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Today I would like to expose buddhism.

buddhism pretends to be a moral ideology but it is not. It is evil due to its worshipping of idols and hence becomes an enemy of YHVH . Although this is the reason I as one of YHVH 's servants oppose buddhism, buddhism also has very severe evolutionary problems.

The reason that buddhism is a Satanic tool to destroy any sense of morality is its complete ban of marriage and sexual activities. In a buddhist society buddhism is indoctrinated to the population through schools. Everyone gets indoctrinated with buddhism. Not everyone is the same, so different people responds to buddhist indoctrination differently. People adopt the buddhist anti-sexual anti-marriage moral system, but not everyone practises it in real life. Actually if everyone does so buddhist countries such as Thailand will not even exist. There is another requirement in buddhism, namely to refrain from meat. Of course people in even the most buddhist countries do consume meat. Actually most buddhists are in name only. Few buddhists take their buddhism seriously which is actually a good thing, since otherwise many parts of Asia will be voluntarily depopulated. But there are people who take buddhism seriously. Who? Moral people. They actually take buddhist morality seriously and become buddhist monks and nuns, who do not participate in the society any more and do not reproduce.

The result?

In buddhist societies moral people are systematically removed from the society. Only people who are immoral enough to marry despite marriage be outlawed in buddhism have children. That's why buddhist countries have nearly the worst moral records in the world, even worse than athe-ist states.



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