Cowboy #conspiracy

German Truck Attack PsyOp- CNN Openly Fag Reporter Don Lemon Also Wears Purple York Rite Coded Tie & His female guest wears purple Lipstick! Lol!

Purple is very big in female Eastern Star freemasonry also. They are letting you know she is freemason too,
. You can bet Don Lemon is a freemason & is a zionist & a half jew as well genetically. To the AskeNAZI’s he & his lineage, if he had kids is not really acepted as jewish (except as a sayanim), until several generatons & until his blackness is hidden & the same to Sephardam except his lineage would be accepted as Jewish quiker since his offspring could blend in as a Sephardic jew quicker generationally…. Not that this Mossadomite sodomite would ever mate with a woman & have kids.. Nevertheless he could donate his sperm to a lesbian couple or hire a jewess or white goyim woman or whoever to bear him & a homo lover a child or several to homosexualize, sodomize or whatever use as child sex slaves. Don Lemon was probably a child sex himself. He has had MK Ultra style malfunctions in the past if I remember correctly.



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