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How does it work?

Welcome in the beauteous movement of Fractal555. This is Solidarity Economy that multiplies EVERYONE’s bounty through magnimosity, trust and engagement!!!

We enter the mandala with a gift of 555 € that turn to 2220 € on the journey and 19,980 € upon completion. All in all, we are helping each other in creating a simpler reality for everyone!

Four easy steps:

1. All enter the Fractal Journey in the 🔥FIRE🔥 or Gifting position, by transfering your gift of 555 € (or Dollar equivalent) to the person in the 💦WATER💦 position. As soon as all 8 outer (🔥Fire🔥) positions of the fractal are taken, the fractal is entered into the “Birth”. The fractals divide themselvs and all participants of the fractal move to their new positions.

FIRE becomes WIND
WIND becomes EARTH

2. The 🌬WIND🌬 position is the inviting position. Here, we are all allowed to bring at least 2 trustworthy friends with us, as we know that we are offering them a great chance for growth. It lies within the responsibility of the WIND to provide new 🔥FIRES🔥 information on payment for the person in the 💦WATER💦 position and to give the WhatsApp details of the new 🔥FIRES🔥 to the person holding the 💦WATER💦 position. Whell all the 8 outer positions are completed, the fractal births move up into their new positions again and again.

3. When we move into the 🌏EARTH🌏 position, we continue to invite to help the organic movements of the Fractal Torus. We prepare to accept the position of 💦WATER💦 and we help the 🌬WINDS🌬 if they have problems with the invitation. As soon as the eight 🔥FIREPLACES🔥 are completed, the fractal once again divides itself in 2 parts.

4. We now hold the 💦WATER💦 position in the centre of the fractal and we receive 555€*8 = 4440€. Half of it (2220€) we keep and the other half (2220€) we send to the peson I gave my first “gift” (of 555€) when I joined myself to the fractal. Now I leave the mandala, but I as an 👴ELDER👴, I still remain connected with all those who gifted me the first 555€, until these have completed (all fractals) and then gifted me 2240€ [sic] - when they get their 4440€. Thus, in the end of my Fractal Journey, I will have received 19,980 € in total.

* They variously use both the German and the English term on the website - Bastethotep

Original German:

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