MathTactics #sexist

please find me the pic of women stating it's normal for women to "have a thing" with their dogs. i can't find it anymore
Women also fuck dogs

After I got to know about beastiality from confessions sub, I tried to test things myself. I have 1,200 amateur videos collected in just a month. And thats only from the clearnet.

Also most of the sluts are max 25years old living with their parents from what I could see. Some were moms and you could hear her baby crying in another room.

And 90% were 18-19 teens. Rest were cucks with their wifes fucking dogs.

Let me share the race statistics.

///\\ Western- 90% Asian. - 5% Black. - 1% Latin. -- 4% Arab- 0% Pajeet - no \/// Note that the vidz which I collected were 100% amateurish. Ill post an newtonian blackpill relating to this subject soon. And guess what, IT WONT TOUCH IT



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