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The Illuminati Power Soul Fusion Ritual Chalice is from our Master collection! It's a one-of-a-kind offering and was enchanted with hundreds of Sacred Illuminati Rituals over the years.

Would you like to see, hear and communicate with supernatural entities?

Would you like to gain absolute mastery over supernatural forces and powers?

Would you like to obtain the secrets of eternity and immortality?

Are you ready to possess forbidden ancient secrets and go deeper into the occult and the supernatural?

The Illuminati Chalice offered here is the key to these and to much more desires. It was enchanted by over 500,000 angels, demons, djinns and other entities, all these beings infused a part of their soul into this omnipotent chalice and with hundreds of rituals performed by Mystic Eliora and our Coven.

Just by touching this chalice will send energy energy wawes into your body, Holding it in your hands will create an eternal soul bond between you and ALL the spiritual entities, who enchanted this chalice and grant you Illuminati Powers. They will transfigure your mind, body and soul into an Illuminati God or Goddess and grant you eternal youth and immortality, limitless power and wishes and the secrets of life and death.

It can be used to perfectly invoke, evoke all these entities and open two-way communication between you and them to communicate and fulfill your desires.

They can grant you ANY DESIRE. Whatever you wish... Wealth, power, control over others, love, sex, protection, psychic powers, astral projection, ancient wisdom, magic power and much more.

We will include with this chalice an Illuminati Package, that contains various herbs, stones, candles, Illuminati relics and all these in a large vessel to keep them safe and empower them with Illuminati energies.

All REASONABLE offers are welcome. <listed at $9200>