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[From “For the white empire”]

The definition of who we are and what we want determines our action[…]All it takes is the conquest of a single European state to make it the vanguard of the revolution we want

•The peoples of the white race form the great European family, from Brest to Vladivostok, from the Arctic to the Aegean[…]
•Against the guilt-tripping of white people, they must rediscover their racial pride, without which they cannot defend their freedom and ensure their survival. We must celebrate our heritage, in all its diversity[…]
•Europe’s independence must be guaranteed by the creation of an imperial ethno-state. This integrated political and economic bloc must emphasize continental self-sufficiency, particularly in trade, infrastructure, energy and technology
•The racial and cultural unity of Europeans and their preservation must be instilled in their consciousness through investment in culture and education
•In the face of allogeneic invasion, in order to guarantee the sovereignty of Europe, and therefore the freedom of the white peoples who make it up, a policy of controlling non-white immigration must be undertaken, and the ethnic homogeneity of the continent restored
•To ensure Europe’s unity and security, we must combat the interference of all outside powers, especially cosmopolitan and Jewish forces, and fight the seeds of division
•The defense of Europe implies the creation of a powerful and well-equipped European army, capable of protecting the European continent against all external aggressions
•Faced with the world’s continent-states, Europe must have a unified and coordinated diplomacy that respects the interests of the different peoples that make it up
•Europe must strengthen its ties with the white nations of the world in order to forge a global alliance
•Through our work, tirelessly, we must ensure the survival and prosperity of white peoples, and protect our culture[…]for future generations

Europe, unite !