usachinanukewar #fundie

Do you know why I love Twilight? Because I’m Bella. I’m 100% Bella. Bella is I. Her mind and her loyalty is my mind and my loyalty. My lover doesn’t have to be 6 or 8 packs with a gigantic penis. I’m a very extremely Bella Boy. I’m Bella. I’m very extremely Bella-like. Only one exception, I’m a Christian and she is an atheist. The way Bella talks is my way when talking. The way Bella thinks and ponders in her mind is my way when go thinking and pondering. I’m Peter the Bella. When I see Bella, I see me, I see myself. This is the key crucial and the only reason why I love Twilight series.

The way Bella loves Edward is my way I love Jesus, unconditionally and irrevocably. All I want is I can sink and squeeze my immortal head into and on His big Chest and on His Shoulder in my eternal life. I wanna hear Jesus’ Heart Beat when my ear is stuck on His big Chest. I wanna feel Jesus’ body temperature when being hugged tight in Jesus’ Arms. I wanna hold tight His Hand walking, chatting, talking, laughing on the beach on the earth with the sunset, the sky and clouds radiating in orange glory as the background, just Jesus and I, both smiling and hands holding tight with each other. I wanna dine and eat breakfast with Jesus every day. I wanna see Him face to face. And when He is occupied by other His beloved saints, I can wait.



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