Not nearly as smart as they think they are

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Dad brutally beaten to death protecting teen son, after a school fight

Dad brutally beaten to death protecting teen son after school fight

A man has been beaten to death after three teens and two adults approached his home looking for his 14-year-son, eager to finish a fight which started earlier in the day at school.

Let me guess, this man was brutally beaten to death because he has a “bad personality.” I bet he posted on incel forums

I wonder what color they were

The colour which is Opposite of white

I'm sure all the aggessors are fuckers


Mass-murdERERs, sERial killERs, tERrorists and dangERously violent criminals in genERal nevER seem to have any problems in attracting women. Must be their “great pERsonality”

Meanwhile the shy, quiet, passive, harmless beta nerds are sexless. But I guess it’s because they have a “bad pERsonality.”

When you relax, this is what happens

relaxation can be deadliER than people realize lol

Can’t even rot in peace these days without worrying about a pack of niggers invading your home and raping your female relatives, then bashing you to death.

Thanks to the libERals for their support of “divERsity”

It’s ovER

I looked into it a bit deeper and surprisingly enough, the suspects weren’t black this time

I blame it on cultural niggerification

"The police are looking for four or five white males"

Let me guess, Hernandez, Lopez, Martinez and Gonzalez are those white males?

Elena Ceaușescu Award

for least qualified education policy maker

Laurie Cardoza-Moore #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #racist #wingnut twitter.com

Laurie Cardoza-Moore has promoted conspiracy theories about 9/11

She defended to plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan

Now Tennessee House Speaker @CSexton25 has appointed her to a board charged with creating the state's social studies standards.

Cardoza-Moore has criticized existing public school curriculum for exposing children to “anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian content in our public schools”

She says the current public school curriculum is "ruining our children’s lives"

In 2011, Cardoza-Moore claimed that former President Barack Obama was causing "horrific tornadoes" because he made a speech that discussed the plight of Palestinians.

A group run by Cardozo-Moore, @PJTN, “suggest[ed] removing” a sentence stating that “members of al-Qaeda carried out” the September 11 attacks, citing Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a group that claimed 9/11 was an "inside job"

Cardozo-Moore falsely claimed the January 6 insurrection was not carried out by Trump supporters but by Antifa

When news broke that right-wing extremists were planning to kidnap Michigan GovGretchen Whitmer, Cardoza-Moore also expressed support for the plot

“Am I missing something here? Didn’t the Founders address removing a tyrant from office in the Constitution?” Cardoza-Moore wrote

Cardoza-Moore is also notorious for spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric. She led opposition to the construction of a Tennessee mosque and argued that the mosque was a “terrorist training camp.” She also falsely claimed that 30% of Muslims are terrorists

Cardoza-Moore's calls herself “Laurie Cardoza-Moore, ThD.” But her “doctorate” is “an honorary doctorate degree in theology from the Latin University of Theology,” an unaccredited diploma mill

Her only real degree is an Associates Degree in Film and Dramatic Arts

But somehow, she is qualified to participate in setting the social studies standards for the entire state of Tennessee.

Sexton and Cardoza-Moore did not respond to requests for comment

Andrew Stiles, Washington Free Beacon #ableist #racist #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #enbyphobia #biphobia #elitist #dunning-kruger #interphobia #wingnut freebeacon.com

Analysis: What If Woke Liberals Didn't Get To Label Everything?
Introducing the Washington Free Beacon Alternative Style Guide for Reporting on Issues of Controversy (ASGRIC)

It goes without saying: The mainstream media is run by liberal activists. This ideological bias manifests itself in several ways, including the words journalists are allowed to use when discussing controversial issues.

(1.5 paragraphs of hyperbolic whining about how journalists are forced to write)

The woke words and phrases used in media reports would make a lot more sense to the average American if these people weren't in charge—if journalists were forced to abide by the Washington Free Beacon Alternative Style Guide for Reporting on Issues of Controversy (ASGRIC):

Undocumented immigrant → Foreign-born fugitive from justice
Gender-affirming care for minors → Child abuse
LGBTQQIP2SAA+ rights → Gay rights
Drag Queen → Gender appropriator
Abortion → Extrajudicial fetal assassination, anti-life health care
Death penalty → Justice affirming care
Assault rifle → Freedom friend, justice dispenser
Racially inclusive → Racially obsessed
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion → Six-figure consulting fees
Black Lives Matter → Scam PAC
Pro-Palestinian activist → Jew hater
Teachers' unions → Anti-child activists
Tax cuts → Restorative justice
Democracy dies in darkness → Democracy thrives on Jennifer Rubin columns
War on Women → Kinetic military action against individuals with an active uterus
#MeToo era → Brief period of anti-male activism from 2017 until Tara Reade's credible accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden
Speak truth to power → Leave Joe Biden alone
Hillary Clinton → Crooked
Long Covid → Mental illness
New York City Subway → Public toilet
WNBA fans→ Liars
Soccer → Performative falling
Bicycle → Morally abhorrent nerd-conveying road hazard
Happy Holidays → Merry Christmas
God bless you → God bless America

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“I want to apologize to the Jewish community,” Salinas told the [JTA] on Wednesday. She was saying sorry for a Facebook post she shared in March offering a summary of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”[…]
“I’m not what the post says,” Salinas said. “I love the Jewish community”

The post came to light this week after the Miami Herald identified Salinas as the Miami Lakes, Florida, mother who petitioned her children’s school to ban students’ access to the Gorman poem. Gorman read the poem, called “The Hill We Climb,” at President Joe Biden’s inauguration

Salinas also petitioned the school to restrict children’s books about the Black poet Langston Hughes and about Black and Cuban history[…]Miami-Dade County school district opted to restrict all but one book about Cuba from grades K-5, while leaving them available to middle school students

Salinas challenged the Gorman poem — which she says she hasn’t read in its entirety — on the grounds that it contains “indirect hate messages.” The review committee said it “erred on the side of caution” in deciding to limit students’ access[…]
Post about the Protocols included a list of steps depicting how “Jewish Zionists” would achieve world domination. The graphic included stages such as “Place our agents and helpers everywhere,” “Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism,” and “Sacrifice people (including Jews sometimes) when necessary”[…]
Salinas confirmed that the post about the “Protocols” was hers and apologized for it, saying she hadn’t read it beyond the word “communism.” Salinas said her aversion to communism stems from her Cuban identity. She added that English is not her first language[…]
She said she had only read parts of the books. “They have to read for me because I’m not an expert,” she said. “I’m not a reader. I’m not a book person. I’m a mom involved in my children’s education”

James Horvat II #fundie #wingnut #sexist #dunning-kruger returntoorder.org

The feminist narrative of history portrays women’s rights as a recent phenomenon. Feminists believe that pre-modern women were oppressed by men and had few rights. Nowhere were women more miserable than in medieval times when the Church and a patriarchal society reduced them to near slavery.

Feminists contend that since then, the fight for women’s rights has made steady and inevitable progress as history evolves to ever greater freedom. We can’t go back, they cry.

Maybe the feminists need to go back—and at least look at the facts. Recent studies reveal that this historical perspective is false. Medieval times offered unprecedented opportunities for women. The portrayal of oppressed women is more the invention of modern historians, Victorian distortions and Hollywood scripts than medieval chronicles.
The modern idea of history as an inevitable march evolving toward greater freedom is likewise flawed. If anything, the plight of women has worsened since the Middle Ages. Indeed, the Church elevated the role of women in society. Later secular movements often oppressed them. History does not follow fate but depends upon free will. Thus, periods vary according to the circumstances.

The most surprising finding of the two scholars is that the Renaissance “vastly rolled back the rights of women.” The Renaissance was supposedly a “rebirth” of ancient culture and enlightenment. However, its reborn ideas bought back the neo-pagan Roman and Greek cultures where women had no political rights and limited opportunities.
The Church played a major role in recognizing the inherent dignity of men and women and worked toward the salvation of their souls. At the same time, the Church encouraged the improvement of the material conditions of all, opening up new opportunities for progress. Above all, the Church endowed society with supernatural graces so that men and women became capable of things that took them beyond their human nature.

Esther #magick #crackpot #dunning-kruger voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

There is thought, and there is Thought Form, and there is Manifestation. Manifestation is always in the eye of the beholder. So this time-space-reality that everyone is perceiving is nothing more than vibrational interpretation.

So the Thought Form of that which is man was set forth from Broader Perspective, and has continued to evolve by the experience of those who were having the experience here on the planet. And what you actually see as man or human is vibrational interpretation.

Now, did man come from ape? No, man was a different idea. So how does the idea of evolution occur? And we say: because the idea of each species was set forth, and as the experience of the species is lived, the idea expands. So the expansion is happening from the Leading Edge place and is supported from the Source Energy that flows everywhere the idea goes.

Excerpted from Billings, MT on 6/21/03

Our Love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

2nd Smartest Guy in the World #wingnut #conspiracy #dunning-kruger 2ndsmartestguyintheworld.com

The term “technocommunism” is the portmanteau of “technocracy” and “communism” that this substack previously coined to better describe the far more malignant and technologically advanced communism 2.0 that we are witnessing today, especially since the PSYOP-19 “pandemic” rollout. (Note: fascism, socialism and communism are essentially close cousins, more or less interchangeable systems all sharing the identical endgame.)
These very same dark forces that funded the great social engineering experiments of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Chinese Communist Revolution and the NAZI party had also infiltrated the American government long before WW2; in fact, these transhumanist apparatchiks were and continue to be the agents of the original socialist eugenicists known as Fabian Society, which in turn had spawned the Rockefeller and later the offshoot Gates foundation, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, UN, WEF, CFR, IMF, WHO, and so on and so forth. Even Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s Founding Fathers, was a British spy known by his codename “Number 7” whose covert mission was to establish a Crown-owned and operated central bank in America in order to not just erode the economy, but, more importantly, to subvert the then nascent Constitution.
2022 certainly hastened and further consolidated the 4th Industrial Revolution transhumanist dystopia. We witnessed the genetically modified posthuman slaves not only further building out their own digital prisons, but also continuing to partake in their mass ritual bio-suicides, all while mindlessly running the various State supplied self-hatred programs such as the aforementioned, "The common enemy of humanity is man.” This tried and true approach to keeping the GMH slaves in a state of perpetual mass induced fear will start to increasingly glitch and malfunction in 2023.
Embrace the fight and take pleasure in it. Our lives depend on it.

We will win.

Do NOT comply.

Do NOT comply.

Wang Wenbin #conspiracy #dunning-kruger english.scio.gov.cn

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Wednesday slammed U.S. accusation of genomic data collection, noting the accusation does not hold water and mean nothing except manufacturing sensational fake news items

According to media reports, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused China of collecting human genomic data against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang and Tibet as an additional form of control and surveillance

China is a country governed by law. The privacy of all Chinese citizens, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds, are protected by law, Wang said at a daily news briefing when asked to comment on the accusation of the U.S. side

"The United States widely collects and uses genomic information," Wang said, adding that according to the Wall Street Journal, the Pentagon has formulated R&D plans for hitting opponents with genetically engineered weapons. Those involved disclosed that the genomic data of Asian Chinese, European Aryans and Middle Eastern Arabs are all being collected by the U.S. military

According to the website of Russia-based Russia Today, the U.S. Air Education and Training Command (AETC) once issued a tender seeking to acquire samples of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and synovial fluid from Russians, Wang added

"It's pretty clear who exactly is using genomic information for secret purposes," he said

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Do FtMs get euphoria from being cucked and friendzoned?

It must be very validating to be cucked as an ftm. It's like getting the authentic manlet beta boy experience. Imagine how euphoria-inducing it would be if your gf told you that she was pregnant with your child knowing that she slept with another man due to your inadequacies as a male.

Al Benson Jr. #wingnut #dunning-kruger #conspiracy identitydixie.com

[From "Abraham Lincoln: Hero of the Left, and, Unfortunately, the Right"]

Those who have done their research on[…]Lincoln and his socialist proclivities realize he has been embraced by[…]left-wing types. This is common knowledge among many people. What is not always common[…]is that Lincoln[…]is somehow still an icon of the Right[…]
Lincoln’s love affair with the Left has been noted in an article[…]on Jacobin[…]“From Karl Marx to Eugene Debs to 1930s American Communists, leftists have regarded Lincoln as a pro-labor hero who played a crucial role in vanquishing chattel slavery. We should celebrate him today as part of the great radical democratic tradition”[…]Lincoln would have loved China Joe Biden[…]
If only those people had been aware of Lincoln’s racist turn of mind, they might have taken a different tack. Their “hero” would probably have balked at being placed in the company of black abolitionists[…]
Lincoln never freed a single slave. His “Emancipation Proclamation” only applied to slaves in the Confederate States[…]Lincoln was not really opposed to slavery – unless it was Confederate slavery[…]
Most on the Left, and many on the Right, don’t like to hear the truth about Lincoln[…]
When I wrote for the old National Educator[…]I did a series of articles on Lincoln and his socialist connections. The people that complained the loudest were patriotic conservatives[…]
In an article by Claude S. Fischer[…]“During just one term[…]Lincoln managed to do the following[…]taxed the wealth creators…exploded deficit spending…led a federal takeover of currency and banks…forced people to work for the federal government…indulged in government giveaways to special interests…expropriated private property for redistribution…”

Joe Biden would have loved him, except for his party label[…]Remember that in the mid-1800s the Republicans were socialists, and the Democrats were conservatives. Today, both parties are socialist–Council on Foreign Relations socialists!

Andrew Anglin #racist #dunning-kruger #conspiracy #transphobia #ableist #wingnut dailystormer.name

["The Retardality of Evil"]

Remember “the banality of evil”?[…]
It was related to[…]Eichmann’s “trial” in Israel[…]The Jews went and kidnapped him 15 years after the war and gave him a fake “war crimes” trial before executing him (by hanging! Like he’d gotten caught killing a nigga for his Air Jordans!). It was like, one of the most extreme, bizarre acts any state had ever done, and definitely not banal[…]
The term was not used in reference to the evil Jews and their non-banal acts, but to the Nazis supposedly trying to exterminate the Jews[…]
Eichmann testified that there were so many bodies buried under the ground that wherever you walked blood would start squirting up out of the ground like something out of a hentai[…]
Let’s go ahead[…]and allow that particularly[…]malicious human actions are “evil”[…]
•The allegations of the Jews, of rollercoasters of death, masturbation machines, a cage with an eagle and a bear, the Wall of Eyes, the Wall of Death, changing the color of people’s eyes[…]
•The real world actions of the Jews, such as inciting black people to do a violent revolution because a gentle giant OD’d[…]faking a viral pandemic[…]sending out a retarded teenage girl to lecture grown men[…]other various sadistic and maniacal Jewish behaviors[…]
We would be talking about “the retardality of evil”

Because the stupid Jewish lies about white people’s behavior, and the actual behavior of the Jews against white people, are fundamentally retarded by nature[…]
The whole child tranny thing is the worst example[…]
The purpose is[…]to drastically reduce the population. All of these kids are sterile[…]most of them kill themselves. It would be really easy to just kill the kids. Instead, the Jewish Pritzker family has built an ideology around “synthetic biology”[…]
There is absolutely zero reason that people who believe in global warming and who are okay with child trannyism wouldn’t just simply send their kids to be sacrificed to the weather gods

various commenters #transphobia #sexist #dunning-kruger ovarit.com

100% perfect explanation of transgenderism

( MaryDyer )
I’ve been saying it for a while - males (barring the gay ones) who transition do it because of their fetishes and sexual desires. Females who transition do it because of male’s fetishes and sexual desires.

( notsofreshfeeling )
why bar the gay ones? A lot of it may be internalized homophobia and self-hatred, but there's a component of fetish present, for sure. They fetishize heterosexuality.

( MaryDyer )
Well I guess because I view it from a lens of sexual attraction and who poses a threat to females. A gay man transitions because he wants to attract males as sex partners. Those aren’t the types of men who are abusing and traumatizing young girls into wanting to escape their bodies. I hope this makes sense; I sometimes have a difficult time articulating my thoughts.

( notsofreshfeeling )
I hear you. Yes, gay men are going to be less likely to prey upon women sexually. Unfortunately, they do exhibit male entitlement by colonizing single-sex spaces intended for females, and by intimidating any women who would speak up to protect that space. Any male is a threat in spaces where women are likely to be alone, in a state of undress, etc., because men know that they can easily beat a woman up if they don't like what she's saying.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
I thought it was that they fetishize snagging all the straight men who are unavailable to them as "men".

( OutHereInTheDeep )
And that’s the long and short of it. Gender ideology speaks to the most oppressive and fucked up impulses we have as a culture.

( KittyWhawWhaw )
And TIMs means mentally ill pervs pretending to be women.

Kenneth Schmitt #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

We have heard about a new form of time, called crystalline time. What is it, how does it affect us and how do we realize it? In Euclidian geometry, time is independent of space, but in in crystalline time, space and time are connected equally. In 2012 physicists theorized that we can create time crystals, and in 2018 they were successful. These are four-, five- or six-dimensional experiences with three dimensions in space and one, two or three dimensions in time. Like physical crystals, time crystals have a repeating structure, but it can change over time without affecting the laws of nature. It needs no energy input to function.

Like living in a time crystal, our experience is becoming more than three-dimensional in hyperbolic geometry. We all can share awareness of the present moment, while keeping our physical presence wherever we are. This present moment can translate into any present moment, without changing our physical location. We can change our time coordinates without changing our space coordinates. We can be present in awareness at any imagined moment, while also being present in our current space, and we can also stay in our present moment, while translating into a different space. It is a method of time travel without affecting the laws of thermodynamics.

With the positive, high-frequency neutrinos that are enveloping and interpenetrating our physical presence, we can move into crystalline time, in which the molecules of our bodies are translated into a symmetrical arrangement and can be translated in time without affecting the laws of nature. We are becoming crystalline through the rearrangement of the molecules of our bodies, enabling us to move in translation of time without affecting the functioning of our bodies, except that we become ageless. Our constituent parts become hyper-radiant, like super-conductors, providing a crystalline presence that draws other entities into alignment with us.

Lars Bergen #ufo #crackpot #dunning-kruger amazon.com

Did the Atlanteans colonize the Americas? Did the Greek and Celtic Irish gods migrate to the Americas?

Archeological evidence in the Lost City of Kyphiz shows the Greek gods in South America near the end of the Minoan-Mycenaean era of Greece — an era which ended with the mysterious disappearance of the Mycenaean civilization in Europe triggering a Dark Age sometime around 1100 B.C. The Minoan-Mycenaean elites were the Greek gods themselves.

Nearly a thousand years later in 150 B.C., an ancient map shows the entirety of North America populated with a mysterious peoples identified in Greek history as displaced Greeks from Mycenaean strongholds. Chinese legends suggest that a kingdom of “fairies” in western North America in 499 A.D. was ruled by a king who appears to have been Irish or Greek.

These fairies or genii of North America match descriptions of Nordic aliens from our lifetime, and they match the fairies of Celtic Ireland being a flesh-and-blood race known as the Tuatha dé Danann — a race which came down from the sky to Ireland with advanced technology and a Mycenaean mother goddess. The evidence speaks.

Native American legends, Irish legends, Greek legends, and Chinese legends, along with navigational and archeological evidence substantiate this migration of the gods to North and South America, whether to colonize anew or to join their existing brethren. This secret history of the Americas would upset the traditional narratives that the power brokers spin to control what we believe. Look at the evidence — you be the judge.

Vox Day #fundie #dunning-kruger voxday.net

[From "Another Nail in Darwin’s Coffin"]

One variable that is unaccounted for in my mathematical proof of the impossibility of evolution by natural selection is the way in which close genetic relations are observed to reduce life expectancies rather than enhance them. And yet, it significantly strengthens my argument

A 2013 study in the Lancet reported that when first cousins reproduce, the baby’s risk of congenital problems such as heart and lung defects, cleft palettes, and extra fingers doubles[…]

The significance of this factor is that if a theoretically-advantageous mutation takes place, then the mutated specimens must breed with other identically-mutated specimens in order for the mutation to eventually become fixed. In other words, the children and cousins of the original mutated specimen must interbreed, and have such an advantage over non-mutated specimens that the intrinsic disadvantages of inbreeding are overcome to such an extent as to fix the mutation across the entire population

However, it is observed that closely-related specimens have a significant built-in DISADVANTAGE with regards to attributes and life expectancies, and therefore, presumably, fitness as well. It would be very useful to learn the average extent to which inbreeding conveys a disadvantage with regards to fertility, as that alone might be sufficient to statistically falsify neo-Darwinian theory

Given the numerous observed disadvantages of genetic inbreeding, it is very highly improbable that whatever advantage is conveyed by any one mutation will overcome the inherent disadvantages conveyed with it. Which provides further evidence that the theory of evolution by natural selection is not only false, but is obviously absurd

UPDATE: The rhetorical version

Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) #fundie #wingnut #crackpot #dunning-kruger rightwingwatch.org

Sen. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina is expected to officially announce that he is running for president later this month. As part of his nascent campaign, Scott traveled in April to Iowa, where Republicans are poised to hold their traditional first-in-the-nation presidential caucus in February 2024

While traveling across the state, Scott reportedly participated in a “Faith Wins” event at Rising Sun Church of Christ in Pleasant Hill[…]
While Right Wing Watch was unable to find any video of the Faith Wins event, we did find a video of Scott preaching at Rising Sun Church during its April 23 service. After Scott delivered a sermon, he was joined on stage by Rising Sun senior minister Steve Rowland, who read off various questions that had been submitted by the audience

During the question-and-answer period, Scott declared that the Constitution dictates that the government should be “bowing the knee to the church”

“As Christ is being shoved out in America through media and government and being replaced by evil, even evil gods, how do we change that?” Rowland asked

“Number one, we have to recognize that the Constitution of the United States affords each and every one of you your First Amendment rights to exercise your faith wherever you go,” Scott replied. “We are supposed to have the government bowing the knee to the church, not the church bowing the knee to the government”

think again #transphobia #sexist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger newsweek.com

misogyny has never been a serious problem

on the other hand discrimination against males today and hatred towards males is a much more pressing issue than discrimination against females which is a non issue
also men and women are not equal and have different gender roles just as the first males and first females did 2.5 billion years ago
also sex is binary so it is impossible to change from a man to a woman or vice versa
i also wonder how most americans think that men and women can transform into the opposite gender
most americans are very detatched from reality
the worst flaw of democracy could easily be discovered by having a 5 minute conversation with the average american voter
the average american can't read write do math or science or know basic geography
in china only educated people have the right to vote
in china the powerful are abusing their power
we must restructure the govt in a way that creates a new balance of power in a way that intelligent people have more say in the govt
we must make slow cautious changes
also if you think that americans are ignorant just look at the average person in any other country
even in most western european countries 20% of the people think that the earth revolves the sun
in a month and not a year

Mary Bennett #ufo #magick #conspiracy #dunning-kruger amazon.com

A full-color exploration of the links between ancient monuments on Earth, formations on Mars, sacred geometry, crop glyphs, and advanced physics

• Details how exploratory probes sent to Mars in the 1970s triggered a plethora of anomalous events, particularly crop circles (glyphs), and how these events are messages from ET intelligence to help us send a human mission to Mars

• Reveals how the anomalous Cydonia region of Mars fits the Golden Ratio Spiral and looks at links between Martian formations and Earth’s ancient sites.

In this full-color study based on 25 years of research, Mary Bennett explores the ancient and modern connections between Mars and Earth as well as how extraterrestrial intelligences are trying to assist us in constructing a viable spacecraft to take a human crew swiftly and safely to Mars. She explains how these formations, along with related events, encode advanced engineering concepts that offer solutions to the fundamental problems presently hindering long-haul crewed ­spaceflight--whether to the Moon, Mars, or beyond.

Looking at the red planet itself, the author reveals the scientifically verifiable evidence pointing to intelligent design on the surface of Mars, specifically in the Cydonia region, which fits the Golden Ratio Spiral. She looks at the covert links between the Martian formations and Earth’s ancient sites, such as the Avebury landscape in England and the Giza Complex. She describes how agencies concerned with space travel have been quietly mirroring areas of Mars through construction projects here on Earth, revealing that many of the ET messages have already been partially decoded.

Taking you from a complex on Mars to the Teotihuacán pyramids in Mexico, from phi ratios to the Pentagon, from the Great Pyramid to quantum computing, this exploration of the hidden influence of Mars shows that our abilities as a future space-faring species began in the ancient past and are now coming to fruition.

Lindsey Graham #ableist #dunning-kruger #transphobia reddit.com

{NOTE: This is some woman dressed as a cat, not the male Republican politician. Same name, different people (assuming that she actually is called ‘Lindsey Graham’.}

My name is Lindsey Graham, and I am a cat. Meow. Meow. I’m not a woman dressed as a cat. I am a cat. By show of hands, I’m curios how many of you believe and confess that I’m a cat? Great. By show of hands how many of your child or a child from this school would believe that I’m actually a cat? No one? You are right. Why? Because you are not stupid and these children are not stupid. Truth prevails over imagination, reality exists, discernment is innate and something we are biologically wired to have. One look at me and you know this to be true, I am a woman posing as a cat. You also believe, correctly, that if I truly believe I am a cat, I have a mental disorder. If I suffer from a mental disorder and am unable to discern reality, am I safe to be around children? Would you put me in charge of making decisions about the safety and well being of children and the direction of their education when I cannot even discern truth from fiction? Confession, I’m not actually a cat just because I say I am. You have not agreed to or committed to addressing me as a cat just because I demand it. No tail whiskers or outfit makes me a cat. Just like no lipstick, high heels or long hair makes him a man, a woman. It is as biologically impossible for me to be a cat as it is for a man to be a woman.

Sophie Corcoran #transphobia #dunning-kruger youtube.com

'There's no such thing as a cis woman': Inclusive language 'erasing' women's rights

Women are not a sub-category of women – "we are women," according to UK broadcaster Sophie Corcoran, who said she refuses to be addressed as a "cis woman".

"The one word I hate the most and nobody should ever call me is a cis-woman – it really aggravates me," Ms Corcoran told Sky News host Rowan Dean.

"We're expected to call trans-women women, so why can't we call ourselves women, why do we have to call ourselves cis-women – there's no such thing.

"But they are erasing our language and that's not good – because when they erase the language they will then soon erase our rights which is what they're trying to do."

Ewaranon #crackpot #conspiracy #dunning-kruger beforeitsnews.com

Why would they want to hide this information from the people? As we know .. history repeats itself .. just as the Rockefellers did with the discovery of oil .. They gave it a new name, (fossel fuel) claiming that there was a finite amount to create scarcity .. therefore jacking up to price. But to those who pay attention, the lie is exposed in it’s name .. (Petroleum) Petra.. meaning rock Oleum (Latin oleum, meaning oil) .. Petroleum (rock oil) is made in the mantle of the earth. What lies at the so called bottom of the planet? An ice wall! What some believe, is that there is more land beyond the ice wall.

Let this sink in for a second. The only treaty that has never been broken in human history: The Antarctic Treaty!

Anon #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger boards.4chan.org

Why do some people still think space travel is real?

Nasha (NASA) means to lead astray, to delude, bequile, to deceive, to seduce in biblical Hebrew. How gullible do you have to be to think we can travel trillions of miles through a vacuum with nothing to push off of? How come there aren't any credible unedited high resolution shots of earth from outer space? Why is there no real proof of the moon landings aside for the debunked landing footage?

Black Liam #dunning-kruger #elitist #sexist twitter.com

I don’t think pregnancy is easy, I just think it’s not as hard as women make it out… Cause like your whole body by design was made to do that shit, just like knives were made to cut it’s not hard for them to do that… It’d be hard for a spoon to cut something, but not a knife

All I’m saying is, if basic life skills like cooking and cleaning are difficult to you, of course pregnancy is gonna be hard… But if you’re not a simple sally you should be just fine… Like I said, knives were made to cut.

Every-ist And-ophobe #transphobia #dunning-kruger #pratt #interphobia youtube.com

ANYONE that uses "pronouns" should be cancelled. This is the EXACT PROBLEM. look if your a man and you dress up like a woman and put on makeup you are NOT A WOMAN. And you CANNOT FORCE ME to be a part of your mental illness. Period. NO amount of hormones or makeup will EVER change your DNA only 2 sets of chromosomes XX AND XY THAT 100% FACT AND you can't FORCE me to go against FACTS AMD TRUTH.

Dennis Prager #racist #dunning-kruger #fundie mediamatters.org

This is Media Matters quoting from Prager’s video
By the way, if you talk about Islamic slavery – which was considerably more barbaric – and, believe me, there was barbarity in our slavery. But most slaves could actually have children, for example. And on more than a few occasions, they were separated from their parents. Horrible, truly horrible. But the Black slave population increased tremendously because they could have families in so many cases. Under Islam, that was not possible, the men were castrated. And they weren't castrated with an anesthetic, shall we say. The agony is indescribable, and so many of them died just because of the barbarity of being castrated.

The left hates America because they have nothing going on in their lives that gives them meaning. The inferior always hates the superior. The left is morally inferior to the United States and its founders and the Judeo-Christian system. The inferior morally hate the morally superior. The left has always been morally inferior from Lenin to today.

Indian in the Machine/Karen Kingston #quack #conspiracy #dunning-kruger ournewearthnews.com

IITM: What is in that mystery needle, we’re still figuring it out. mRNA tech is a device… it is a technology.

Karen says:

-EMF can activate the electromagnetic nano-particles which are called the ‘spike protein’.

-We are exposed to these in air, food and injections.

-You can’t produce ‘spike proteins’ without electromagnetic fields.

-You need electromagnetic fields to split the DNA, to do the gene editing.

Then there’s this!

Manufacturers have to adhere to good manufacturing practices for DRUGS and DEVICES! CLASS 3 MEDICAL DEVICES!

Oh my godness!!

A lipid nanoparticle is defined as a device.

Major bombshell!!

When these devices are heated up by electromagnetic fields, they destroy the cells around them, which could be considered to be a killswitch!!

YourClairyGodmother #senpai_noticed_us #crackpot #dunning-kruger #pratt deviantart.com

FSTDT, a far-left gossip blog and harassment campaign, often tries to insult by accusing me of racism. (Spoilers: I'm not racist. But FSTDT, which is primarily used and hosted by white people, constantly displays the N word and other racial slurs in a wide variety of their posts. Even referring to me as an n**ger.) The head of the harassment campaign against me specifically recently started comparing me to Darla Dimple, the main villain of the 1997 animated film "Cats Don't Dance."

Shallowly, it was to basically both call me a spoiled brat and to also imply I wasn't human by comparing me to a literal 2D cartoon villain. (FSTDT often resorts to methods mentioned in the ten stages of genocide like dehumanization and denial while also hypocritically claiming to be anti-Nazi... despite calling me a K*po and comparing my friends to Nazis. Often calling them "freaks and fuck-ups"... many of my friends are minorities belong to groups such as the LGBTQ+ community and Autistic communities, with my own best friend being a bisexual Jewish man. Keep in mind: FSTDT consider Jews, LGBTQ+ people, and Autistic people "freaks and fuck-ups" in their own words.)
This actually got me thinking about both my harassment at the hands of FSTDT and media analysis (one of my passions) as a whole. By comparing me to Darla, they proved to me that they either didn't watch the movie, understand its characters beyond the surface level, or get the deeper meanings and metaphors at all.

"Cats Don't Dance" is an allegory for how minorities were treated during the golden age of Hollywood during the 1930s. From being denied prestigious jobs, given little to no screen time, often reduced to stereotypes, etc. Darla's motivation is to prevent new talented animals (being stand-in minorities) from "stealing her spotlight".

Simeon Hein PhD #crackpot #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger amazon.com

If Bigfoot is an Ancient Primate or an Undiscovered Human, why is the Creature Seen Around Balls of Light and Other Paranormal Phenomena?

Thousands of people have witnessed bigfoot and other strange creatures for decades in North America and worldwide. In many cases, these encounters have been followed up and documented, including physical evidence by trained investigators. Is bigfoot an undiscovered primate, a relic hominid, or an alien species? And why are so many encounters also filled with unusual and extraordinary phenomena like luminosities, time slips, and telepathic interactions?

Dark Matter Monsters examines critical, new scientific findings in coherent energy-matter and how these ideas help explain seemingly paranormal phenomena, like space-time anomalies and orbs, seen around creatures such as bigfoot and other mysterious cryptids.
You Will Discover:

What often happens right before a bigfoot encounter and why
Why bigfoot creatures can become invisible
How social stigma prevents us from talking about these phenomena
Sudden temperature changes around bigfoot, orbs, and UFOs
The connection between the Fifth State of Matter and ball lightning
The anti-gravitational effects of ball lightning, coherent matter, and paranormal phenomena
A top-level engineer who handled quantum material from an extraterrestrial spacecraft
Strange space-time anomalies experienced around bigfoot creatures
The book begins with a look at cosmological dark matter, which has yet to be identified but appears to occupy some 34 percent of the universe as a source of cryptids' strange and remarkable abilities. One candidate for explaining dark matter is relic neutrinos produced in huge quantities during the Big Bang. Relic neutrinos interact with biological organisms on Earth and might explain why creatures like bigfoot seem to possess remarkable abilities such as extraordinary speed, strength, cloaking, and can generate orbs and ball lightning.

Prussian Society of America #dunning-kruger #crackpot #elitist #ableist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "People Who Do Not Eat Meat And/Or Have IQ of Less Than 100 are Untermenschen"]

I state this with any lack of hesitancy or any regret, and I wish to give credit where it is due, for I am not the source of who has come to these revelations

According to vast research and activities we a e involved inz we have concluded that Human beings, irrespective of how good of a racial background they come from, that if they do not have a measurable IQ of at least 100 pts irrespective of Emotional Intelligence, and if they do not eat Meat as their primary diet, that such beings q e absolutely incapable and completely impotent of the mental faculties to think for themselves and make their own decisions without being a follower of someone else

As far as the Meat Eating factor in this, all credit is given to someone by the name of Gatis who is known as “Sv3rige” for having given us this revelation

As far as the IQ factor is concerned, in recent months we have become aware of this fact from a Private Intelligence Source and Scientist in Germany, whom I cannot disclose

Therefore, any emotional quality if lacking an IQ factor of 100, renders those emotions absolutely null and void, i.e. completely worthless, since the Intellectual faculties are lacking under 100 to fuel the fire of correct emotional seating and processing in the Human

This revelation completely renders obsolete the previous common understanding that an IQ of 95 points minimum is required to sustain civilization

Louisiana State Senator Stewart Cathey Jr. (R-Monroe) and Peter Rykowski #wingnut #dunning-kruger #crackpot thenewamerican.com

[From "Resolution Affirming State Nullification Introduced in Louisiana"]

A resolution affirming “the sovereign right of Louisiana to nullify unconstitutional acts of the federal government” has been introduced in the Louisiana state Legislature

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 21 (S.C.R. 21) is sponsored by state Senator Stewart Cathey Jr. (R-Monroe)[…]
S.C.R. 21 also affirms that under the Constitution, the states retain the vast majority of powers. By contrast, only a very limited set of powers is granted to Congress, and it is unconstitutional for the federal government to extend its powers beyond those enumerated limits. For example, the resolution declares:[…]

WHEREAS, federal court opinions and executive orders are often erroneously interpreted as law or to have amended the Constitution of the United States[…]

S.C.R. 21 ultimately declares:

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of Louisiana does hereby affirm the sovereign right of Louisiana to nullify unconstitutional acts of the federal government

S.C.R. 21 is correct. Article VI of the U.S. Constitution states, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof … shall be the supreme Law of the Land”[…]
In addition to passing S.C.R. 21, the state Legislature would be wise to enact strong legislation nullifying unconstitutional federal actions — whether congressional laws, executive orders or regulations, or federal court rulings. Appropriate targets of nullification include the World Health Organization, the Federal Reserve, the federal “Respect for Marriage Act,” federal interference in state election laws, federal agricultural regulations, and federal meddling in local police and sheriffs departments. States can also create formal procedures for nullifying unconstitutional federal actions

QAnon Believers #wingnut #dunning-kruger rollingstone.com

QAnon Believers Think Trump’s Indictment Will (Somehow) Lead to Mass Arrest of Democrats

FOR MANY OF Donald Trump’s supporters, today is a dark day indeed: The president pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts today after being formally arrested in a Manhattan courtroom. But for those in the Qanon conspiracist movement, hope springs eternal, and “The Storm” is always just around the corner.


On 8kun’s “qresearch” forum, users quickly latched onto “There is no going back” as significant, with one user pointing to a 2019 post in which the anonymous Q used the same phrase. Another person replied, “that’s a proof if I have ever seen it.” (Qanon communities call anything a “proof” if it seems to confirm their overall conspiracy theory about Trump battling a secret war against nefarious elites.) Some on the 8kun board voiced the sentiment that Trump, by allowing himself to be indicted, was setting those very elites up for arrest themselves. In response to a meme that asked “At what stage in the game do you play the TRUMP card,” a user replied, “After all legal precedents have been opened?”

Prominent Q influencer IntheMatrixx, who had been banned on Twitter for such content before being reinstated under Elon Musk‘s ownership, appeared to jump on the same narrative. He pulled up a different 2019 Q drop that read, “First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.” In Q lore, the “awakening” will occur when people become aware of and rise up against the so-called “cabal” opposing Trump — the Democratic pedophiles and Satanists, et al. Here, IntheMatrixxx is implying that Q not only predicted Trump’s indictment but knew it would see MAGA enemies finally brought to justice.

nagolbud #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger nagolbud.com

Is Earth Really a Spinning Ball?

My first concern with a spinning ball is the fact there is no historical or present day occurrence of a jolt or slow down of the spin speed. There is no recorded instance of everyone in the world falling down because the earth slowed down, there is no modern day phenomena where the earth speeds up and everyone flies back 20 feet. According to “science” and your public school, the speed of the earth has been perfectly spinning at the exact same speed for billions of years. Let’s break it down a little more and look at just the last 500 years. There is no record of the earth’s speed changing, there is no indication of the earth’s speed changing. Therefor the earth would either spinning at the exact same speed never changing even the slightest or not moving at all.

If the speed of rotation changed even in the slightest degree we would feel it all over earth. If it suddenly stopped or slowed down we would all go flying. What happens when someone get’s into a car accident and they aren’t wearing their seat belt? Exactly. The fact is nothing like this has ever occurred. This leaves you with the question, how did the entire universe start from nothing and expand into something only to perfectly rotate and spin in the perfect cycle for billions of years? You either believe the earth has a perfect spin speed or it’s all a big fat lie. There is no middle ground

iiAmHavoK #transphobia #dunning-kruger reddit.com

I mean being a trans is a punchline to be honest. You’re mentally ill. There is no Fucking other genders. You’re male, you’re female. That’s it. Biologically your male “becoming a female.” But now they want to be a glorified thing. Idgaf what you are or who’s dick you suck. Quit force feeding it down people’s throats and watch how fast it goes away. Vast majority of people don’t fucking care.

Donald Trump #transphobia #fundie #crackpot #dunning-kruger rollingstone.com

Former President Donald Trump said that if re-elected, he would use the government to investigate and potentially halt transgender health care during a National Rifle Association (NRA) speech on Friday

“Upon my inauguration, I will direct the FDA to convene an independent outside panel to investigate whether transgender hormone treatments and ideology increase the risk of extreme depression, aggression and even violence,” said Trump to the crowd gathered in Indianapolis, Indiana

“I think most of us already know the answer,” he added. Trump then said he would direct an investigation of whether “genetically engineered cannabis” is “causing psychotic breaks”

The former president also accused Democrats of “pushing the transgender cult” on children. Earlier in his speech, he called school shootings a “spiritual problem” and not a “gun problem.” He also proposed a tax credit for arming teachers

Chuck Norris/Dr. Leonard Sax #wingnut #dunning-kruger #transphobia wnd.com

The opening of Thies' column this past week immediately grabbed my attention: "Children of politically liberal parents are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, lack of sense of life meaning, and have substance abuse issues," according to Dr. Leonard Sax, Ph.D. in psychology, author of four books for parents, and also a family physician with more than 30 years of experience.

Dr. Sax explained that, over the past decade in particular, a massive movement has grown of "permissive parents." They are those who are persuaded to carry out a more "gentle parenting," because they do not want to come across as "controlling" or "coercive" to their children.
NYU professor Jonathan Haidt took it one step further. Sax explained that Dr. Haidt "argues that the real reason that left-of-center kids are more likely to be depressed compared with right-of-center kids is that left-of-center kids have been taught to catastrophize events, to assume the worst, while right-of-center kids are taught to be more optimistic."

"Taught to catastrophize events" like global warming, nuclear war or America's involvement in the Ukrainian-Russian war debacle? But aren't those also political issues they are being pounded with on social media and school as well? Isn't "teaching catastrophizing events" taught on an even greater scale by public education, which is now the bastion of the left's secular progressive agenda?
"If parents have grounded their kids in a more lasting culture, then kids are to some degree insulated and protected from that toxicity of contemporary American culture. But if parents are permissive and let their kids spend hours a day on social media and playing video games, then kids are immersed in that toxic culture, and that toxic culture we know leads to anxiety, depression, and disengagement."

"These parents are also more permitting to life-altering medical treatments, such as transgender drugs and surgeries, than authoritative parents," the Examiner concluded.

Joshua Reid #conspiracy #wingnut #dunning-kruger redpillproject.substack.com

There has been a conspiracy theory going around for quite some time now about purple lights that are popping up all across the country. They have been seen in transportation systems such as public buses as well as streetlights.
Now I have talked quite extensively about 5G warfare and bio warfare. And one of the topics I have discussed with this is how you have a genetic resonance that is produced through your DNA.
Dr. <Martin> Blank was testing the damage that would occur within your DNA through 4G and 5G radiation. But what he discovered is not what he had anticipated. He did discover that it does do damage. But the most fascinating thing about his findings is that our DNA is actually a bio transducer, meaning that it sends and receives signals within the microwave range wavelengths.
Another interesting point is that there were some other studies that talked about how the genetic evolution of humanity was occurring because of the cosmic microwave background radiation. In where, this frequency of 25-35 gigahertz, had a receptibility within our DNA, and through epigenetic controls actually helped to formulate our DNA. And this shows that our DNA has bio resonance.
Ionizing radiation on the other hand is incredibly harmful. These are things like radars as well as UV light. What frequency range is the color purple in? It is ultraviolet, which means that it is a very low form of ionizing radiation. If these AI systems were wanting to map out your bio resonance, how would they do that?
It seems plausible that the way in which they would do this is by installing UV lights all throughout the streets and alleyways, within means of transportation like public buses, and within heavily populated areas. While at the same time, hooking up facial recognition artificial intelligence monitoring software to pick up on the biophotons being released once the UV light hits the skin.

<Note: LED streetlight flaws changed the light color in some cities.>