savagesusie #fundie

This is government fascism interfering with religion and forcing Christians to rewrite the Bible. So unconstitutional because it denies our fundamental right to set our own religious moral code.....Government is forcing a code that is unconstitutional because it goes against Natural Law and God’s Laws—the foundation of our government and legal system.

They are forcing atheism and Marxism—denial of God’s design of man and woman—to force this egalitarianism where man and women are exactly the same and interchangeable....a biological lie so they can destroy the family unit....but then, they need to kill God so they can redesign man in their silly, destructive manner. Force Christians out of the military....the reason why their has never been a more moral military in the history of the world....

The Marxists want atheist/homosexual militaries, like the Brownshirts and the Russians where they will kill who ever the masters want them to....their own citizens. American troops never would have even contemplated that because of their Christian heritage and that standard that is being destroyed where character and honor matter. US was unique in their military...and we are destroying the Christian aspect that made it so.



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