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Fake Dead Pig, Human Dummies, and Fake Blood Proves Nice Attack is an Arch-Zionist Hoax

With revelations thanks to our posters

Make no mistake about it the Nice ‘truck attack’ is, in fact, a non-attack and is absolutely a fake and a hoax. Furthermore, this is no false flag but is, rather, merely a staged event. It is a plot by Zionist extremists to demonize Islam, led by criminal arch-Zionist elements, including Washington D.C.-based false videographer and witness, Mark Krikorian.

The entire area was infested with Zionist agents and their collaborators. The purpose was to spread more and more demonization of the Islamic faith. What a powerful faith it must be that it is continuously falsely blamed.

The nature of this as a fake attack is absolute, demonstrated by the full emphasis on the standard ‘blame it on Islam’ scheme, while holding this as an ISIL- or ISIS-inspired attack. Even so, there was no attack and, rather, it was a mere Hollywood-style side show, a staged event: a mere hoax.

The stuck pig or, rather, fake stuck pig, or whatever kind of pig it is, can be seen, above. No one can fathom that this would be done by Muslim people themselves. Many thanks to this videographer for making the revelation:

Once the truck was driven through at a rather slow speed it was placed in the staging arena. Then, under guidance by a variety of Zionist agents it was shot up, while it was completely stalled.

Then, a staging agent is seen shining a light on the cab, a standard of staged hoaxes. Furthermore, the imagery demonstrates that the truck was a Hollywood-style prop and that it was shot up merely as part of the scan. The target practice-like entrance holes can be clearly seen, including three shots in a vertical role seen, far left screen.



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