness. The following are my thoughts on the matter that deal with healing, sickness, medication and the believer in general.

No one here to my understanding is totally against medication. If medicine can cause your brain to operate at such a level that demons cannot use your brain as an effective tool against you: that's better than not taking the medication.

My point is that the believer/Christian/son or daughter of God does not place their trust in medicines. There is a very thin line between natural remedies and unnatural remedies. Most modern medicine falls in the category of unnatural remedies.

Many of the medicines we use came into being when researchers from Ivy league schools went to remote parts of the world and sat at the feet of shamans and local witch doctors to learn their healing techniques. Some of these universities have whole entire floors of buildings dedicated to replicating the healing methods of these occult workers into pills and vaccines that we now use. Do the research.

The biblical word for medicine in the New Testament is pharmakeia: and it means SORCERY. In other words witchcraft, occult power, black magic and potions. Why would Jesus Christ expect His followers to rely on the power of witchcraft or black magic to save them???

And since we're on the topic, one reason for so many sick believers (mentally and physically) is due to them harboring unforgiveness, bitterness and a destructive spirit towards other believers. When you work to destroy any part of the body of Christ you're also destroying your own body in the process.

Another cause for so much sickness among Christians is eating the holy communion while living in an unrepentant lifestyle of sin. Paul clearly taught that these things not only cause believers to be sick and infirmed - it also leads many to an early premature death. *see 1 Corinthians 11:29-31*

In other words: being part of the Body of Christ is a serious matter and nothing to play with.

The Lord has provided the method of healing of choice for the believer. It's called laying hands on the sick and if necessary casting out demons. We are told to call for the elders of the church when we're sick - not call for the doctors first. And the elders come and lay their hands on the sick person, anointing them with oil and praying for their healing. *James 5:14-15*

This is God's healing prescription for the believer.

The problem is that many of those claiming illness don't have a church they belong to in order to call for the church elders. They're operating as renegade Christians with no church home, no pastoral oversight and no elders around them to call on in the time of need.

Remember how the bible says that Satan goes about as a roaring lion looking for someone to devour? (1 Peter 5:8) Just like the zebra or gazelle that wanders off on its own and away from the herd, that's the one that typically becomes the lion's lunch.

This is also happening to many Christians who don't believe they need a church or elders looking out for them. Satan isolates then devours them: mentally and physically.

As believers in Jesus Christ we are expected to use our faith in God and rely on each other, which activates the healing/demon-casting power we need in order to be free from the power of the enemy. And if there are natural remedies we can take to effect a cure, we should pursue those first, before resorting to using pharmakeia.



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