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Homeopathy saved my daughter

when Western medicine could not. Western medicine had put her through years of extensive and intrusive examinations and constantly on antibiotics to the point that her auto-immune system is forever damaged and no antibiotics will work for her, should she come down with medical problems.

I will always stand by the use of homeopathic remedies in tandem with Western medical treatments, most especially if Western Medicine has no answers.

Many thanks to Dr. Seva Khalsa who saved my daughter from kidney disease and the possibility of kidney transplant and/or remaining in a wheel chair the rest of her life. A medical doctor in Clovis, NM treating children, adults and most specifically senior citizens with kidney disease ended up studying Khalsa's remedies and ended up writing a medical paper that was distributed to doctors everywhere, because she was so amazed at the treatments and how they worked on bladder and kidney disfunction. She has since used the treatments and healed many of her patients.

Open your minds, study homeopathy before you condemn. The ignorance about homeopathic medicine must end and it is interesting to learn how many people are being treated and made well, all around the world.

Yes, there are quacks in any profession.



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