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[Explaining why the post recommending learning something about radiometric dating before dismissing it was truncated]

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We did have a raging creation vs. evolution debate for many months. Go back but one month and look at this blog’s history, if interested. A few of the skeptics resorted to incessant name calling and using “liar” a lot, when confronted with the real scientific evidence. Many remained willingly ignorant. Unrepentant folks are they.

If we had a blog on particle physics and a few detractors wanted to keep asking overly basic questions about why electrons spin around the nucleus (demanding photos for proof of this) and how come euclidean geometry makes so many straight lines, we may eventually realize that such uneducated questions and distractions hold the rest of us back.

Samphire needs to go back and study, as I stated a few times previously. We do not need unscientific evolutionary beliefs re-re-re-re-stated here as it reduces down to what it really is as a mental hiding place from God.

Either the universe just kinda exploded from nothing into something for no reason and then began to improve itself; each step of the way in defiance of the known laws of science. Or a Supreme Being made all that is, and for some divine purpose. If one chooses something in the middle, a weak-god evolution, that is fine for them, but then that excludes Biblical knowledge of our all-powerful God.

Just as one cannot truly combine voodoo with Christianity, one cannot combine the beliefs of evolution (heartless suffering for “improvement”) with what Christianity teaches.



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