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The increasing display of body piercings could well be a ploy of Satan. I say this because in Revelation 13 we read of the Mark of the Beast. The Greek word for 'Mark' is charagmah and means tattoo among other things.. Encouraging young people to have a tottoo is an excellent way to condition them to receive the mark of the beast without question.. The use of tattoos is widely used in cattle ID stamps which employ coloured visible and invisible inks. The tattoos have RFID capabilities, and an American Company called 'So-Mark' have developed this tattoo.Another huge problem with tattos is that some use inks with metalic properties, and if someone needed an MRI scan, the doctors would be forced to refuse life saving treatment, because the metal properties will cause great pain to anyone with one of these tattos.The Bible say that those who receive the mark of the beast will suffer great pains and sores. Could this be the reason why tattoos should be avoided? .. It's food for thought.



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