Jersey Girl #fundie

Take the belief in evolution. Most people who believe in evolution do so because they were told that it is scientific fact. People have a bad habit of believing what others tell them instead of searching for the truth. Be careful what others tell you. I’ll give you an example. Most psych textbooks and psych professors will talk about the placebo effect and how powerful it is. Study after study has been done on this phenomena and in most cases the placebo works just as well or better than the treatment, simply because the people involved believe they are receiving the treatment.

Most Christians will tell you that once we find Jesus/Yeshua/Jehovah/Yahweh/God it is like we had just been told we had been given a placebo all our lives. We were instantly awakened to the truth and left with a feeling of awe that we had actually been duped into believing all the things we had been indoctrinated with since kindergarten. That is just one way that I believe Jesus restores sight to the blind.



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