Rev. Ronald E. Williams #fundie

Whatever happened to the sanctity and permanence of marriage? A marriage now seems to be relegated In these times to the level of a casual and temporary commitment.

Whereas God fearing folk in time past would endure suffering and great hardship rather than seek release from a marriage vow, many contemporary marriages are ended abruptly by divorce with hardly a serious consideration of what the God of the Bible thinks.

The clear majority of our students at Hephzibah House have come from homes in which divorce of the parents has occurred. To further complicate this kind of situation, parents often choose to ignore the fact they already have one living spouse, and have married another spouse. Some have even gone on to divorce the new spouse and choose a third, etc.

My heart goes out to our girls who in some cases do not know who to call Mom or Dad because they have several!

I can understand this Godless world sneering at the monogamous claims of scripture and the until death do us part principle it teaches, but I am profoundly grieved with the inroads easy divorce has had in professing Christendom.

Apostolic and scriptural authority still maintains strict and limited standards for this issue: remain celibate if you are separated or divorced, or be reconciled to your spouse (I Corinthians 7:10-11). These are the only two options for an obedient believer until his or her spouse dies.

In twelve years of gospel ministry and biblical counseling, I have learned there is no such thing as an innocent party. Not only is this idea inconsistent with the Bible doctrine of human depravity, it is an idea usually formed by listening to only one of the two individuals involved.


Most of those with whom I have spoken who have divorced and then remarried another (even though their first spouse was alive) have been the first to tell me that rather than solving their problems and lessening their pressure and frustration, their remarriage has greatly complicated matters and even created new pressures. Many have been honest to tell me God was right and they were wrong.

If you have already sinned in taking another spouse, my friend, you must honor your most recent vow, repent of your sin and beseech the Lord to make the best of the situation you have created in your selfwill.

God soberly views a vow, even though men do not (Ecclesiastes 5:1-6). If you believe you can play fast and loose with your marriage vow, secure a divorce, and marry another, do not be surprised when God in return for your rebellion destroys the work of your hands (Ecclesiastes 5:6).



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