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totalitarianism is based

Anarchism and small government just leads the nation into chaos. How can we force traditional values and conservatism if there isn't a strong state to kill all progressives? We need the state to put all cultural-leftists and progressives to death.

Without a strong forceful state, Liberals, faggots, feminists, and people who are opposed to fascism can't be stoned to death. And if we have people with opposing views still alive breathing, then they can rebel.

The state needs to put people with opposing views to DEATH. Genocide all who disagree with you, that's how you can truely bring about the society you want.

Fascism is the only way!!!

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[Blackpill] Autism is a jew bullshit myth to target non cucks. It doesn't exist

Firstly autism came from (((psychology))) which is a kike dominated field based on the theories of (((Freud))) and other jew theorists, so any research and concepts that comes from this field is likely lies and bullsit. It's relevant too that autism's demographic is mostly straight males who are usually white, and obviously jews hate this demographic. So what better way to discriminate and target them than to invent a bullshit illness like autism and then stereotype autists as nerdy, faggy feminine and retarded, so that these men get bullied.

Always remember too that jews love and need "neurotypicals". Their best pets and most useful puppets are neurotypicals because they listen to all the nigger jew music and watch kikeflix, and they don't question the lies and propaganda.

Just answer this: if autism is real then why are most autists so normal? True mentally ill like schizos and extreme anorexics are obviously different from everyone else, so why are autists so normal if autism actually exists?

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Serious trump is an absolute beast

the degree to which you're doing these 3 things is the degree to which you're non-cucked:

1. triggering soys
2. triggering foids
3. triggering normies

i have never seen anyone do these 3 things more consistently nor on a greater scale than donald trump

hitler was probably on a similar level

but in my lifetime, trump is in a league of his own

it's glorious to see

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[Cucked] Which part of Istambul convention is worse?

Lithuania (separatist part of Russia) not ratified that cucked convention yet, but now, with new government of alliance of cuckservators and "Liberty party" (you can guess what kind of stuff in it) planning to push if for ratification. And it pisses me off, that oppositionaires to concvention are so concentrating against tranny rights and social genders, that forgetting (or just being tradcucks and not seeing problem with that), that really biggest evil of it is just increasing rights of normal femoids of biological female sex, who are parasytes,. and deserve to be beaten by husbands

Poll: Which part of istanbul convention is orse and more damaging to society?


tranny rights and social gender stuff 0 votes 0.0%
protection of natural females from EARNED violence 3 votes 100.0%

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"covid" really, REALLY makes me hate chinks

daily reminder: covid isn't real

the gay 2-week flatten the curve bullshit i was willing to put up with last year (not really, but whatever, it was forced upon me so i had no choice)

but JFL people are still walking around in face diapers


[ten “Clown World” emoji]

clown world isn't enough anymore to describe this

and i can't help but feel like it's chink influence causing the rest of the world to mask-up like retards and then inject themselves with poison

all in the name of "modern soyience"

(((they're))) to blame too, obviously, and just to be clear: i don't wish any harm on chinks

but WOW is their culture cucked

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Pandora's Box

The loss of Donald Trump, the yellow conman, has awakened many whites to the realization that there is no one coming to their aid, as their countries fall to the final stages of the great Jewish plan. I've been following the networks of various extremists within the United States, and I can attest to the fact that their rhetoric is becoming more militant, calling for real life action rather than spreading memes online. It is glorious to watch unfold. All those young men who were mocked by the jewish media are now increasingly joining these groups.

Here is some of what's being posted:

/pol/ - How Vulnerable Are America's Power Grids?
/pol/ - The Accelerationist Manifesto

The elites know this, and are paying close attention :
Jan. 6-Inspired Domestic Terrorism Could Threaten U.S. for Next Two Decades - Homeland Security Today.us

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I hate normies

I hope they all get fucking cancer and die. Oh the pain they have caused me... they will never understand. Nor will they care. I was raised without a family, I never had the childhood any of these normfags had. I’m hated in society, I know. But I hate society too! I want it to collapse! It’s treated outsiders like shit! THERE WILL BE A CIVIL WAR, NORMFAGS WILL FEEL THE PAIN I FELT, AND THEY WILL FALL TO MY MOTHER FUCKING WRATH!!!!!!

Luckily, cancer has killed a lot of normfags. HAIL CANCER!!!!

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[Blackpill] why do women lack anything even remotely resembling a personality?

even more curiously, why do so many MEN pretend that their wives and girlfriends HAVE personalities?

it's not even taboo to point out this idea that women are "ghosts"

that would, afterall, imply you could successfully convince these men of this fact if you tried, because they'd know on some level that it's true

but you can't; normie men would think you're unhinged for even suggesting it, and it feels like a completely culturally unenforced psychological roadblock in terms of communicating meaningfully with them

sometimes i wonder if the defining characteristic of non-NTs is that we don't pretend to take women seriously as conscious, independent humans, and it's THIS, --that we never WANTED to take women seriously, starting when we were very young--that underlies all our social "problems" and many of our other misunderstandings in life

tldr: non-NTs, as children, see women for the ghosts they truly are, and normie society deems them "autistic" or "on the spectrum" because it mistakens women for normal humans with real personalities

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majority of men (80%+, probably much higher) are pretending to the world that they get women and have a sex life

[some graph; Non-Cucks United does not allow enlarging or linking to pictures if you are not logged in]

so women only match 1/50 guys and it takes 50+ matches to even get a date?
and majority of people meet via online dating?

yet normies almost ALL claim they get laid, have gfs and have sex?

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So I just watched the first episode of a hentai series called dropout. In that series people refused to work and stayed as NEETs and weren’t motivated enough. The government then passed a new act which gave them foids that would have sex with them if they were able to have good grades.

If this was implemented irl, this could be a pretty good solution to inceldom. It’s a win win situation. Incels like us will be happy because we have foids provided by the government to have sex with and we would be willing to put more effort in school and get jobs.

But there were a couple issues I had with the way things went. The first issue I had was that they were all fucking in the same room. That’s pretty gay because you will literally be fucking some foid but in front of other guys while they are doing it too. I personally wouldn’t feel very comfortable in that situation and won’t have as good of a time.


Overall, the new act passed by the government was fundementally good but just had some issues which should have been fixed. If those issues I brought up above were fixed then it would be a pretty decent solution or atleast compromise to inceldom. It will end up benefitting both parties. And the thing is that the foids enjoyed it as well so cucks/feminists wouldn’t care either but I am pretty sure it was for the sake of the hentai. Too bad the government is too gay and retarded to figure this out.

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[Cucked] Dominican Republic Officially Bans “Child Marriage”

(Link to Daily Stormer article »Dominican Republic Officially Bans “Child Marriage”«)

Dominican Republic, previously very based for having age of marriage at 15 and even 12% of marriages happening before the age of 15, has now cucked to pressure of retarded Western social norms and (((feminism))). Needless to say, another blackpill to add to the pile, I share in Anglin saying that when the ball drops for 2022 that the third world will become as cucked as here. I've also noticed this is becoming a trend, about a week or so ago I saw that the Philippines was going to raise the age of consent from 12 to 16 and of course cucktears was complaining it wasn't going high enough. :Honk: As we should all know, age of consent, is retarded. Girls just gonna get fucked by chad either way sooner or later, almost always sooner, makes no damn difference. Keep it low as possible and maybe some of the lolis will be young enough to know that you're not chad. Oh and it's always some kind of NGO claiming to 'help children' lobbying and pushing for this crap, that's how it just happened in the Philippines. Just the nation wrecking kike parasites doing what they usually do. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Of course the bit about them saying they are doing it to help children is a crock of shit. If pedo hunter faggots actually cared about kids maybe they would stop buying clothes made from child slavery or try to shut down the sweatshops. Maybe solve child hunger. Yeah it has nothing to do with helping children and everything to do with pushing globohomo feminist trash onto the masses. If I were in any position of power I would help liberate all young non-cucks and men of culture, end state compulsory education indoctrination and make it easier for them to find a nice loli.

“Child marriage” being bad is a stupid hoax
Girls should be married off at whatever time it is they are having sex, otherwise you’re promoting mass whoredom.