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(The person in question, Janet Canela, was 8 years old when she claimed to have visions of God. Here’s an excerpt…)

We walked by some walls and I heard so many souls shouting, shouts of pain and anguish. The Lord said, "Servant let's go forward." We arrive at a place where a person was shouting. I asked the Lord, "Lord, why have we stopped here?" He replied, "Look servant, look very carefully at this person, because this person was a relative of yours on Earth." And I said , "Lord who is? I can't recognize this person." The Lord said, " This person was your grandmother while on Earth, she was your relative, but she was very unbelieving, that is why she is here now."

She said, "Please give me water, take me out of here, because I cannot stand this pain anymore, I am thirsty." But I couldn’t do anything, the only thing I did was cry. I said, "Lord for your infinite mercy and your infinite goodness, take her out of here! Why is she here, if my parents told me she was in heaven?"

The Lord said, "Servant, the priest told your parents that she had gone to heaven, but that was a lie. That was a lie, because she used to bow before images, she adored images, and look how those images could not save her. Many times I knocked on her heart, so she would open it, and I would come inside, but instead she decided to make fun of My Word. She decided it was better to follow the world than honor My Name, and that is why she is here. She never wanted to accept My Word, she never wanted to repent, and the priest told them that she had flown to the heavens and that she was already in the heavenly mansions, but that was a lie. Look My servant, where she is." She was crying with such agony. She said, "Give me water! Take me out of here!" The Lord said, "Servant, I can’t do anything now, this soul doesn’t belong to Me anymore." We turned and walked away. She shouted to me, "No! Don’t leave me here! Give me water! Take me out of here!" He could not do anything.

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(Part 1)

Then I saw a wooden table that was not being consumed by the fire. It had what appeared to be beer bottles on it. They looked refreshing, but they were full of fire. While I was looking, a man suddenly appeared. His flesh was almost completely destroyed and what was left of his clothes were muddy and burning. He had lost his eyes, mouth and all of his hair in the fire. He could see me, even though he had no eyes. I tell you, it is a person’s soul that thinks, reasons and truly sees, not their natural body.

The man extended his skinny hand toward the Lord and started to cry out, saying, "Lord, have mercy on me! Lord, have mercy on me! I am in pain! I am burning! Please have mercy and take me out of here!" The Lord looked at him with compassion, and I started to feel something warm in my hand. I looked and found that it was blood...the blood of Jesus! The Lord's blood came from His hand as He watched the man suffering in the flames.

Then the man turned his gaze in the direction of the table and walked toward the bottles. He grabbed a bottle, and as he was about to drink from it, fire and smoke shot out of it. He put his head back and screamed like I had never heard anyone scream before. He cried with great pain and sorrow, and then started to drink what was in the bottle. The bottle was full of acid; it totally destroyed his throat. You could see the acid passing through his stomach and hurting him.

The number 666 was engraved on the man’s forehead. On his chest was a plate made of some unknown metal that couldn't be destroyed, not even by the heat or the worms. It had some letters written on it that we could not understand. The Lord, in His great mercy, gave us the translation of what was written: "I am here because I am a drunkard." He begged the Lord for mercy, but the Word of God is very clear when it tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:10, "Thieves, greedy people, drunks, slanderers, and robbers will not inherit the kingdom of God."

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We then moved far away from there and arrived at a place with giant doors. As we approached them, they opened for us. On the other side we saw a giant cavern. As I looked up I saw different color lights moving like a cloud of smoke. Suddenly, we heard music—salsa, ballenato, rock, and different kinds of popular music that people listen to on the radio. The Lord motioned with His hand, and we saw millions and millions of people hung with chains by their hands. They were jumping wildly over the fire.

The Lord looked at us and said, "Look, these are the wages of the dancers." They had to jump wildly up and down to the beat of the music. If salsa was playing, they had to jump to its beat; if any other kind of music was playing, they had to jump to that its beat. They could never stop jumping. But worse than that, their shoes had 6-inch spikes on the bottom. When they jumped, the spikes pierced their feet. They never had a moment's rest. When someone tried to stop, demons immediately came up and stabbed them with spears and cursed them saying, "Praise him! This is your kingdom now! Praise Satan! Praise him! You can't stop! Praise him! Praise him! You have to praise him! You have to jump! You have to dance! You cannot stop for one second!"

It is unfortunate that many of the people there were Christians who knew the Lord, but were in nightclubs when they died. You may be asking, "Where does it say in the Bible that it is wrong to dance?" In James 4:4 the Word of God says, "Do you not realize, you adulteresses, that friendship with the world is enmity toward God? Therefore, whoever determines to be a friend of the world becomes God's enemy." Also, in 1 John 2:15-17 it says, "Neither love the world nor the things in the world. Whoever loves the world has not the Father's love in his heart, because everything in the world, the passions of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, and the proud display of life have their origin not from the Father but from the world. And the world with its lust passes away, but he who does the will of God remains for ever." Remember, the world will pass away; all this will perish, but the one who does the will of God stands forever.

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Then the Holy Spirit swirled before me again, this time gathering up all of the remaining fire and light. He too passed through the apartment wall. Instantly, the gifts became internal and no longer adorned me externally. The wall closed.


"Father," I whispered, "who am I to marry a King? I come with nothing. I have no dowry. I do not even have a hope chest with linens and ... "

Before I could continue, my Father thundered audibly in the room: "Can I not provide linens for My children?" Immediately, I heard a knock at the front door of the apartment. Although engrossed in all that was occurring, I managed to cross to the door and open it.


"Hello, Anna," blurted a tall angel. I say that he was an angel because he called me by the name that at the time was known only in heaven. Also, he was dressed in Bedouin attire (uncommon apparel for this continent). Beyond him in the parking lot, I saw a caravan of twenty-four camels with Bedouin attendants.

I shot a quick glance around the apartment complex. My husband and I were living in a low-rent housing facility in Florida. We had adjusted fairly well to these living conditions since we had learned to duck when the neighbors were shooting at each other. However, I was not sure how they might react to a camel caravan. Although usually the complex was alive with adults and children, no one was in sight.


The angel continued. "We have brought your hope chests,"

he said effusively. "Twenty-four chests. Where would you like them?"

My hands went to my face in amazement. I was flooded with so many mixed emotions that I began to laugh and cry at the same time.

"It is all right, Anna," the large angel said comfortingly.

"Do not be troubled. Your Father loves you."

In the parking lot the Bedouin attendants signaled the camels to kneel down. These angels began unloading the chests.

Between the laughing and crying I said, "Can you stack the chests in here [meaning in the living room]?"

"We certainly can," he brightened. He whistled to the other angels and indicated with his head to bring the chests. Then he turned his attention to me again. "Hope is of God, Anna. Each chest your Father gives to you is hope that you can share. This is a greater gift to your Husband than laces and embroidered towels," the angel smiled.

The attendants began carrying the chests into the living room with two angels holding each chest. All of these angels wore camel-colored, desert clothing. After delivering a chest, each pair of angels smiled broadly like those wishing to show themselves extremely agreeable. Then they returned to the caravan.

The chests seemed to be covered in camel skin. They were large and looked something like treasure chests. The five straps encircling each chest were gold, and the two handles for carrying were an intense blue. The opening for a key on each chest was encased in gold, with the shape of the keyhole itself being a cross. No one ever gave me a physical key, however.


Because of their size, the chests stacked up to, and then through, the apartment ceiling.

The large angel rocked back and forth on his heels enjoying the sight. "Yes," he smiled, "there is great hope here."

Then he took a pencil from behind his ear and pulled out a clipboard that held a receipt. "Sign here, please," he said, extending the clipboard to me.

"What name should I use?" I asked. "Anna would be fine."

I wrote "Anna" on the white receipt and then handed the clipboard back to him.

"All right," he said with a sigh that denoted closure of a mission. He pulled out the under copy of the receipt and handed it to me. "Here is your receipt. Twenty-four chests full of hope."


Suddenly, I remembered Rebekah and how she had watered the camels as well as drawn water for Abraham's servant. "Would you like some water or something?" I asked haltingly, not sure of what to say.

"Oh, no," he laughed. "We have better water than your city's water system can supply. We will be going now before we draw a crowd."

"Thank you for bringing the chests," I said. "Our pleasure," he smiled. "Shalom."

The attendants whistled and clicked their tongues for the camels to rise. The large angel grasped the reins attached to the headgear of the lead camel and guided him around so that the caravan could reverse its direction in the parking lot. Then he and the camels with their attendants began to leave. Suddenly, they disappeared.

Just as suddenly, life in the apartment complex returned to normal.

I closed the door and leaned against it looking at the chests piled through the ceiling. 'Thank You, Daddy," I whispered.

My Father spoke audibly again. "You have a bigger and better hope than any princess brought to her wedding day. Now," He continued, "come up here."

Amazingly, in my spirit, I began to rise.

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I would like to share with you part of a testimony of a saved person who once served the devil. When I heard him give his testimony it so challenged me I did not want to believe it. I had to fast before the Lord for ten days, asking Him, "Lord, is this true?" It was at that time the Lord began to teach me the things that take place in the spiritual realm when we pray.

This man was born after his parents had dedicated themselves to lucifer. When he was still in the womb, they performed many rituals to dedicate him to the service of lucifer. When he was four years old, he began to exercise his spiritual power, and his parents began to fear him. When he was six years old, his father brought him to some witches for them to train him. And by the time he was ten years old, he was doing tremendous exploits for the kingdom of the devil. He was feared by the common witches.

He was still a young boy, but he was so terrible in the things he did. He grew to be a young man in his twenties with a lot of blood on his hands. He killed at will. He had the ability to leave his body through transcendental meditation. And he could levitate; at times his body would rise off the ground and hang in midair. Sometimes he would go into a trance and leave his body; his body would remain behind while he went out into the world, by a practice called “astro-travelling.” He was used by satan to destroy or divide many churches, and to ruin many pastors.

One day, he was assigned to destroy a church that was full of prayer. There had been much division in this church, and much confusion. He began to work against it, but at that time, the pastor called a fast for the whole church. As the church began to fast, there was much repentance and a lot of reconciliation. The people came together and began to pray for the Lord to work in their midst. They continued interceding and crying out to God to have mercy on them and to intervene in their lives. As the days went by, the man came again and again against the church with demon spirits. But a word of prophecy came forth telling the Christians to rise up and wage warfare against the powers of darkness that were attacking the church.

So one day, the man left his body in his room to go astro-travelling. He led a powerful force of demonic spirits against the church. Now this is his testimony: His spirit moved through the air over the church and tried to attack it, but there was a covering of light over the church. Suddenly, an army of angels attacked them and fought against them in the air. All the demons fled, but he was arrested by the angels.

Yes, arrested by the angels! He found himself being held by about six angels. They brought him through the roof right before the church altar. He just appeared there as the people were praying. They were deep in prayer, engaged in spiritual warfare, binding and breaking and casting out. The pastor was on the platform leading the prayers and the warfare. The Spirit of the Lord spoke to the pastor, "The yoke has been broken, and the victim is there before you. Help him through deliverance." As the pastor opened his eyes, he saw the young man lying there. His body was with him; he was in his body. The young man said that he doesn't know how his body joined him; he had left it back in his house. But there he was in his body. He didn't know how he had entered it; all he knew was that the angel had carried him through the roof.

Now these things are difficult to believe. The pastor silenced the church and told them what the Lord had spoken to him, and then asked the young man, "Who are you?" The young man was trembling as the demons began coming out of him. So they prayed for his deliverance, and afterwards he began to share his story. The young man has now come to the Lord, and is an evangelist preaching the gospel. He is being used by the Lord mightily in setting other people free through deliverance.

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[Excerpt from an alleged "journal" of seven "youths", unquote, across Hell]

We continued with Jesus, holding His hand even tighter. We came to a section that really made an impression on me. We saw a young man, 23 years old, suspended waist-high in the middle of a fire. We couldn't see exactly what his torment was, but the number 666 was engraved on him. He also had a metal plate on his chest that read, "I am here for being normal." When he saw Jesus, he extended his hand toward Jesus begging for mercy. The Word of God says in Proverbs 14:12, "There is a way that seems right to a person, but its end is the way of death."
When we read the plate that said, "I am here for being normal," we asked the Lord, "Lord, why!? Is it possible for a person to come to this place for that reason?" Then Jesus asked him, "Andrew, why are you here in this place?" He answered, "Jesus, when I was on earth, I thought that just killing and stealing were sins. That is why I never tried to get close to You." In Psalms 9:17 it says, "The wicked shall be turned into hell, all the heathen that forget God."

Andrew made a big mistake by classifying sins, like many people do today. The Bible is very clear when it says that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. (Romans 6:23) Furthermore, when the Bible talks about sin, it never classifies sins; they are all just sins. Andrew had the chance to know and accept Jesus, but he didn't take the opportunity that God had given to him. Maybe he had a thousand opportunities to know the Lord, but he never wanted to know Him, and that is the reason he is there. Then a large blanket of fire covered his body and we never saw him again.

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The Lord showed me a church, I saw a preacher who was preaching at the altar and suddenly his mobile phone rang. This preacher stopped preaching, and went out to attend to his mobile phone. The Lord said, “Can you see how they ignore My presence, see how they ignore My presence, when a man is preaching, he is preaching My word. They prefer to attend to a mobile phone than attending to Me.” ... “Talk, talk to the Pastors to forget about their own doctrine, they can hate you if they want, but a lot of people will understand the purpose why I brought you here and a lot of people will repent.”

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