NicholasMarks #fundie

Much of what I am telling you is provable by valid scientific analysis of the subject...Many scientists have conducted detailed analysis on this problem and have expressed their sincere concerns, have had conferences on the subject, and realised that they are being ignored. Its such a huge problem but its all linked in with that contingent of 666...Those who have turned their backs on Almighty God.

You cannot possibly be looking up into the skies with an honest desire to learn the truth else you would see the truth as well...unless you think that the constant barrage of air-planes that are pouring out chem-trails into the upper atmosphere are on a sunday jaunt. Like the Holy Bible, it needs a genuine study to realise the truth and, I'm afraid, ridiculing the truth will achieve nothing scientific what-so-ever...but when the stifling atmosphere comes into play you will be able to see that all your coughing and wheezing is the payment for your ridicule, whilst those causing it will be sitting in their protective dwellings laughing at your dilemma. Fortunately, the Holy Bible offers protection to those who haven't burnt their bridges. It is first law electronics that we should upbuild a righteous spirit within us to safeguard us against every eventually, and resurrection is on our side.



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