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Gilford Shooting
Husband = Athletic
Husband also = Space
Need to be fit to get to space.
Shooting tooking place at political gathering.

Aurora Shooting
Aurora itself = Space
Missy Franklin (Athletic)Olympian has a connection to Aurora, CO.
Shooting took place at Social gathering at Dark Knight Movie.

Sikh Temple Shooting.
Curiousity reaches Mars few hours later. Olympics are happening.
This Shooting took place at spiritual gathering in a place of worship.
Sikhs are known Warrior i.e Dark Knights. Should read up on Sikhs becoming a Knight, there is a youtube video available on this.


we know of 3 whites doing the shooting, first one became guilty of his crime, second seems to be claiming insanity and third commited suicide.

Third also belonged to a group promoting white supremacy.

There seems to be a message here and that message is Supremacy. It seems we have a complished some sort of supremacy.

Olypians, atheletes = Super Humans, such as perhaps Sikhs the Dark Knight.

Being able to travel far into space. Maybe we didn't send any robots. May be we sent a super human into space to travel to mars. Who knows. Maybe this human is a of a sikh religion. Perhaps Sikhism is the supreme religion.

May be there is a new world coming soon and this was a way to make people alert.

Maybe this new world will have one religion called Sikhism. Maybe Political leaders will be Sikhs of all race. May be only the super humans can reach it.

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Just as in The Movies, a sequel is done as 'a search for more money,' so this Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting is 'a search for a more desirable reaction' than the Aurora Theater shooting manifested for its orchestrators.

It seems important to look at WHAT is being 'reported' on this amplification of Aurora (REP) to see who is being perceived as 'the enemy.'


"...described the shooter as a white man."

"Turban-wearing Sikhs are often mistaken for Muslims..."
Or just WHITE is too stupid to know the difference between Muslim and Sikh.

"...treating this as a domestic terrorist incident..."

"The gunman is worse than the one at the theater a couple of weeks ago..."

"...gunman ambushed and shot a police officer several times when he responded to a 911 call and was helping a shooting victim..."
First Aurora w/ the "BOOBY-TRAPPED" apt. designed to hurt or kill first-reponders, aka cops.
Now this insane exaggeration of a cop wounded in the line of duty as "AMBUSHED."

"...(hospital) said three men had been brought in wounded and were in critical condition. One had been shot in the abdomen, one in the extremities and face, and a third was hit in the neck."
Since appropriate and expected outrage and call for more governmment control did not result from the Aurora victims, including a 6-year-old girl, an infant, a pregnant woman, a black guy w/ blonde girlfriend, an aspiring woman sportscaster, etc.

"...underscore how much our country has been enriched by our Sikh community..."
H-1Bs equal 'enrichment?'
Obviously not for WHITE.

If WHITE is the enemy, then the DARK KNIGHT RISES and assumes the hero.

Stay God-centered.

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"Guy" as women's accessory/fashion designer = the emasculated male priests of Kybele.

Galloi = "gay loy"

5 x 33 = 165

191 - 165 = 26

26 = Kingdom of Iron

Iron as 26th element

I = 10
H = 5
V = 6
H = 5

"I have begotten a man (Qaheen) who is full grown IHVH."

Obummer misspelled OHIO as OIHO.

The inversion of HI as IH is the name game of..

Abram becomes Abra (H) am = he gets a "window" in his middle, ie he is now she.

Sara(I) becomes Sara(H) = she gets her (I) hand/yod to also become a (H) window, ie she is now a he.

Such is the cross eyed game of the prince of princess.

The name game of Abraham and Sarah happen when they are 90 (she) and 100 (he) = 190 / 191.

191 are the two towers with "9" in the middle. Nine is the pregnancy of the twin pillars see Monkey Bizness 191.

The three shepherds of Zechariah 11, ie where the 30 pieces of silver and the door of Judas are found, lays out the triple destruction of the three shepherds. They are Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Why? The worthlessness of their arms. They have reached the distance 191 .. the 43rd prime. During the tenure of the 43 .. the twin pillar incident occurred.

Here is Crowley's 43 - Mulberry Tops:

??F??? ?G

Black blood upon the altar! and the rustle of angel wings above!

Black blood of the sweet fruit, the bruised, the violated bloom—that setteth The Wheel a-spinning in the spire.

Death is the veil of Life, and Life of Death; for both are Gods.

This is that which is written: “A feast for Life, and a greater feast for Death!” in THE BOOK OF THE LAW.

The blood is the life of the individual: offer then blood!


The title of this chapter refers to a Hebrew legend, that of the prophet who heard “a going in the mulberry tops”; and to Browning’s phrase, “a bruised, black-blooded mulberry”.

In the World’s Tragedy, Household Gods, The Scorpion, and also The God-Eater, the reader may study the efficacy of rape, and the sacrifice of blood, as magical formulae. Blood and virginity have always been the most acceptable offerings to all the gods, but especially the Christian God.

In the last paragraph, the reason of this is explained; it is because such sacrifices come under the Great Law of the Rosy Cross, the giving-up of the individuality, as has been explained as nauseam in previous chapters. We shall frequently recur to this subject.

By “the wheel spinning in the spire” is meant the manifestation of magical force, the spermatozoon in the conical phallus. For wheels, see Chapter 78.

In reading the notes .. you can see why Akin's "legitimate rape" has been running the loop, and how "giving up of individuality" was the result of the "wheel spinning in the spire" as the Patriot Act, the War-on-Terra all stemming from the collapse of the spire of 11 and 9 bomb in the middle.

I divined the OPLE LOPE POLE from the watermark egg of the Ten (read hand/yod) Dollar bill released with the passage of the Patriot Act. Patriot Act is "manifestation of magical force, the spermatozoon in the conical phallus."

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In line with my recent postings on the twilight language role of "corn" in cinema, comics, and other events, I wanted to stop for a moment to note the literal linkage and invention of the term "cereal killers." Corn is interchangeable with cereal in older European texts.

The editor of Paranoia Magazine, Joan d'Arc interviewed author Michael Hoffman in 2000, about his article, "The Scapegoating of Ted Kaczynski: Cereal Murder and the Group Mind."

Hoffman is to be credited within the widespread use of the terminology "cereal killers."

The missing element in studying true crime or occult crime or “cereal” killers is the story aspect. Above all else these are stories, like a bedtime story or a fairy story or a Shakespeare play. I’m not saying they are fiction. I’m saying they are speaking to the eternal verities and themes that are common to powerful literature and to the tales which have imprinted people to such an extent that they are passed down from generation to generation.
A story is a message told with words and other symbols, invoking familiar images from the subconscious, which then generate an internal dialogue between our conscious and subconscious.
* * *
There is an occult nose-thumbing at the bottom of many of these twilight language cereal murders, such as Jack the Ripper - poking fun at the investigators and the public because so many don't get the black comedy at the heart of it. It's a feeling of superiority magnified exponentially.
~ © Michael A. Hoffman II

Clearly, Hoffman brings to our attention the words "cereal killer" and "cereal murder" to convey the deeper meaning he sees in "serial murders." The use of the name "cereal" is linked to its occult (as in the original meaning, "hidden," as well as its more contemporary theme - paranormal).

Hoffman, in another article about the D.C. Sniper, wrote: "'Serial' killer is heard as 'cereal' killer (from Ceres the vegetative goddess of human sacrifice). This writer [Michael Hoffman] didn’t coin the word 'serial' killer for ritual murder, the U.S. government’s FBI profilers did."

From Wikipedia: "Ceres' devotion to her own offspring [is likened] to that of a cow to its calf; but she is also as the originator of bloody animal sacrifice, a necessity in the renewal of life. She has a particular enmity towards her own sacrificial animal, the pig. Pigs offend her by their destructive rooting-up of field crops under her protection."

The Roman Ceres' known mythology is indistinguishable from the Greek Demeter's.

(Fundie? Loony? Poser? Genius? I am not so sure anymore.)