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John Ridley doesn’t believe in censorship while asking that HBOMax censor ‘Gone With the Wind” through a veiled threat of cancelling his subscription. He’s talking out of both sides of is mouth. ‘Gone With the Wind’ is a cinema classic that was a story about survival. It was also made in 1939 Mr. Ridley, and I think America has long before and since, learned its lesson on slavery. It’s deplorable, it’s bad, and is a stain on this country that was a part of our history. Ridley, in his ignorance, also failed to realize that he called for the blacklisting of a movie that featured actress Hattie McDaniel…the first black performer to win an Oscar. How about focusing on that positive note. You see, in a functioning, well structured society, like the United States is, we actually have the capability to learn a lesson. We are the one country in the world who has learned their lessons on slavery. There are many countries out there, including in AFRICA, where slavery still exists, and is prominent. How about reflecting on the positive aspects of our history rather than promoting and propagandizing it in a negative light. That only stokes the flames of hatred and division in this country, that have been drummed up by the likes of yourself and the Democratic left, who utilize a false racism, like it was big business. I’m 100% positive that at least 99.9% of people in this country think slavery was bad. Why hide the history of it? Wouldn’t you want children and adults to learn from history rather than hide and bury it? That seems like cowardice to me.