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Fist of Jesus #announcement #fundie store.steampowered.com

Didn't think I'd have anything amusing to post this week, then I checked steam.

I give you Fist of Jesus. Now on Steam.

Haven't played it, but I HAVE looked at the discussion boards. Which features such great threads as:

Game should be banned and the Devs should be ashamed

Report this game as hate speech on the store page

These Sort of Games Just Need to Die

Remove this racist game from steam!

And last but certainly not least, Excellent game, looks to be true to the fictional source material

This is clearly oppression in action people. Clearly, I am not sitting here snickering furiously or anything.

Edit: Oh, game play video

Skeletoooor! #announcement #fundie fstdt.com

Found an old classic of fundamentalism that ought to spawn nostalgia in anyone around my age Turmoil in the Toy Box. This thing is why a fair number of people weren't allowed to watch perfectly good cartoons as kids. Produced for christian parents and so very remarkably convinced that He-Man is the fore runner of the occult pop culture, it makes for a great thing to listen to if you can spare some snickering.

I have never been this nostalgic for shows I barely even remember. But it's really funny watching christian conservatives attempt to figure out children's toys. This should help set the standard for stupid in anyone who's new to the topic of fundamentalists.

Oh, and if anyone else has other good ones, let me know, I will post the hell out of this kind of thing.