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The 2019 Fundie Of The Year Awards - Voting! #announcement

The 2019 Fundie Of The Year Awards - Voting! #announcement

Hey Folks!

It's finally time to vote for the Fundies Of The Year 2019!

To vote, just copy the following list of categories, paste it into your comment field and fill in the blanks:

Virtual Ballot

Religious fundie of the year:
Wingnut of the year:
Moonbat of the year:
Conspiracy theorist of the year:
Racist of the year:
Ableist of the year:
Grifter award:
Mary Sue of the year:
Funniest quote:
Nightmare fuel of the year:
Magnetic Crank Award:
Board of the year:
Movement of the year:
Quote submitter of the year:
Commenter of the year:

I bolded the names of the quotees, use that to fill in your ballot. In cases where there's two quotes of the same author I marked them with (1) and (2).

I used a great deal of link embedding but fear not, ALL LINKS IN THIS POST GO TO SOME PAGE ON FSTDT. I want to encourage you to take a closer look before deciding.

Now, without further ado, here are the nominees!:

Fundies Of The Year:

* Religious Fundie Of The Year:

Lady Checkmate for her extreme censorship, troll paranoia and homophobia.

biblicalgenderroles for articles like “8 Biblical Differences Between Wives and Slaves”

Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari for praising the Qu’rans “mercifulness” in telling men not to hit their wives in the face when beating them.

Roosh V for completing his journey from PUA arsehole to fundie arsehole by embracing the “Godpill”

* Wingnut Of The Year:

Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel and Rabbi Giora Redler. The Rabbis for Hitler.

NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer for fighting for 10-year-old girls' rights to own assault rifles.

Some /pol/ posters for glorifying Nazi officer Oskar Dirlewanger.

SendixBunny for their dehumanising Pinochet apologism.

Monarchieliga, a German Monarchist Movement that wants to drag Germany back to the Middle Ages. Literally. If you're still doubting this, here's an excerpt: "Restoration of freedom of mind, thought and speech via the establishment of a strict censorship office that is part of the Imperial Church"

* Moonbat Of The Year:

EmmaRoseheart, who claims worldbuilding is colonialist and Science Fiction is an innately fascist genre.

Aimee Terese, for breaking through the glass ceiling and becoming FSTDT's first brocialist woman.

AmbiguousSalt, who thinks Social Democracy is a variety of fascism.

Korean Friendship Association USA for their apologism for Kim Il-Sung.

Georgiy, who made an uncomfortable discovery about his "king", Stalin.

amethystuf. "telling people not to smoke or drink alcohol while they’re pregnant is ableist and classist as fuck and it needs to stop".

* Conspiracy Theorist Of The Year:

Annie Jacobsen: Roswell was a plot to create US panic, orchestrated by Stalin and Mengele.

Jacob Wohl's "feminist conspiracy" theory about locking briefcases.

Deep State Exposed®: "Merry Christmas to Melania Trump. The 1st female First Lady In U.S. history. Thank you Jesus!!! #MerryChristmasEve"

* Racist Of The Year:

Incel Cuyen, who wants to get a "password" to Africa to sexually exploit Pigmy women.

Shlomo: Everyone and your dog is a Jew.

This n-mania user, for his blatant ignorance of biology.

* Ableist Of The Year:

Judith Newman, for exploiting her autistic son for her book, which includes her arguing for a forced vasectomy after he turns 18.

I like to also nominate Whitney Ellenby, a similar beast, who forced her son into a Sesame Street show.(I know the quote is technically from 2020, but eh.)

Nobodysfool999 for his sickening view on autistic people.

Various incels on Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva

Manly-Chicken for their denial of legitimate mental health problems.

Incel PM_ME_STRIPPERS, who "envies" disabled people for their alleged lack of sexual drive.

* Grifter Award (#mammon):

Sandra Porta for her offer to literally shit in the woods for a week for 450€.

Karin Tag of the Seraphim Institut, where you can Become a Crystal Skull Warden or just generally Buddha Your Life some.

Fostac AG, a Swiss woo company that basically openly admits to being a fraud.

Apotheke am Bahnhof for their ”Spagyrical Spray Protection against CHEMTRAIL”, sold at 15.35€ for 50 mL.

Melanie Missing for her 14 Unicorn Essences!

* Mary Sue Of The Year:

Tim Rifat, Master Magician.

Shifting SubliminalsHD, Dog Shifter.

Caamib for proudly portraying himself as a Villain Sue that makes incels look good in comparison.

Quotes Of The Year:

* Funniest Quote:

The quote that granted David J. Stewart(1) the honorary title of "Pillowfucker".

Anonymous, who thinks "Japanese girls have melanin receptors inside their vaginas".

Edo Nyland's bizarre crackpot "etymologies".

David J. Stewart(2) explains the Seven Elements of a Crime, which include lesser known ones such as See Also, References and External Links.

* Nightmare Fuel Award (most disturbing quote):

Caamib: "[Penetrating a 12-year-old girl] must be the most heavenly feeling on Earth. Like hot knife through a butter. Your dick must be in heaven”

Rand Paul: “I’m not arguing vaccines are a bad idea. I think they’re a good thing, but I think the parents should have some input. The state doesn’t own your children. Parents own the children, and it is an issue of freedom.”

Members of the Disciples of Jesus Christ sect, who whipped a nine-year-old boy to death.

This chilling account from the Hephzibah house involving child abusers Rev. Ronald E. Williams and Patti Williams.

Mikemikev aka Michael Coombs: "What's wrong with murdering innocent children if it's for a good cause? And it is a little bit funny."

* Magnetic Crank Award (Formerly Beyond The Trifecta):

Laura Eisenhower, the "Global Alchemist, Researcher and Intuitive Astrologist

Sherry Shriner, who takes a rather complicated way of saying "energy drinks make you gay".

Victor Justice's weird "Little Greta" screed.

Other Nominations:

* Board Of The Year:

Raping Gurlz Is Fun: The name says it all. Run by our special fiends, openly would-be incestous Paedo sickos Nathan "Leucosticte" Larson and Caamib.

The Daily Stormer: As long as it's still there, right?

* Movement Of The Year:

QAnon, which we didn't cover much, but when we did, oh boy...

German Right Wing Party AfD

Ohio Republicans for passing into law that facts don't matter in classrooms and ordering doctors to perform medically impossible procedures.

* Quote Submitter Of The Year:




* Comment Of The Year:

Passerby(1)'s takedown of Nathan Larson.

JustAlongForTheRide's dissection of CKR's 100 Truths.

Skidie(1), draining the swamp that is the police force.

Bastethotep's overview over Eukaryont systematics.

Skidie(2)'s rant addressing fschmidt.

Another one of Passerby(2)'s masterpieces.

And that's it! If you have questions send a message to me, SomeApe. Have fun voting!

The 2019 Fundie of the Year awards #announcement

The 2019 Fundie of the Year awards #announcement

It’s that time of year again: The 2019 FOTY awards. A special recognition for the most heinous, ridiculous, silly, and memorable quotes and sources of quotes for this year. As always, you need to make an account to vote.

pyro says the darndest things

Also, I just added the “Date…” thing because I knew you’d want it to make the process of finding quotes to nominate more practical. Sorry it took so long to add it back after the big redesign.

If you want to find David J Stewart quotes in January, for example, you’d run a David J Stewart search, then click Date…, then set “posts before” to January 31st and “posts after” to January 1st. The result would be https://fstdt.com/?before_date=2019-01-31&after_date=2019-01-01&q=David+J+Stewart

For the first step, we’re going to do a nomination round. To nominate a fundie for an award, leave a comment on this post saying who you want to nominate, and for what award, along with some justification (quote links, in particular). For example, if I wanted to nominate African Cichlids for the Best Fish award, I would write this:


[b]Best fish: African Cichlids[/b]

Because these fish are beautiful, and they can be raised in fresh-water tanks. Salt-water tanks are painful to maintain.



You can second someone else's recommendation by starring it.

Categories that don’t receive much attention will be culled, since they’re not much fun. I’d like to leave most of the categories up to the community, but we’re probably doing these ones:

Fundie of the year

* Religious #fundie of the year
* Right-wing #wingnut of the year
* Left-wing #moonbat of the year
* #conspiracy theorist of the year
* #racist of the year
* #sexist of the year

Quote of the year

* Funniest quote
* Most disturbing quote: formally referred to as “nightmare fuel”
* One-liner of the year: Two sentences and 280 characters max (you know, the length of a www.twitter.com post), ideally less
* Beyond the trifecta: best quote that falls under more than three #tags
* “HUH?!” of the year: For quotes that appear to be fundie based on a few key words, but what the poster actually intends to say is a mystery

Other nominations

* Board of the year: may be fundie, racist, conspiracy theory, etc.
* Movement of the year: “Grassroots” attempts like #WalkAway, It’s Okay to Be White, and Drop the T.
* Quote submitter of the year: Don’t nominate @pyro. I don’t submit nearly enough.
* Comment of the year: Please click the #12345 number to get a link to just the comment.
* Troll of the year: A special award for fundies that show up in the comment section. Don’t nominate @pyro. That kind of thing is only funny the first time.

Top Voted View #announcement

Top Voted View #announcement fstdt.com

Top Voted View:

Single page listing of Quote Details ordered by the vote value and limited by the Tag, Year and Month filters. Year and Month filters function off the Quote Date Posted.

Pretty simple here, which is probably why I'm compelled to check on a similar idea brought up in the comments. A view that filters dates not by the Date Posted, but by votes entered within the selected range. What I could do here would be Popular [tag here if there is one] quotes of [specified time range] pages. I'd need to do some building out again in terms of precalculated tables, but honestly I don't think it'd be all that bad to do. I'd just need to include updating the pre-calc table values in the voting updates and it'd be more or less ready to go if I plugged it into the procedures I already have and the interfaces the other pages will need.

But, there's one rather stupid problem with it that I see, if you don't select a date range it'll look exactly like the Top voted page. In fact I'm not particularly sure there'd be a notable difference. I'm going to look at it next time I'm in the system.

Balls balls balls #announcement

Balls balls balls #announcement

Had intended on doing a public announcement on getting work done and switch over, only I've blown half my fucking day trying to ahold of someone at my alternate webhost to pay them and get this bill out of my face. Now my wife is telling me she's found things saying the company is more or less dead after acquisition and all of it's employees fired a week ago. Which would all explain quite clearly why in the balls I didn't get my "Hey pay us" email a week ago.

So yeah, don't host with arvixe right now. Probably never again, this is disgraceful.

See Distind tweet for the third time ever!

Warning, edit rant inbound.

ONE FUCKING MINUTE, I SPENT TWO FUCKING HOURS ON THE PHONE AND THE FUCKERS TAKE ONE FUCKING MINTUTE TO RESPOND... now the wait for someone to actually do something. Seriously, I edited this and they'd responded.

Further edit confusion:
Five minutes after the twitter complaint I've got a response to my ticket. I think I'm officially into twitter now. Here's to hoping it actually works. Also holy shit it's horrible this is what it takes to get service, I've hit literally every real access point they have, it takes bitching publicly on my clearly highly followed, rated and prized twitter account to actually get a response.

Be a bit #announcement

Be a bit #announcement fstdt.com

Going to be rather quiet for a bit as the work I have to do is largely grunt work on things I've already mentioned. Might do some bitching about things that annoy me or sing the praises of D&D's 5th edition to fill space, but site wise not a lot for a while. Beyond just having grunt work to do, I also have a major project at work that uses a lot of the same technology, so I'm more focused on what gets me paid than what makes managing this place easier. However, knowing what the hell I'm doing ought to make sure what comes out of the site re-working is considerably better than it otherwise would have been.

Humpday #announcement

Humpday #announcement fstdt.com

Alright, today's goals are reasonably simple, get Public admin working, then look at quote rating voting. I think what I'm going to do is get a basic mechanic working now, and pile on ajax versions later. If I have spare time today I'm going to work on User Management and do some cleaning on the existing code. Assuming I finish this today the rest is improvements and admin functionality. Which is the easy shit since it all ties back into display mechanics I already have and 90% of the work is SQL that I can rattle off quickly.

That said, it does look like I'll have some work to do after the week is said and done. But this stuff looks manageable in shorter periods of time rather than being the kind of things I actually need a day for.

Back to work #announcement

Back to work #announcement fstdt.com

Right, said I was going to post one of these each day. Well, I'm moving on to the vote counting part of the system which has some interesting bits, and aiming to get the user admin stuff done by the end of the day. I hope folks check out the preview build of the site that's out live, but right now let's talk about the vote system and old abuses.

If you look at the archives 2008 looks like a banner year, right? Maybe? Not exactly. The software that was in use at that point was kinda ass and someone more or less hijacked the public admin voting and the top 100 voting to organize the site as they wished by exploiting a few loopholes. I hacked closed the loopholes, booted the responsible party and recalculated the top 100. It was a pain in the ass and rather embarrassing that I only caught on when the top 100 had the top 5 items separated by single digit votes.

That's not going to happen again. The new voting systems are designed to ensure that it is not possible to vote more than once, like literally I cannot record more than one vote from a given IP on an account. But how does that stop them from running up the value and not being recorded? Simple, I'm not incrementing on vote, I'm counting up all the stored votes and re generating the score when a new vote is added. I've finished the public admin voting system yesterday and pretty much need user admin working before I can open it up publicly, and there's a thing with login not triggering or redirecting properly that I need to sort out before it's usable. But, what's important here is the design works and I'm already largely done with the ass end of the public rating voting, it's a matter of getting the front and middle parts working and hopefully deployed sometime this weekend for you all to abuse.

On a note, anyone have opinions on changing the Vote tags from "WTF!" and "meh"? I still like them a bit, but simple up and down or + and - seem more intuitive. Or does the content of the site lend itself to those reactions?

Anyway, assuming I get user admin done today I'm going to say it was good 30 hours of work on the site this week and screw off tomorrow, maybe doing a bit more this weekend, but I have some things going on. That said, I do have another week of vacation and no significant plans. Sure as hell won't be spending another full week on the site, but I should have plenty of time to get things handled, particularly with the help volunteers who have stepped up to take over the place.

.NET Community #announcement

.NET Community #announcement fstdt.com

Well, good news for myself and any other hobby programmers, Visual Studio has released a community edition of it's current tools! What does that mean? I means no more fucking express versions which involve four installs to have full functionality. It goes along with their opening of .NET's source and their preview of the next version of Visual studio they're working on.

What that means, I don't have to pay $50 a month to do competent dev work on the site. I'm still hung up for the rest of this month and it takes about four hours to install, but it means I will be reasonably happy with the tools I'm using. If anyone else out there want to tool around with it now's a great time to start. Let's hear it for dragging your feet folks, wait long enough and what you want may just happen.

Or you spend your live yearning for something that never happens. But this time it worked.

After all that #announcement

After all that #announcement fstdt.com

Rolling along with some parallel projects at work. I have the basics of the current iteration of .NET Identity working, and frankly don't need half the additional features at work, so I'm going to use that knowledge to build out the fuller version for the site including registration, password recovery and basic user functionality as I have time. Which should let me give people public admin access to see what I have, and then blow time on some admin interfaces before coming back around to do the interface cleaning. Depending on what time I have when I'll be in and out with updates.

That said, I have something resembling a personal life which is making this rather difficult to focus on so I'm glad I'm down to more bite sized chunks.

Stuff getting done #announcement

Stuff getting done #announcement fstdt.com

Sorry for going quiet, been sick and not getting much done anywhere.

That said, making up for quite a bit today. Links now actually go to things, found an unexpected pain in my ass to clean up there. Have Standard, Random, Latest Comment and Top displays functioning no problems. Still need to do the pager, but I want to clean up my stupidity based issue before I bother with them.

Going to come back to what I have again tomorrow to make up for lost time after spending a while thinking on the problem and how to best integrate the pager data into the rest of my back end data.

In utterly unproductive news, I've found War Thunder. TANKS! Absurdly realistic damage model tanks. It's free and I've been having a good bit of fun when I was able to stop hacking. If anyone else is into it let me know, could use some folks to pal around with while I go tank hunting.

fixed #announcement

fixed #announcement

I think I got a fix in place for the login issues. Let's cross our fingers and pray to the web.config gods that it works.

Edit: I am tentatively calling this "fixed." If you are reading this, post a comment letting me know if your login is "sticking" now or not.

Had to start some time. #announcement

Had to start some time. #announcement fstdt.com

Moving along, I have the first stages of the fundies together and... well, it'll mostly be quote of the year as the remaining categories are frankly predictable. If you have new category ideas let's hear them. But there are some nice quotes and I have a slightly different idea than usual I'll roll out and we can see how that goes.

Working with the preview site host, got my money back and will be closing that account before much longer. Sorry to cut it off, but next version will be elsewhere, with a few updates when I get the time.

If you have any nominations, throw them in the comments.

Inaugural thing of unknown time periods #announcement

Inaugural thing of unknown time periods #announcement fstdt.com

And the first "Comment of the Ambiguous Time Period".

Dionysus has been having some fun with one of today's quotes from Today Christian here:

I've been snickering at his first answer for a while now. Good read for anyone who needs a laugh out of this place. Plenty of other good ones in there too, but nothing else has stuck with me quite so long.

Nominations Review #announcement

Nominations Review #announcement fstdt.com

Nominations are up for review in the subreddit!

This isn't voting yet, this is me taking a pass through and seeing if I have a decent enough set of nominations for voting. I'm a bit behind so I'm only going to leave them open to review this week.

I've also got to figure out how I want to handle voting, I've done custom text parsing in the past, but I also didn't have this many items to vote on then. May do something a tad strange unless I find a good poll site. Anyway, take a look at the nominations, yell out any good ones that haven't made it under the categories, and hope to see you guys over there.

Random Quotes #announcement

Random Quotes #announcement fstdt.com

Random Quotes View:

Consists of a Listing of Quote Details as described previously without the 'Read On From This Point Link'. This listing is ordered randomly from all quotes allowed by the filters.

Filters work almost the same as the default listing, but in this case there are no pages. There is a single page of Quotes pulled at random from all quotes matching the defined filters. If a tag is selected only quotes from that tag will be displayed, for year only quotes from that year, for month only quotes matching both that year and that month. These can all be used in conjunction with each other to make as broad or as limited a random pool as possible.

So, all over everything random pages will be back, all new ability to get random quotes from given years, and with further ability to pick from any of the defined tags which I'll be revisting once I have the basics together. Unless I get creative though I can't support the "Read On From this Point link" on the random page, otherwise it's not exactly random since I'd need to be able to pull the same random page twice. It's possible, but unless demand is there I'm not going for it.

Searching Again #announcement

Searching Again #announcement fstdt.com

So I have a much more solid idea of what needs to be done for the search since I've been actively playing with the mechanics involved. I've found something suprising, it actually works better than I expected.

Say I search for David J. Stewart. The new functionality I'm using would find that term, or David J Stewart or David Jay Stewart. The new search functionality i'm looking at has some built in thesaurus comparisons it will make, while it won't automatically look for everything starting with a J, it will look for anything that actually sounds like J. And this is all accomplished using one of the simpler syntax possiblities.

Which brings me into the next part, the differences between what I can do and what I probably should. This is the definitions for the term I'm using, you may note it's a tad complicated and well it gets a whole lot worse with more search terms. If I took the time and had the knowledge I could setup all kinds of potentially useful syntax to the search page. Except I'm a lazy git despite having changed the name of this little bloggy bit.

What I'm most likely going to do is setup the search interface so that the given search parameters are handled appropriately based on the type. Which is harder said than done. For instance that David J. Stewart example above has some problems depending on the syntax used, if I search for all three parts of that separately by sending in '"David" AND "J" AND "Stewart"' into the contains function, so it will try to find each word in the author field, it returns nothing. Still figuring out why, but if I just search david and stewart it returns everything, this was a few hours of my week. But oddly enough, if I send in '"David J Stewart"' I get the results I mentioned above, where it checks thesauruses and is generally really bloody useful.

But there's still a catch there, all that nice functionality, yeah it involves very carefully deciding how something is searched. When I send it all in wrapped in "" it's looked for as phrase, fine for authors or sources, maybe even URLs, but completely useless for searching the content of quotes. Wait, it gets even better, this search relies on full word matches unless explicitly told what it is receiving is a prefix, and then requires that it MUST be a prefix or nothing will be found. Send in Test* and you get back Testing but not Test. Which has all been fun to play with, but frustrating to figure out how to really implement.

What I could do right now is just always assume people are searching for phrases, but I know that's not true. I do keyword searches regularly and I know a few others did back when search worked reliably. What I need to do is figure out how I'm going to parse what is received in a quote or comment search and best instruct the search engine to handle it. I doubt people want to have to figure out this syntax for themselves, so I'm going to do what I can to simplify it a bit and take care of assumptions. This is my project for the next few days, and I'll poke my head back up when I have something to mention.

Organization #announcement

Organization #announcement fstdt.com

Organizing! I'm working on it now, I've sent out emails to those who have them on their accounts here and none of them looked particularly disposable, but, if you don't have access to the email you registered with or just generally don't even have an account email me at Volunteers@fstdt.net

Let me know who you are and I'll fire off the community details I'm getting together.

What the balls is this about? Well check out this post for more. If anyone else is interested in volunteering I'll happily add you to the list.

OMG #announcement

OMG #announcement forums.fstdt.net


http://forums.fstdt.net/ !!

FQA is merging back with with us and will be the FSTDT forums again! It'll take us a few days, but we're making this happen, When everything is ironed out, I'll be adding a forums link back to the top of this page. Contacting whoever owns the Reddit now and telling them we don't want it anymore, if none of you object to that.

In other news, I've got stack trace error pages back on. Stack traces basically say what code was being executed and what was stored in relevant memory locations at the time an error happened. Useful for figuring out what happened and fixing it if necessary. So if you catch an error, do kindly select everything on the error page and copy it, then paste it in an email and shoot it my way at admin@fstdt.org I will very much appreciate it. For a while, I had the server and FSTDT code set up to set up to automatically email me stack traces, but that got annoying real quick and was sending me stack traces frivolously.

[aside](Yes, I double checked to make sure I didn't compile a debug build of the code. That would flood me with even more frequent and detailed errors, and the debug symbols used to provide this extra information slow down performance pretty heavily. The FSTDT code running on the server now is a Release build with stack traces in enabled, something admittedly unusual but it is useful and worth the slight hit to performance.)[/aside]

Actual Developments #announcement

Actual Developments #announcement fstdt.com

Alright, I've largely settled into the backend needs and high level design for most of the site so it's time to do a check on another suggestion. Making the site open source, I'm not opposed to this, but as with the community articles I would want at least some commitment before I post the code somewhere. Heartbleed and other recent issues should highlight some of the issues with open source, but frankly there's about three places that need security on the site and I'd take all the help I can get with anti-spam and other measures. So, if I get some hands up from people who are already familiar with the tech I'll do the extra setup involved, otherwise I'll get cracking in about two weeks.

Backend Tech I'm talking about, C#, MSSQL, most likely featuring entity framework, MVC and Linq. Honestly the last three are resume padding and not that difficult to get your mind around, so the using C# for web development and MSSQL would be helpful backend. Frontend is most likely going to be jQuery with some more recent CSS and HTML. Very much open to UI design suggestions even if you don't know your ass from your elbow in terms of website design, but I have a core of ideas to work.

The other big decision I'll need to make prior to putting the new site anywhere live is the host. I have a contender but I'm still wide open to suggestion. I'd need .Net hosting for asp.net 4.5 and MVC, a few gigs of available database space and a significant amount of bandwidth. Let me know if anyone has good or bad experiences with a given host.

As a note, I'm going to be a tad busy the next two weeks so I likely won't have time to do another post till after the 4th. But when I do it'll involve something to do with actual development of the site.

Little things #announcement

Little things #announcement fstdt.com

Been rather busy, but have two thoughts to bounce off folks.

I'd mentioned a header with access to the existing pages and few other bits of functionality. Well, the one big bit in my mind would be keeping current archive prominent on all pages, as well as allowing people to change archive at any given time and remain on the same page. All seems reasonably useful. Well, the recent fix to the Random page brought up at least one point where people like to see quotes mixed together, so I'm very seriously considering an 'all archives' selection. Perhaps even making it the default instead of fundies. Thoughts on what the default should be?

Public admin and the handling of new quotes has been another issue that's come up and it occurred to me there's a pretty simple answer I could build into the new system since it allows for voting on 100% of quotes. As soon as any quote hits the approval threshold it's shunted into one of two categories, either approved or final admin. Final admin only applying to records which have noted issues on them and everything else appears on the main page immediately after the last vote to approve. With enough people in the admin queue it'd drastically reduce wait times and the work I have to do to keep the site running. If anyone sees a hole in it let me know before I get my hopes up. Only big difference I can think of is that quotes would appear throughout the day rather than a whole bunch once a day.

Lastly, I've seen some off hand complaints about the submission page, but nothing specific. It's my next thing to poke at design wise, so I'd love to have some detailed feed back on what people do or don't like about the current submission system.

Paranoid all over again #announcement

Paranoid all over again #announcement kickstarter.com

Hey folks, another bad weekend for work on the site. Big pile of hobby material and a new CIV game have arrived, my wife will be lucky to see me. That said, I have something that just started folks might be interested in. Should be getting back on track next weekend, particularly as a great deal of vacation time to blow before the end of the year.

Paranoia Kickstarter! I posted the bundle of old material a while back and just caught wind of this kickstarter. I'm seriously considering backing it, but remembering the conversion from pounds to dollars is a tad painful. Still, 30 pounds for a box set of one of the more interesting games I've ever come across may well be worth it. If not 10 for a PDF copy of the rules will be. Given it's already funded I'm far from alone in that thought.

Much better #announcement

Much better #announcement fstdt.com

I've been pounding away at formatting and I think I have something reasonable, and something else that might be better if I can get the fine tuning done. As such I have two mock ups for you guys:

The first is very much like what we have now, with a bit nicer styling

The second has some re-arranging done in an attempt to waste less vertical screen space per quote

I'm still not happy with where I have the Quote ID on this second one one, but both could use some nicer looking filters(long term goal) and would have tags inserted directly under the 'submitted by' portion of the quote. The one thing I want to work on is the fundie index, it's nice but wastes a fair bit of space for such a short line. So I've been looking at replacing the WTF and meh with some other smaller indicators and merging it into the comment count line. Not sure about the results. As always thoughts are welcome.

On a complete side note, if there are any Freddy fans out there looking for a blue ray release, best buy has the full collection at 20 bucks off, down to 30 bucks for seven movies(it doesn't have Freddy vs Jason). Freddy, the discount horror villain. Been enjoying that.

Quote Comment View #announcement

Quote Comment View #announcement fstdt.com

Quote Comments View:

This view will contain the Quote Details of a single specified Quote, a Comment link for that quote and a paged listing of the Comment Details for this quote. Comment Details will include, Comment Text, Comment Author, Comment ID, along with a Reply link for each comment.

Entering a new comment will be done through a separate interface the user is taken to once they click a 'Comment' or 'Reply' link. If you use the Quote comment link you will be presented with a summation of the quote and entry fields for Author and Comment Text, if you are signed in Author will be filled in for you and disabled, if you have entered an Author previously on an unauthenticated session then the previously used Author name will be pre-populated and available for editing.

Once submitted the Comment interface will either close or redirect you to either the last page of comments available for the quote or if you replied to a comment it will take you back to that comment.

Now, with all of this I have to admit one thing. I'm still quite torn on how to submit comments. I know damn well I don't want it to be the part of the page it currently is due to the multi-post problem, but I don't know if I want to do it as an AJAX panel that pops up and submits itself or if I want to take folks to a new page, or just pop a new page that has the comment interface. Right now I'm leaning towards a separate page just because it's easiest to handle, my wife's telling me I should at least have that separate page even if the AJAX bit comes into play later.

I also want to know what you guys think about getting bounced around after submitting a quote. I'm pretty sure our lurker types would want to be taken to the newest quote, but I know some folks reply to something midstream and probably wouldn't want to be taken to the last page. So what I've posted above is intended to attempt to satisfy both groups. If you think your group isn't addressed or think the other groups suck and should be ignored give me some comments on what you think the page should look like.

Next post will be this weekend and another one where I'm looking for serious feedback, I'm going to take a few stabs at mocking up a new layout. How does everyone feel about rounded corners?

It's no longer Monday #announcement

It's no longer Monday #announcement fstdt.com

Alright, sorry about the delay on the quotes had a real Monday. This last one was impressive so I figure it's a good place to hold till tomorrow morning.

Dev work has moved right along, I have a few finer points to decide to run with or scrap before launching anything but both quote and comment pages work. Which is a good place to start when the site consists of only those things.

What I need to do other than the fine points, get hosting setup, get the database setup, get the data transfer to the database and make sure nothing explodes when I try to combine everything on the server. Odds are this is going to lag a bit beyond this weekend, as unless the paging on tags issue clears up I have some shit to deal with before I want to launch it as I don't want to annoy my host within the first day with a few dozen hung page requests.

Atheir than thou #announcement

Atheir than thou #announcement fstdt.com

Alright, so it's entirely too hot in my sweatbox apartment to deal with coding. But it's the perfect time to park my ass in front of my Air Conditioner and do some reading. For a while now I've been doing some rounds reading various atheist view points and philosophy, I've found I like Sagan and find Harris mildly infuriating. But I've blown through most of the high profile stuff and wonder if you guys have any suggestions on good atheist reading. The only big book I know of that I haven't read is the God Delusion, and that's mostly because I swear my wife bought a copy and I can't find it. Is it worth re buying to read it? Any suggestions for other reading?

I definitely suggest "The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark" by Carl Sagan to anyone interested in such reading. It hits most of the high points without being a prick or back peddling.

The joy of RowNumber #announcement

The joy of RowNumber #announcement fstdt.com

Poking at the database and having a bit of fun if I'm honest. Over the years I've refined the paging code pretty well, but it still involved more work than it absolutely needed too. To make a page it had to go in, figure out how many Comments there were, what order they belonged in, which page of them we wanted and then pull the data out for the page. Still, plenty fast enough and anything more in depth would require a considerable bit of house cleaning to keep it up, because I'd have to make a note of which page the quote belonged on and keep that notation updated or we'd wind up with odd numbers of comments on pages and bad quote counts.

I figured I'd test and make sure it's worth doing, turns out having the page numbers pre-generated is about five times faster. Even when I'm actually saying I want Quote X's Comments 1-20 rather than specifying a page. So by taking the time to rebuild the site so that it generates and updates these numbers not only should it run faster, I should be able to let people select how many comments they pull per page with relatively little system impact. Within reason.

Now I just need to decide if it's worth blowing an extra half a gig of space to have the absurdly fast index on the table that contains all the relevant data for quote comment pages, or if I do the one that is just really fast and is about 3 megs. But the little one would stand up to user comment modifications better and the index generates in about 5 seconds rather than the two minutes it takes to generate the larger one. Either way, they're both faster and easier to understand than what's running now. They just take more work ahead of time.

Specific details for this, on the current site I'm using RowNumber to generate the row numbers that are used to create pages now. What I intened on doing instead is actually tracking the row number as part of the comment, and for history's sake I'll be using RowNumber(Partion By QuoteID OrderBy ID) which generates exactly what I need, a number of 1-total comment count on a per quote basis and storing those details while all new ones would be generated along with the comment after release. Then when it comes to actually pulling the page all I need to do is say which Quote and what range of Row Numbers I want for a page, which with the right index means it works fast as hell. If anyone's interested I'll go into more detail on the indexes later.

Logins #announcement

Logins #announcement fstdt.com

Looking into login mechanics found an interesting set of options for me, I can either go whole hog with .net Identity or implement the entire thing in 4 lines of code. But if I use .net Identity I would have most of the user admin functionally together and could allow people to use facebook or twitter log ins, which may be the stupidest thing I've ever considered around here, or it might be mildly interesting to people. Effectively any Open ID login could be used if I set it up properly, if anyone is interested let me know, otherwise I'm going to take the short way around and implement the user admin stuff based on code I already have.

Right now I'm working on BBCode handling and getting a pager together. With those I'll be at the point I could put a sample site out there for people to try and break. Even if it doesn't have user functionality.

Oldies #announcement

Oldies #announcement fstdt.com

I have a few features I said were coming ages ago which I want to see if anyone still cares about. If you have any particular interest in the following vote the post up and if it's a single item on the list mention it in the comments:

* Quote Submission Tracking
** See what your Quote status is
** Possibly get notifications through email of approval
* Submitted quote management
** Manage submitter display
** Claim quote submitted under your email
* Marking Favorites
** Creating your own personal archive

None of these would tie up Tag implementation any longer than it's already going to be. Which I'll start running through the details of next week once I finish off the reworking of the search function this weekend.

Votes are up #announcement

Votes are up #announcement fstdt.com

Hey folks, Voting results are up on the subreddit go ahead and check them out.

Working on a few thoughts on improving the process since there's been some question on if the best quotes got in, but per rating and then voting these are our winners for this year.

Community Expectations #announcement

Community Expectations #announcement fstdt.com

I've been watching some internet stupidity again and it reminds me I wanted to use this place as a bit of a reminder that I do try to hold the locals to some kind of standard.

I don't have a lot of rules. Two really. Don't spam the comments, don't harass those who are quoted. That's not terribly difficult in my estimation, even if it may be somewhat difficult not to charge off and bitch at Ray Comfort or someone from time to time. Lately I've watched the kind of crap that unsourced accusations can generate and it's kept me more diligent than usual in checking quote sources. If someone really said something that dumb, terrifying or amusing we can take some time to point and laugh here, but I ask that is where we leave it when dealing with individuals. We've had some problems with that in the past, and I still work to deal with a few of those problems on a regular basis.

Now, actual activism where people do real work to change the things that lead to the comments we get here, that's a different bird. I would be happy to help advertise or coordinate such things with whatever bit of focus I may have here. That's a legitimate goal with productive means. If you're into that let me know and I'll do what I can to help.

As for my progress on the site, going better than I expected. Writing up the analysis of the indexes gave me a few useful ideas for how to handle the quotes and filters, as it sits we're looking at something about three times faster than the current site for quote access and I should be able to allow for the filters to be used on the specialized pages. Meaning you could pull the fundie top 100 of 2014 if you wanted, or the top 100 of everything regardless of tags all time. Ought to be nice.

Moving Merch #announcement

Moving Merch #announcement fstdt.com

Hey folks, largely finished with that moving business finally. AC is wonderful, now I just need to figure out what to do with a dozen empty totes and I've got some shit to sell.

While I was moving a few ideas were floated for new Archive Icons and I want folks opinions. I've never really come up with anything better than Shotgun Jesus, but I have someone who is interested in doing a redraw of it at some point, which got us to talking about the others. CSTDT, I think we have a good one, an alien, wearing a tinfoil hat, while hosting a radio show. I think this is gold, better than what we have gold, and the artist is interested as well. RSTDT I have something to float but it's an old in joke and I'm still trying to make it work, a neo-Nazi singing I feel pretty. I'd need an iconic image from the musical to pull it off, but it's my favorite idea so far.

Anyone have opinions or thoughts? Assuming I get this done it would make fundie merch possible.

Filters and Archive Binge Enabling #announcement

Filters and Archive Binge Enabling #announcement fstdt.com

My focus the last few weeks has been cleaning up exactly how the quotes will be handled in the archives and how to best relay that information to the user. Typically my work is designed for people who I don't have the slightest clue what they'll want day to day, but here it's a tad different. Far as I see it we have three user groups, those who are just keeping up with quotes, those in wholesale archive binges working through the archives and those that use the specialized pages to check quotes at more or less random. Which leaves me with very different requirements than the free form style I'm used to.

What I'm thinking is rather simple, a filter set with three selections Tag, Year and Month. Technically Year and month would function as a single selection, defining months like the current archive structure does to limit server overhead. However, knowing the current filter selections would make it very simple for me to allow for jumping from one month to the next while making it perfectly clear what has been done. I've already discussed the tag selection, but if you only wanted to see one particular variety of quote as defined by the tags you could select it along with the month and year and cruise right along.

My other options for the filter selections are either far more complicated or less user friendly. I will be looking into multiple tag selection in terms of performance(I have something that works in theory, practice is a different beast) in the future. The less friendly part would be allowing for user defined date ranges, if for some reason you had a desire to select random days, weeks, months or hours out of the archives of FSTDT, I could totally make that happen. But I wouldn't be able to do any of the nicer "Here's your next set of archives" functionality as the selections allowed would be arbitrary. Call me on it if you think I'm wrong.

But, all said, when you first reach a page from the site index it will have no date selected, so it will show a page with the most recent records for the given tags(or no tags at all) and the dates will only be assigned on the second page you navigate to. So, no more blank of the month. I just need to figure out how to keep from repeating quotes on the second page during the month cross over.

So I'm rather happy with that and will be pounding on the functionality this weekend. But I've had one other thought, would people be interested in a "You where here" link that takes them back to the same place they were viewing in the archives, setting either something at the account level that lets you jump back to place, or generate a copyable link to do the same?

Jack could be our chaplain #announcement

Jack could be our chaplain #announcement fstdt.com

Mid week thought, I'm rather fond of the image I've used for DSTDT on the main page and part of me thinks it embodies a fair bit of the site. Which makes me want to ask what others think of the idea of using it was the FSTDT logo.

Humor, religion, bit of madness to it. I just like it.

Perhaps more importantly, I believe I can actually secure the rights to the original and might get myself a shirt made even if no one else wants one.

As to the classic shotgun Jesus, I love it, I've found higher quality versions of it that attribute it to a Mustafa(or something along those lines, found it ages ago), but I've never been able to track it to an origin point. Without the artists permission I'm unwilling to merch it in anyway, so if anyone knows who it was let me know. Would love to get a hold of them.

Coding is coming #announcement

Coding is coming #announcement fstdt.com

Evening folks, thought I should announce I'm going to be a bit more active next week as I've taken next week off to work on the site. My intention right now is to make a post in the morning with my todo list for the day and mark things off as I complete them. So, after getting off my ass and delivering the wife to work I'll make a post and get on my merry-ish way getting the site upgrades done. That said, I've been doing some work this week already to give myself some basis to star with and assuming I don't end my day in a complete shit place I'll be updating FSTDT.org with any changes I make. Right now I have a list of core features which I'll detail as I'm working on them. Once I have those done, I'm taking a slacker day, I took a week's vacation for fuck's sake. Assuming I have some time left after that I'll be back with some of the more requested options I've had on the backburner, or get requested here.

I will note, I'm still watching the volunteers email and had someone volunteer this morning. I'm debating cutting it off, but I honestly don't see the point. If you want to help, hit that email.

Quick #announcement

Quick #announcement fstdt.com

Ok, been busier than I guessed so my search details are sitting here in a jumbled notepad file. But I do have something to say.

FSTDT is not a news aggregator. It does not need full news articles submitted to it. In fact posting these articles is a remarkably bad idea as there is legal precedent(set against FreeRepublic of all places) saying doing so is grounds for various types of infringement. It's one thing to quote people who have posted something, or even parts of an article that are specifically quotable, but the entire thing is just not what should be submitted. We link to the whole thing so people can read it while we give them the mind bending parts.

I may look at setting up a place where people could share related links without submitting quotes, but at the moment this isn't that place and I don't have one to recommend off hand.

Tags #announcement

Tags #announcement fstdt.com

Number one request right now is tags, which has been for quite some time. Which has the slight problem of directly conflicting with how the archive displays work right now. All of the displays on the site take advantage of ASP.NET databinding, which most simply translates as one row of data is one row on the display. When a page of the archive is called up the site goes and gets a set of quotes as rows in a table, each row is one displayed quote consisting of a number of set fields that always exist.

With tags I don't have a set number of fields. I have however many tags as I need to apply to the quote. Which is rather simple to track in the database, but the current display mechanism simply doesn't support it. There are a number of methods I could use to attempt and integrate into the existing display mechanism but it would violate the only worthwhile principle built into the code to do so and create more problems in doing any further modifications later.

That said, in the last four years I've dealt with this kind of problem a number of times elsewhere and have some reasonably solid solutions that could function, if I completely re-write the core mechanisms of the site. At which point I may as well overhaul the entire thing, keeping the handful of things that really do work well and drag the site into some semblance of modern interface design while I'm at it.

Which is pretty much what I plan to do as I snag a few more books on subjects I'm less familiar with than core applications development. Over the next few weeks I'm going to start working out exactly what I can implement in a reasonable time frame and what I can't and lob out questions on just what people are interested in seeing but for today I'm going to start with the details of what people want to see from tags.

Should tags be relatively simple, relating to any aspect of a quote, or should we have sets of tags relevant to who's being quoted and what the quote is about? Beyond that, just what set of tags would be sufficient to cover the quotes as we have them? I've watched what happens with open tag creation, and the merging and hacking of tags that goes on, so I'd much rather have a defined set of them to select from. But too large a set and they're difficult to use, too small a set and they don't cover much.

What are people's opinions on tag handling? What tags would you want to see?

Public Annoucement #announcement

Public Annoucement #announcement fstdt.com

(Edit: New Post on Volunteering read if you want in)

Alright folks, I'm looking for people to replace me and make sure the site keeps going now since I'm not hanging around for too much longer. Frankly there's a lot to do and I've neglected a fair bit of it for the sake of personal life and it hasn't done the site any good.

I figure a team of people would do a better job and make one person leaving a little less traumatic. If you want to help but aren't sure how, here's the kind of people involved in keeping the site:

* Who's paying the domain name and hosting charges. Hosting runs about ten bucks a month, registering the .com domain name is 10.29 a year and .net is 12.08 a year.
* I'll help you out with domain registration and have a few recommendations for hosting(including NOT arvixe)
* As a note, the site has never turned a profit and donations don't often make a dent in hosting costs, be prepared to pay the lot of that.

* This is what scares most people, working with the code and doing work to improve the site's speed and functionality.
* We've got a volunteer for this already, but if you're interested offer up, more eyes is better.

Quote Admin
* Take the time to curate quotes, this means you approve them, make corrections and generally keep up the quality of what's sent to the main page

Quote Volunteer
* Vote on which quotes will make it to the main page and help catalog things that need to be corrected.

Community Manager
* Spam hunting mostly, you skim comments for spam and excessive trolling
* Read and respond to Admin email, let developer or quote admin know about issues outside your scope.

Odds are you could take a few of these, but doing all of it is pretty pain in the ass.

I'm not going to ask too much from those who pick up the site after me, all I'm going to ask is whoever winds up with the rights to the domain name itself makes sure it moves on to someone else when they move on from the place.

What else I will do is work on finishing up the code for the new revision of the site(soon as I get the host for it straightened out). Either by myself or in concert with any new volunteers. I'll follow up with what needs to be done if folks are interested.

Busy #announcement

Busy #announcement

Oi, work is kicking my ass these days so little progress. That said I posted something that feedback really does matter on the last day off the month because I apparently forgot how the site works. Find it here: http://fstdt.net/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=102483

And be assured that I now entirely agree with the people who aren't fond of the month based setup we have right now.

Interesting wake up call #announcement

Interesting wake up call #announcement fstdt.com

Ok, that was unexpected.

Apparently white supremacy asian porno tumblr accounts are a thing and we've had a few submissions. Someone was trawling through them and had some bad links, which lead me to trying to hunt down the actual posts, only to get a slight surprise after reading about Asian women who refuse to date Asian men.

Which leaves me with two questions, what level of pornographic content should I start finding ways to flag(and trust me some of this ranks up there) and exactly what does it take to start filing someone under racist when they're rattling off experiences with their own race? I'm leaning toward having warnings in context links for now and adding tags for it in the new version of the site, the rest I'm not sure I want to touch.


is shy's cat

'ere we go! #announcement

'ere we go! #announcement

NOTE: Comments are locked here because party's moved on over to this thread!


Turn over is in progress! I'm working out some kinks before handing everything over completely, but the majority of things have gone well.

I'm having some fun with the comments, and domains will most likely take a bit of time. But we're here, yell at Shy already.



...and turnover complete! Shy/Ravy 2016 is here! If you find any outstanding bugs, post the details here. (When you get an error, ignore the e-mail instructions for now; I haven't gotten the new Admin e-mail set up yet.)


Fist of Jesus #announcement #fundie

Fist of Jesus #announcement #fundie store.steampowered.com

Didn't think I'd have anything amusing to post this week, then I checked steam.

I give you Fist of Jesus. Now on Steam.

Haven't played it, but I HAVE looked at the discussion boards. Which features such great threads as:

Game should be banned and the Devs should be ashamed

Report this game as hate speech on the store page

These Sort of Games Just Need to Die

Remove this racist game from steam!

And last but certainly not least, Excellent game, looks to be true to the fictional source material

This is clearly oppression in action people. Clearly, I am not sitting here snickering furiously or anything.

Edit: Oh, game play video

Modernizing #announcement

Modernizing #announcement fstdt.com

The major aspect lacking from the last Development post was the complete lack of interface styling, and I want to make sure my opinions aren't off base.

I'm not particularly fond of some modern interface design, I think the strengths of what the site has lie largely in the simplicity of the layout and the fact it'll use the majority of the screen space it's allotted. After buzzing over a fair number of interfaces I'm seeing a lot of overly complicated designs that result in significant waste of screen space once you're past the menu and/or ads. Another bit I don't see the point in is the endless scroll interfaces, I get that people don't always want to click pages, but we have some massive archives and I'd much rather keep my place in them as I read through. So unless someone tells me otherwise I'm going to say the general layout is more or less acceptable and what the site needs is a general application of style and perhaps some tie-in functionality.

That tie-in functionality is where I'm most interested in looking right now. Things like a proper Archive and User header added to the site, along with a nicer styling of the existing menu. Still up top, out of the way, and not wasting massive amounts of screen space, but actually telling people what part of the site they're on and who they're logged in as. Another rather common bit of functionality I've seen and debated is the "repost this elsewhere" link set many blog/quote sites have, hit a button and repost/link to the material on any of a number of services. If people think they'd find it useful it's something I'd work in.

But, I do have one massive exception to my 'same layout' theory. Making comments, some way or another I will be finding a way to disassociate this completely from the page refresh. Right now I'm thinking a nice little pop up panel from a reply option that's processed asynchronously. What's that mean in normal people speak? You can hit refresh without double posting. One of my key goals, and frankly not that hard so long as I don't use any of what currently exists.

What would people like to see added to the site in such a capacity? Am I wrong on hating endless scroll? Let me know what you think. Also, yes I am skipping out on writing up submission guide lines, I'll do that this weekend.

This happens a lot #announcement

This happens a lot #announcement fstdt.com

So, fucked around with the described layout for a fair part of the weekend and discovered something. I hate it. It sounds decent in theory, but it's not half as readable or focused as what we have now.

Brought my wife in to take a look at it and got the 'are you serious' look along with a few thoughts on some alternative layouts. So, wadding that one up and tossing it, planning on something a bit closer to what we have now, just written better.

The layout may look like something out of the early 00s but it works reasonably well. But with the better implementation of a similar layout I have a lot more of it I can futz with to improve the things I know I want to focus on. Which has become next weekend's project.

Latest Comments #announcement

Latest Comments #announcement fstdt.com

Latest Comment View:

Displays a listing of the Quote Details(again without the Read On Link) which have most recently had new comments made on them as limited by the filters. The Quotes will be ordered by the date of the most recent comment made to them. Further, each quote will have it's most recent Comment displayed beneath the Quote Details along with a link directly to that comment.

Notable that Filters will still work off of the Quote's Date Posted and not the date that the Comment was made for sake of consistency with other Views. Otherwise they work the same as previously mentioned with Tag, Year, Month and page filters. Pages progressing you through the ranks of most recently made comments.

So, one big notable change here that would let our dedicated lurkers keep on top of most recent comments with ease. It's also one of the reasons I'm currently giving MVC the stink eye. Though it should be giving it right back to me as I'm the one trying to shoehorn it into this project. Without the consistent model to display things(since I'm varying the read from here links, or in this case displaying comments as well) I'm looking at custom models for every page eliminating one of the handful of useful aspects of MVC. Pretty much just leaving me with testability(useful but I have like 4 functions on the entire site to test) and the ability for large teams to work in relative harmony, also something that's not a concern for me.

But, putting the descriptions on hold till the weekend, have important things to attend to the next few days. I'll do a double decker when I get back, Top Listing and Search.

Cone of Shame #announcement

Cone of Shame #announcement fstdt.com

Having done my serious review of the code, I'm going to bump the full reworking of the site up rather than trying to get a handful more features added into what already exists. The code works, but that's about the extent of it, aside from search which I've completely re-written and some of the core quote retrieval code there's little to salvage in what I have.

But, the bits of good news:
*User accounts won't be removed, I have control over the data and can port accounts to whatever I need to.
*I'm going to do some improvements to general lay out, but I will keep the relatively simple layout because it works on damn near anything. Just some rounding or nicer menus. Maybe even a "Change your archive" selection that's actually visible.
*Friendlier URLS will be a thing, and I'll do my damnedest to continue to support core existing URLs. I don't see any reason I can't keep them as of now.
*The crux of my implementation is going to be tags, particularly in seeing if I can get them to work along with some of the key technology improvements I've been eyeing.

There are a few other smaller bits that I'm looking at working in based on people's suggestions, and I intend to have at least a high level specification for what I'll be producing for public consumption and critique before I start getting into the heavy lifting. But the core of this is, unless it's a bug fix it'll come along with the new version. I'll take reports of bugs and deal with them as they come up, but I've been fighting the urge to make myself a cone of shame as I looked over what I'm working with after four years of professional development, so it's not getting any more work done for it.

I am on a fucking roll #announcement

I am on a fucking roll #announcement

Looks like that wasn't my last Shy Says post. This is a real-time progress update for some unexpected FSTDT code changes. This one truly warrants discussing, and so does the template system in general. Will hopefully do later.

GOAL: Invoke the template engine on the Page.PreRender and Page.Render events and do just-in-time template interpretation. That way, I can insert template fragments in Response.Output.Write() calls for processing just before page rendering, i.e. the complete opposite of what it usually does: 'compiling' and caching its output and inserting it into a dummy control on PreInit so it will be available for rendering later in the lifecycle.

REVISED GOAL: Make a reusable solution to a one-time problem. Take a collection of tasks that plenty of other software, frameworks, etc. already exist to do, and do those tasks together, combining them in a useful and original way that the other existing stuff doesn't.

DONE: Preliminary adjustments to /Ysml/Ysml.vb, /Ysml/InlineCode.vb.
DONE: Created /Ysml/JitInterpreter.vb skeleton.
FUCK: Don't quite understand the ASP.NET page lifecycle as well as I thought. But does anyone truly completely understand this complex overwrought mess? Doesn't mean I can't do what I wanted, just that I'm going to need to go about it a little differently.
IN CONTINUING PROGRESS: Researching lifecycle wharrgarbl.

FACT: This template engine was not intended for use with WebForms, and one of its primary purposes is actually to re-implement equivalents of WebForms' useful parts and improve upon them for when I don't have WebForms anymore. That obviously means there are already much easier and better ways that exist to accomplish much of what I'm doing with the template engine in the current code. It also means making it work with WebForms is a PITA. However, I won't have WebForms anymore in the 'rewrite,' so I'm sort of pre-implementing and testing it in advance.

DONE: Reworking Lexer.vb.
TEST: The parts not specific to working together with ASP.NET successfully work with FrankenLanguage and compile into JS without an issue.

FACT: The way I am doing this and going about making the new version of FSTDT (i.e. coding almost everything — like, literally, almost everything — yourself right down to a programming language) is not a practical or even remotely sane way to do a web development project. Only do it if you're like me and want to exercise and improve your programming skills and knowledge (and hopefully — if you're really lucky — unwittingly take a few unusual or new approaches to doing something that you'll want to share because other people like it and want to use it too).

ABANDONED: Automagical approach to this problem. Plan B: Make a Response.Output.Write() wrapper that takes template code as an argument, generates the appropriate output, and passes it to Response.Output.Write(). Still, I learnt from this that just getting that much to work with the template engine is more feasible and less work than I originally thought. Even better: I see the solution I devised as potentially very useful for more than just the one-time problem it was intended to fix. Using XHR requests and responses to dynamically generate, parse, and modify templated content, much?? Aha moments like this are why I decided to take the batshit-insane route of making much as I could of the new version of FSTDT from scratch.

UNDONE: Abandoned changes
DONE: ParseToOutput()
DONE: Numerous client-side YsElement constructors
DONE: General round-o-testing
DONE: Targeted testing 1: XHR Request -> Dynamic Templating -> XHR Response

IN PROGRESS: Break to work on the original task of getting SSTDT ready.

Submission Details #announcement

Submission Details #announcement fstdt.com

Submissions for Community Articles is now open. To submit an article please do the following.

Send the following to Submit@fstdt.net
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The Fluffy Post #announcement

The Fluffy Post #announcement fstdt.com

I have a bit of a different post today. One of the things I've wanted to try and do is to give at least some kind of voice to the community beyond snarky comments. I know there's a great deal of experience out there on this site and I'd like at least some of it to actually get heard. As such I'm proposing a Community channel within this blog. Community members could submit articles and so long as it passes basic scrutiny I'd post one or so a week. Opinion pieces, stories, letter to the editor kind of things or anything that contributes to the FSTDT community. I know there's interesting discussions on here and some epic take downs hidden in the comments, we had one just the other day over here where a commenter by the name of Jaye does a point by point take down of one of the odder recent submissions. What I'm offering is the chance to do so in it's own main page spotlight, and not necessarily in response to quotes.

I'd have relatively few requirements on submissions, but I would hold final approval. Given I'm willing to post something by His4Life with relatively few reservations it'd take a fair bit to get rejected out right. However, what I don't want to do is start one, get all of one post and then have it peter out. So I want to know just who if anyone would be interested and if enough people are I'll setup the base rules and a submission process. So make some noise in the comments here if you're interested writing. WTF! the quote if you think you'd be interested in reading.

Looking at Old Archives and Issues #announcement

Looking at Old Archives and Issues #announcement fstdt.com

For those that don't know, the earlier revisions of FSTDT had a few issues. Not little ones either, effectively one person had gone through and set everything to do with quote approvals and the top 100 and it wasn't the Administrator or the Programmer of the time. This is why public admin is as locked down as it is now, and why it will accuse folks of cheating from time to time, it's also why we have such massive quote archives back in 2008. I've been able to re-work the ranking system and undo the attempts at manipulation of the top 100, but going over just shy of 10,000 quotes to see what does and doesn't suck(and really the rest of the archives) is a rather daunting task.

So I've been working on a solution, one that could more or less integrate into public admin and let us police the quality of quotes actively from this point forward. Simply put, it would be a 'Flag this quote for review' system. I'd take volunteers and set them up with the ability to set quotes up for review and create Issues to detail just what is wrong with the quote. If it would need whole scale deletion or some corrections. Once marked it would enter a separate public admin queue where all flagged quotes are brought to the attention of the volunteers for voting and commentary. Since they would all have noted problems I'd handle final changes myself.

But that's not the part that I've been kicking around lately, right now I'm thinking of changing out the Issues we have(a text box entry that's displayed in public admin) and replacing it with a more detailed change recommendation/tracking system in which the person entering the Issue would be able to make specific alterations to parts of the quotes, and those alterations would be what people vote and comment on rather than the general idea the quote would be reviewed. If someone finds a bad URL, or a wrong attribution, they submit a corrected version for people to review along with any comments. As it cycles through public admin people select which changes they approve of and the approval vote counts as an endorsement of the changes. Which would save me the work of parsing through hundreds if not thousands of comments over time to identify the needed changes. It'd also be more complicated than anything else I'm working on at the moment, but staring at those archive numbers I think it'd be worth it.

As a note on system development, actually being familiar with databases... LINQ isn't worth the ones and zeros it's printed on for DB access. Be nice to leverage that knowledge against in memory objects, but for all the resume polish in the world it's not worth dealing with on the back end of this place. I'm going to be bringing down a local copy of the site to let me re-engineer the database for the new version and will probably make a number of random comments that make little sense to those not familiar. If anyone is interested I can detail a bit of what I'm doing, some is damn useful if you're catapulted into taking care of a database.

Drop the T #announcement

Drop the T #announcement change.org

[Another reject I find interesting]

We are a group of gay/bisexual men and women who have come to the conclusion that the transgender community needs to be disassociated from the larger LGB community; in essence, we ask that organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, Lambda Legal and media outlets such as The Advocate, Out, Huff Post Gay Voices, etc., stop representing the transgender community as we feel their ideology is not only completely different from that promoted by the LGB community (LGB is about sexual orientation, trans is about gender identity), but is ultimately regressive and actually hostile to the goals of women and gay men.

holla @ shy #announcement

holla @ shy #announcement

I feel like I've been a bad admin lately, still getting, being too busy with work-related stuff, but as far as that goes, things should be calming down since the beginning of the semester rush is over. I'm sorry for that.

Still, I want your honest opinions: How am I doing as admin? What am I doing right? More importantly, what am I doing wrong? Do you have any suggestions for how I can improve it? Do you have any other suggestions?

Also, I have a couple of new nominations for mods in mind. I won't say whom yet, but I want this to be a democratic process, i.e. for most of you guys to approve of my decisions before I make them. I also haven't contacted the nominees yet, but I will be doing that one day next week, and if they accept, I'll put up another post seeing if you're all cool with it.

Thanks guys for hanging in with me while I get the hang of running this crazy train! Being the conductor was the last thing on my mind when I made my first comment way back in 2008. It still kind of feels unreal in a way.

I'm a ramblin' man #announcement

I'm a ramblin' man #announcement

This'll probably be my last Shy Says post here. After this, they'll have their own separate blog hosted on the site.

Also, I typed this up more or less stream-of-conscious, and afterward I put aside tags around the parts where I strayed too far from my original topic. I haven't done anything resembling proofreading any of it. But I'm letting it stand as it is for now.

Something I really want to do but don't know how to go about even figuring out where to start is making public all of the statistics that I've collected from what the comment filter evolved into. Funny how The Frog thought he 'won' because he made me waste my time making that filter. In reality, I love statistics, especially corpus statistics, and I obviously love programing, so it should go without saying that I legitimately enjoyed making the filter, so much so that it's morphed into something well beyond its original purpose. It now analyzes comments in other ways besides detecting Le Frog and other trolls and even does the same kind of analysis on quotes too. Unfortunately, it ain't easy to put all of the data and statistics together in a user-friendly form that's easy to read, browse, and manipulate so you guys can explore and have fun with it.

That's not to mention the problem of organizing the code and getting it into a form that can even run on the current host. For the curious, the filter started its life as a well-organized and structurally coherent set of three VB module files and one C# class file. The C# class was later translated into VB when the quote comment page was, since it is closely tied to it. It originally intercepted comments with unusually high, low, or average troll scores and sent a copy of them to my FSTDT email so I could add them to the corpus of training material. It would then discard comments and perform a progressive IP ban if they had a high score, or returns comments back to the quote-comment page code to be posted as normal if they had a low or average score.)

Now it's become a disorganized, ad-hoc set of seven VB modules, three Object Pascal* unit files (compiled in either Delphi or FreePascal depending on the operating system I'm compiling on), one Ada file mostly written by my BFF / modly minion Mikey, and two JavaScript files that I wrote to run in Node.js when I was testing out how well it worked with databases (the verdict on that: comme ci, comme ça). Code in three two of those languages won't even run on the current host. I could probably get the Object Pascal to compile with Delphi.NET after some adjustments. The code only started branching away from things like "written in one language" and " organized structure" after I started analyzing comments for fun and the whole thing was taking on a life of its own. Around that time, it also somehow began to take on a secondary role as personal playground for experimenting with programming languages.

[aside]*I'm using Object Pascal here in the sense that a lot of Pascal-dabblers nowadays use it, i.e. to describe a modern and quasi-standard dialect or "style" of writing Pascal code that can be compiled by at least both Delphi and FreePascal, and possibly other Pascal languages (e.g. GNU Pascal) if you adhere to a stricter subset of "Object Pascal" in this sense. Confusingly, Object Pascal is also originally what Borland called the last couple versions of its Pascal compiler for DOS (whose very last version also apparently had a hilariously bad, half-assed Windows port). Indeed, this old-school Object Pascal is essentially Turbo Pascal with object orientation (or a ridiculous attempt thereat in the case of the Windows port). Aside from their core syntax and lexicon, that Object Pascal and "Object Pascal" in the sense here are dramatically different. Most code more complex than "Hello world" written in the latter is not compatible with the original Object Pascal in any useful sense unless it was intentionally written to be. And that's your programming-language history lesson for today.[/aside]

In addition to being written in as many languages as your average Dutchman can speak, another fairly major hurdle to making this little pet project public is that both the quotes and comments I've fed it to analyze (originally "train") and the interesting parts of the analyses thereof are stored on my private server in an SQLite database. Our current host Does Not Allow Using SQLite, despite their terms of use saying nothing to that effect or even suggestive of it. Apparently SQLite is Too Forbidden to even do that. TIL SQLite is Lord Voldemort.

Only the word and word co-occurrence probability data needed for the filter to run was stored and updated here on FSTDT in a secondary SQL Server database. (It still is, but hasn't been updated in a while and isn't currently being used.) This probability data is basically just how likely (or unlikely) certain words and co-occurrences of words are to occur in 'good' and 'bad' comments. These probabilities are the product of other statistical and meta-statistical analysis stored in the external SQLite database.

Getting the probability data used by the filter requires collecting statistics about a corpus of training data, the larger the corpus the better. Those statistics are stored so they can be subjected to statistical analysis of their own, and then those statistics are subject to further statistictaal analysis. That's two layers of meta-statistics. I originally decided against storing this latter data on the FSTDT server because I vastly overestimated the amount of space that would be required to store statistics about statistics pertaining to statistics of statistics about tens of thousands of words and the frequency they co-occur with other words. (How could you not??) Yo dawg, I heard you liked statistics, so I gave you some statistics collected from your statistics about your statistics...

We call this madness naive Bayesian filtering. To be a "non-naive" Bayesian filter, you must venture even further down this metastatistical rabbit hole.

TL;DR: Bayes Theorem is postmodern statistics.

Anyway, I think the corpus in the training database is a good representative crosscut of the actual FSTDT database. There's tons of cool, fascinating, and just plain weird stuff to gleam from it, like the fact that the fundie index of a post and the number of times the word 'when' appears in it appear to stand in direct correlation. Why?? Anyone wanna fathom a guess? Quotes also have way more hapax legomena (words that occur only once in a corpus) than comments do, but I don't find that nearly as interesting, because there are already a couple of very likely explanations. One, certain fundies absolutely love to invent "words" like abortuarydeathscortagandistism.* Two, a whooole lot of fundies just can't spell. Perhaps they try to hide that fact with word puree like homocommunofascofemininazis?**

[aside]*Protip: English is a mostly Isolating language, so we Anglophones generally prefer to create names for novel concepts by compounding existing words together into phrases instead of creating new words by adding prefixes and suffixes to other words or word roots. For example, to describe the practice of treating medical problems with things that actually exist in reality (as opposed to quackpot woo-woo), we coined the term evidence-based medicine instead of inventing a completely new word like vercomadhealancy (ver-com-ad-heal-anc(e)-cy, lit. "truth~reality | with~using | from~by | heal | having the quality of | the activity or state of"), no matter how much cooler and more phonoaesthetic vercomadhealancy sounds.

If that gloss is incoherent to you, read it backwards: "the activity or state of | having the quality of | heal(ing) | by | using | reality." In English, the order that a word's morphemes follow is generally a mirror image of the order that words usually follow in clauses and sentences. In linguistic parlance, English clauses and morphemes branch in opposite directions: clauses are head-initial (branch to the right of their head), while words head-final (branch to the left of their head). Oh, and only one morpheme of that word, heal, can stand alone, while all three of evidence-based medicine can. And that's your linguistics lesson of the day. And this is exactly why I love corpus statistics: it fuses my three favorite subjects: linguistics, mathematics, and in the modern age, computers.[/aside]

[aside]**True fact: I'm also a terrible speller, but I actually heed the little red underlines that tend to pop up a lot in the things I write.[/aside]

Layouts, a lot of fiddly details #announcement

Layouts, a lot of fiddly details #announcement fstdt.com

So, starting is apparently the right word here. I'm driving myself up the wall with the lay out choices, but I have a few solid things together.

First off, that box that cuts off a small portion of every direction of the screen? That's gone.

The header up top with the links to more or less everything, that'll be expanded to include filters and any functionality from the current index that isn't in it now, and be given its own background. Expanding from one side of the screen to another. It'll be a band of functionality and information related to the current page across the top of the page.

That's actually a majority of the layout, but being me I can get caught up in details till the cows come home and complain at me for not picking them up from soccer practice. Which I have done with the quote layout. The way I see it I have these chunks to work with:

Quote Content

Author, Location[link to URL] Posted Date

Comments (Count)

Index + Voting Mechanism


Submission Details

And that's roughly the order they're in now, but I have two big questions I've been considering. Do I promote Author/location/date line to a header like thing, or keep it after the quote as it is now. Also, where should I present tags. As they sit above they're good for looking at something similar after reading the quote, but they don't serve as possible warning for terrifying content all the way at the end of the quote. There's also the matter of possibly presenting tags as small images, but I think I'm on the outs with that idea after trying to figure out how to present a few of the tag ideas as images.

But, what I do know is that I'll be breaking up with the break line when get the new lay out together. Each 'Content Entry' (Be it quote, comment or search result) will be its own div, maybe even with rounded corners or at least a little gradient separator, and details within that will be given their own panels to make it more readily clear that there are different parts to a single entry while still keeping it all as a single entry.

Anyway, all this said, there's also the matter of keeping my favorite CSS joke I've ever managed, that grey that borders the entire site, its color code is #666. That amuses me far more than it should this many years after first doing it. I'm thinking I may use it as a basis for my color selections, but it does seriously limit the range of colors I have to pick from. So, continuing to muck about with this. May be posting praises of Solomon Kane mid week as he seems to be pretty awesome for a puritan, otherwise I'll be back next weekend.

Quick search update #announcement

Quick search update #announcement fstdt.com

What I could do and what I've done are a tad different. I have a bit more testing to do before I release it but I have a quote search together than handles words, phrases and postfix wildcards. Should be able to put it out this weekend and I'll rattle off what else there is to do in a longer post this weekend, though I will say comment search is coming, I just intend to do it well rather than quickly.

Hosts #announcement

Hosts #announcement fstdt.com

Been actively poking around and found a great reason to push through the test site's cancellation, my current host has a plan that's half the price of what I'm paying with twice the SQL space that I've been carefully managing to not exceed for the last few years. That's a thing. That's a hell of a thing. I'll be chasing after that and will try and warn folks if it looks like there may be a rough transition. Chance for an outage, and another one while I'm fucking around with the configuration to play with whatever new toys I wind up with. But hot damn if I can keep this level of service and just get more space I'd probably not care about paying less, just really don't want to get shafted service wise after the repeated fuck ups with the test site host.

Monday, and I'm awake at five am, why? #announcement

Monday, and I'm awake at five am, why? #announcement fstdt.com

Today I plan on working on:

Comment Driven quote listings
- Latest comment and any similar listings

Finishing user authentication by hooking into the database
- Cleaning up user DB while I'm at it
- Figuring how to migrate folks to a better password encryption

Quote and Comment Admin Edit pages

Review go to latest comment functionality

Review needs for Quote and Comment submissions
- Largely the edit pages, only with less security and more anti-spam and hand holding.
- Get, Redirect, Profit

Review needs for Comment Administration pages
- A generic listing mechanism would probably be useful here

It's another #announcement

It's another #announcement fstdt.com

If it isn't one thing...

Ok, so I've cleared up the paging issue and have a viable sample to post and show off the fact you can page through over 1500 pages of FSTDT content without any trouble. So I want to FTP it up to the new host... it doesn't fucking work.

I'm hitting them with a support ticket and see how it goes.

That all said, I managed to get it working by effectively pre-populating any possible combination of filters rather than ignoring turned off filters. I thought this would be a huge amount of data, and for this place it is. But it's size totals out to all of 8 megs of a table including an index that restates the content of the table in the order I want it to... so yeah, that's a wonderful damn thing right there. Almost no size for a damn nice improvement in speed. For reference the similar index on the current site is around 250 megs, but it has to include a great deal more data to offer anywhere near the same amount of speed.

Next stop after cursing support out is playing with the search functionality, even if I'm not going to renew with these guys at the end of the month I can get some testing done.

Indexes #announcement

Indexes #announcement fstdt.com

Covered most of what I was doing last time, and 100% of the vote wanted to know more so here goes:

SQL Indexes, they're specifically ordered subsets of the data otherwise contained within the tables. You have a Numeric ID on a table 1-100, you most likely have an index that has nothing but that ID in it to reference that ID as fast as possible. In fact most IDs will have something like that because it makes the random crap developers need to do pretty quick, along with any simple functionality. These indexed columns are the columns your index runs on, when you're looking to make a decision based on certain fields having them indexed means you consult the index and check it in a pre-determined manner rather than checking every piece of data to see if it fits the criteria. The index does a fair bit of the work for you that way, it tells you which record you're looking for as fast as possible if setup correctly.

But that's not all you can do with them, like the old library catalogs you may be too young to remember, there can also be other information stored as an index entry. Summary, publisher, and a whole bunch of other information would be available when you found the index card in the catalog. SQL Indexes can do the same thing. See, in all but the most basic queries just finding the item you're looking for isn't enough, you also need to find information related to that item. Which means you can include columns which are not themselves indexed, but are immediately available from the index when an item is located.

That is what explains the difference in both sizes and effectiveness of the two indexes I was bandying about last post. The small index only contains the columns which are indexed, once the record is found the database engine then has to go consult the table and pull the remaining details. The large index contains ALL of the relevant columns, which happens to be all of the large columns in the comments table, and returns them immediately. As mentioned before, the immediate trade offs are size of the index and speed at which the intended query runs. The large index doubles the size of the table as it contains all the same information, but it runs twice as fast as the smaller index that is a very small fraction of the table size.

However there is one other concern that'll crop up real quick, maintaining the index on a live server. Like a library catalog, when entries are added or modified the index needs to be updated within the space allowed or you need to rebuild everything, including all columns stored within the index if they're part of the specifically indexed columns or not. Using the large index as an example this would mean that every time a comment is added space for the comment, author and various IDs would have to be allocated, plus any time a comment is modified an existing entry would have to be modified, possibly forcing it out of the current order and causing extra over head in pulling the index together. At that point you could rebuild or reorganize the index to effectiveness by rebuilding the index, but the data would be either unavailable or available at a severely reduced rate for the duration.

As it sits, I'm going with the smaller index because it'll hold together for far longer and can be rebuilt in seconds rather than around five minutes and it's still considerably faster than the existing query. Providing a consistent speed is often as important as anything else with databases, and it would do far better in that regard.

In theory I have time to poke at some of the other core code for the site this weekend, we'll see how that works out. If it works out I may be digging up a temp domain to try out a new host and beat the new code around before all that much longer.

Where the balls have I been? #announcement

Where the balls have I been? #announcement fstdt.com

Remember that whole attempting to hand off the site thing I did a few months back before I started getting too busy to handle it myself anymore. The busy part of it happened.

Once I have a bit more free time I'll be talking to some of the volunteers and see what I can do to set things up, but given the state of the site itself someone would need to be technically competent to actually take it over without driving themselves insane trying to use the existing tools to handle the random shit I have to deal with on a regular basis.

As it stands I generally have enough time to get quotes out still and half the reason I'm still here is that I refuse to let the shitposter win so I'll always make time for that.

Depending on how my checking in goes we'll see how the future goes, and even in the absolute worst case I know three or four people have expressed interest in preserving the database even if they don't quite know what they will use it for. Which I'd be fine with supplying them once I'd stripped out user identifying data should I ditch.

Don't know exactly what I'm up to now for the future, I can't promise consistent quotes these days given my schedule but I should be able to manage something for the near future.

FQA #announcement

FQA #announcement forums.fstdt.net

I am posting this from my phone, so please pardon any terseness or errors. So was my last post, and it is awful. I swear to God I was not drunk. I just couldn't see more than three lines at a time. I usually don't write things like blog posts in complete sentences until after I have an outline of what I want to say, otherwise I will inevitably forget something. You can see how I forgot being coherent in the last post. (Edit: Back on my laptop. Now you can't see it much anymore, because I edited it. I'm cool with letting funny near-incoherence stand, but there was one part where I couldn't even remember WTF I was trying to say and couldn't make any sense of it.)

But I wanted to officially go say the FQA forums are back with us again and a part of FSTDT again!! They're still an independent part of FSTDT, though. I'm not a mod there — I just can't handle the forums and main site at the same time — so plz put questions about the forums there. Also be sure to behold the spiffy new logo.

I haven't forgotten about the FSTDT Awards. I've just been busy with other things too mostly work. I've also been babysitting my parents' dog and she's the most adorable thing. She won't be fucking still long enough for me to get a decent picture though. >:( Anyway, I'll verify the votes for the last round of the FSTDT Awards and announce winners either tomorrow, or barring that, some time within the next couple days after that.

Skeletoooor! #announcement #fundie

Skeletoooor! #announcement #fundie fstdt.com

Found an old classic of fundamentalism that ought to spawn nostalgia in anyone around my age Turmoil in the Toy Box. This thing is why a fair number of people weren't allowed to watch perfectly good cartoons as kids. Produced for christian parents and so very remarkably convinced that He-Man is the fore runner of the occult pop culture, it makes for a great thing to listen to if you can spare some snickering.

I have never been this nostalgic for shows I barely even remember. But it's really funny watching christian conservatives attempt to figure out children's toys. This should help set the standard for stupid in anyone who's new to the topic of fundamentalists.

Oh, and if anyone else has other good ones, let me know, I will post the hell out of this kind of thing.

Quote Archive #announcement

Quote Archive #announcement fstdt.com

This is the simple one, the basic Quote Archive page. Not massively different than what we have, but a few added features.

The display will list Quote Details for a defined page length of Quotes available per the filters set ordered by the descending Date Posted.

Quote Details include:
Quote ID
Quote Text
Quote Author
Quote Board
Quote URL
Quote Comments Count
Quote Comments Link
Latest Comment Link
Quote Date Posted
Quote Rating Display
Quote Rating Inputs
Quote Tags Display
Read On From This Point Link

The Filters include:

As filters are set they refine the set of records displayed to only those that match the given filters. The Tag filter requires that the selected Tag is assigned to the displayed Quotes. The Year and Month filters require the Quote have been posted within the defined range of dates, either within the year selected, or within the month of the Year selected. The Page defines which set of the filtered quotes you are currently viewing.

When used as the main page and given no filters this page will display ALL quotes in descending order based on Date Posted.

Pretty simple stuff, but it does raise one question to me, do I keep the ages old index that sits at FSTDT.com, or do I drop it and have that point directly at the unfiltered quote listing? It should be easy enough to stick login/user management details into the site header and the rest is quite honestly a set of relics from ages ago that I never really thought too hard about keeping. It also has the slight problem of using a number of images I have absolutely no right to, which is one of the reasons I haven't taken the site a tad more commercial. Further, do I drop the Archives listing and just display the number of quotes available under potential filter selections? Tomorrow we get more interesting, Random Quotes.

Now if only the neighbor's dog would shutup #announcement

Now if only the neighbor's dog would shutup #announcement fstdt.com

Right, this is a thing, sorry it's been a really nice day and I've been enjoying the hell out of it.

Did a good bit of work yesterday, fixed one of the issues I'd been having and should be able to get to work on the comments page next time I have time free. After that I'm going to get the base of the search page together, if you've been following I mentioned I wasn't able to test the improved search functionality because of my local SQL server version, well, once I have it to a testable point I'm going to be setting up a FSTDT test site where people can take a look at what I'm doing while I actually test the improved search on a system that can do it.

If nothing goes wrong I want to have that up by the end of the month, it'll just be display and it won't be the live data, but it's better than the nothing I have out there now.

Not April Fools #announcement

Not April Fools #announcement fstdt.com

Running a tad late, but I got the pager together and I'm now focused entirely on unfucking my choice of controllers. Or at least one part of it, I may do more changes later but these are actual functional problems I need to finish clearing up.

The joy of parsing #announcement

The joy of parsing #announcement fstdt.com

And now I understand why I've never replaced the old BBCode engine that Yahweh wrote ages ago. Finicky does not begin to describe some of the engines out there, but I have one up to the same level of functionality the old engine had, and there's no longer the random # breaks links error.

The good:
Tags are up to snuff
Tags can now use # to link to anchors on a page(like specific comments on quote comment pages which has apparently never worked)
There is a quote tag, and I can add them on a whim.

The bad:
That took me about twice as long as I normally devote to development in a week due to switching out a couple candidates and the darnedest error in parsing I've seen due to ordering and an errant Boolean.

Still less time than writing it up from scratch though. So next week's work is going to revolve around pagers and all around getting links to plug into pages correctly.

And for everyone's reference a list of the BBCodes to be available, this will be in the new site's FAQ:
b Bold
s Strikethrough
sub Subscript
sup superscript
i Italics
u Underline
img Image
quote Quote
list Define a list
* Define a list item
url Links, without the damn # problem.