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Overprotective daddies of teen girls - biggest scum on this planet

Of teen or early post-teen, who still may have too much control over daughter, and so debil may be against his teen daughter being with chronologically older man, and so debil, as simple down-to earth man may fail to understand uniqueness of his daughter and her wanting to be artistic, spirritual, indifferent to material amd social wellbeing and to marry spiritually compatible man of culture, not some socioeconomically well established normie he prefers

Finding good waifu of culture is already extremely hard, but thanks to overprotective daddies it becomes much harder, as necessity to search not only for waifu of culture, but also her to be having daddy of culture, or being from dysfunctional family, with daddy not present, or not involved much, (which can create other problems, various daddy issues)

Anyone who fails to understand overprotective daddies being scum - are scum themselves, lower than any tranny or faggot

Overprotective daddies of teen girls are not compatible with kemonisation

(submitters note: the OP has the words “proud hebephile/ephebophile” in his flair)

Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho ncu.su

All based woke men need embrace kemonism

Between feminist cucks, who respect sluts and serve them, and tradcucks, who still in some way respect 'muh mother of muh children", and fuckboiys who respect no one with vegane, it is right path of respect those girls who deserve it, by being kemono friends, and so really based and woke man of culture is who refuses both feminism and tradcuckery, by choosing enlightened way of kemonism. Problem is findind 3d girls who deserve kemonism, and so mostly it is just ideological respect of idea what good waifu should be

Disgusting non-kemono foids, set them on fire, enslave, force-prostitute, and one nice glorious day, when artificial kemono waifus created - exterminate those inferior natural biocunts

Mazdak X #pedo #psycho #sexist ncu.su

Perhaps Another Great Reason To Be JAlLBAlT-Pilled And Accept The Fact That New Is Better Than Pre-Owned

Is the fact that child soldiers are based and blackpilled. In a physio-biological and socioeconomic struggle that brutal as fuck for low smv males, all low smv males, including those under muh 18 are disposable prisoners to the enemy. So if we were blessed with The Uprising, wouldn't you want the the youngcels to be a part of it? If I was the father of at fourteen year old boy and The Uprising was happening, there is no ageism. Let's be real, everyone would be alright with teenage boys taking up arms against the oppressors alongside every other kind of low smv male. Here's another sour reality for the glowies and incel haters, foids would be happy to see their teen sons loot porky. They'd only be disappointed if they were caught or kiIIed.

So why should I be against lolipillers when I am child soldierpilled? Fuck bro, if I was a child soldier growing up... I'd probably have had a chance to lootmaxx for surgerybux. Not only that but I would have started a career with LIKEMINDED and TRIBALY CONNECTED brocels. Lots of great milestones and coming of age memories that come from the ultimate thugmaxxing, which is child soldiermaxxing. And the fact that The Uprising is the ultimate haves versus have-nots battle, the amount of confidence and life fulfilment from partaking in such a great time would have really made my personality and character shine.

In the name of Incelos Philadelphos, may we see nerdy teencel gamers actually MineCraftmaxxing enemy combatants and participating in a good future for brocels together with the other cels.


Moonman1488 #pedo #racist #sexist #wingnut ncu.su

These are the only countries that are not accepting 6 million immigrants a day, aren’t falling for progressive liberal feminist bullshit, and are overall healthy white nations with decent border security and national identity.
I understand some Slavs are still Antifa because of Commie/Soviet influence, but it seems that Orthodox Christianity is doing a really good job at maintaining traditionalism in the Slavic world and combating neo-Sovietism.

In my ideal world, we could all bread young fertile healthy white 13-16 yo lolis and make them mothers of healthy white children. Sadly, even other white nationalists will hate me for suggesting this.

Moonman1488 #racist #wingnut ncu.su

I don’t believe that negros are oppressed by whites. I believe that negros are oppressed by reality. You see, negros are such inferior trash that even if they were to genocide all whites, they would still be living shitty lives in huts in Africa. There would still be slavery, because believe it or not there were black slave owners who owned other blacks as slaves. There would also still be police brutality, because guess what, negros are more barbaric than whites so therefore negro cops are more likely to be barbaric than white cops so therefore police brutality would probably be even worse.

So it seems that no matter what, negros are trash and will be living horrible lives.

Negros are oppressed by reality. @oenz @micropenis29

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Almost everyone is a sheep

I googled the work "kikeccine" and the few results are all from incel forums.

Either all search engines have been rigged or literally everyone is ignorant of what's going on with the plandemic hoax; even those who might realize that it's a lie, still don't name the certain people.

It's brutal. I know for a fact that I'm not at all the smartest person on Earth and nor is the average incel forum user; how is it that nobody sees the obvious hoax?

Malevolencel #sexist #transphobia ncu.su

"Saying such things is what makes you an incel"

This has to be one of the stupidest attempts to silence our conversation ever.

There is plain wrong, and the cucks who say that are themselves living proof of what I am saying. Despite all their womb-man respecting, they are even more incel that the men they are trying to mock. Here starts the blue-pilled mental gymnastics.

"No, you don't understand, respecting womb-men is the bare minimum and doesn't guarantee you a partner." This has of course also been disproven with chad-fishing, stories like that of Chad Bundy or Jeremy Meeks and dark triad studies. Womb-men prefer "misogyny", but only when it comes from a chad.

An incel's "misogyny" is only a turn off for a foid to the degree to which she assumes that he's ugly and has been rejected by other cells of the womb-man hivemind. Even then, there are countless foid "journalists" and "researchers" obsessed with our forums because most users never show their faces but generate pure misogyny. The cucks will say that womb-man ITcels exist, but no, troons don't count as womb-men by definition.

Malevolencel #sexist ncu.su

RE: We need a real sex offender registry

That would be a registry of all thots that engaged in non-marital sex. It's easy enough to get one off the ground, since most womb-men report their partners on social media for judgement of the foid hivemind. Since they are sex objects, it's safe to assume that all of their male "friends", boyfriends and the rest have been their sex partners.

We also need to make it mandatory for womb-men to take all the surnames of the men they have been with, one by one. This way you would be able to tell a used up cum depository by the word count in her second name and save yourself the trouble of "getting to know" a creature that doesn't even have a personality.


They would have 50 surnames on their credit card. Credit cards would be the size of an A4 piece of card.

They shouldn't have credit cards or any money in the first place, because they don't do any real work, do not generate value (except maybe as mothers in a two-parent family, which most of them are not).

personalityinkwell #psycho #sexist ncu.su

RE: A Response To: "You Aren't Entitled To Sex" (Nobody Is Entitled To Anything)

You aren't entitled to not face the consequences of men not getting sex

Foids are entitled to reporting rapes to the police

that is if the dude doesnt choke her to death before he leaves the scene

Malevolencel #psycho #sexist ncu.su

If rape is about power, as the cucks say, how are foids the victims when they get "raped"?

It's them who exploit and abuse the safety that society provides to leave the sub-8 men incel. It's them who have the government back up this forced loneliness with the apparatus of repression. It's them who get people jailed for attempts to have sex even in marriage.

If people are punished for a finished and successful sexual act backed up by physical strength of the man, how does it not apply to those who use the force of still more, and armed, men to leave people with no or failed sex? How are "married" foids who force dead bedrooms on their betabuxxers through the government bogeyman not rapists?

"Raped" womb-men are, in most circumstances, trying to be both the oppressor and the victim. They get what they have coming and they still wouldn't be getting it if they made a small effort to use the government machine one extra time, but they choose not to do it because, as research shows, they enjoy being "raped". Then they have their sexual partners punished, if they happen to be sub-8, with imprisonment, where actual rape and murder occur as "retaliation" for something that womb-men seek all their lives. How is this anything more than a foid power trip?

The cucks will call this rape advocacy, because they have no argument or the guts to accept genuine questions for which they don't have ready answers provided by sources of "official truths". Still, such questions need to be asked, because this level of cuckoldry cannot slide unquestioned and accepted.

Napoleon de Geso #sexist ncu.su

[Based] Instead "age of consent" better be implemented weight of consent upon females

If female is too fat - she forbidden to do sexual activity, untill loses weight, and if she still does it - then she becomes rapist of man (or another female, in case of lesb) she touched in inapropriate way of being fat. Exceptions can be done for foids who fat because of serious medical conditions (which feminism, while being retarded and degenerate, but medical condition as does not count), and for foids who's husband is clinically diagnosed pervert with atraction to fat females. Ordinary men cannot consent to fat females, and fat female touching them in sexual way couns as she doing action of statutory **** upon nonconsenting man

Malevolencel #wingnut #sexist #dunning-kruger ncu.su

[Idea] Free speech is an absolute right

There are no "eXcEpTioNs" to free speech. It's perfectly allowed, though stupid and unreasonable, to shout "FIRE" in a crowded theatre.

If you believe in "exceptions" or any other restrictions of free speech, then you do not believe in free speech, and then you do not believe in human rights and have literally no ground to talk about your "rights" ever.

The right to free speech is an objective reality and is exists without permission from the government, it is universal and requires no good goy soycial credit score to use. Even the anti-free speech cucks can use this right, but it's up to the normal people (like ourselves) not to listen to these idiots

The cucks can waste decades and decades of their pathetic existence to assist certain people's effort to eliminate free speech and replace it with permitted speech, but they cannot win.

Free speech and other human rights (which womb-man "rights" are not) are an objective reality, as evidenced by the failure of nations who repressed said rights. In particular, every dictatorship has eventually become a corrupt shithole and got wiped out; while the US with its right to free speech, to representation, to guns and so on has become the wealthiest nation ever. Only with the introduction of the fake foid "rights" and the restrictions on the real rights did it start to crumble, and it will eventually collapse.

In particular, it's our right to spread the blackpill truth on the major social media platforms, because their coverage makes them essential social infrastructure and therefore a key part of exercising the right of free speech (as opposed to incel-only or soycuck-only or other community-centered forums).

Any cuck that advocates for repression of free speech to end up in a corrupt shithole with stagnating economy and no political process has only himself to blame.

Stodge #sexist ncu.su

Every man should be opposed to abortion

I am probably preaching to the choir here and I am sure that no one likes to see their tax money diverted toward "women's health" initiatives that allow them to whore around in an orgiastic frenzy on the back of fetal corpses. However, it remains to formulated exactly what is so nauseating about abortion from a particularly masculine perspective.


Abortion makes woman the arbitrator of life itself and elevates her to a uniquely dread significance. This act is even metaphysical in its implications and is the first shudder of a slumbering primitive goddess. Framing this issue as the "freedom to choose" is a clear investment of woman with the right to bestow and remove life from existence. What I mean: consider the rhetorical tricks often used by defenders of abortion. Unbelievably, the same being could be either "a beautiful babby" or a "clump of cells" depending on the womb it occupies; the ontological status of an embryo can be altered by something as flighty and crippled as a woman's choice, the same thing that prefers whoring to wisdom and already has such a poor record to its name. This is the trial run of what cucked men wish to manifest in social existence, where a woman is able to deputize you into legitimate humanity by the act of "fucky fuck smexytime" (soys have very disgusting and childish ways of saying it) - until that time, you are merely potential: incomplete and liable to be snuffed out at whim just like a "clump of cells".

Truly, such a horror casts us back to the fertility cults of antiquity, where undeveloped slave-men are tyrannized over by a capricious mammy goddess. Or a hive of drone bees servicing a sessile, bloated queen. The return of the Great Mother presiding over a brood of impotent children. "Pro-choice" and the ethics of "consent" are the primary vehicles by which low forces rend apart the higher. This is not an existence compatible with the honor of man.


Malevolencel #sexist #wingnut #crackpot #dunning-kruger #conspiracy ncu.su

[Conspiracy] "Women shouldn't have rights" is a psyop

The proposition that womb-men's rights should be taken from them is only valid if you recognize that womb-men have rights in the first place. They supposedly "have rights" because it's written on a special piece of paper and protected by the government.

This is nothing short of a siege to the idea of rights, law and justice.

Firstly, there is no such thing as "women's rights". There are human rights, which are rights that all humans have, and there are civil rightd, which all citizens have in a given nation. "Women's rights" are therefore an attempt to create a special group of rights under the guise of compassion and the only possible result of that is erosion of equality before the law.

Secondly, a right in not a permission from the government written on a special piece of paper. An action is not a human right by virtue of being protected by brute strength of the Leviathan. It's the first world nations that designated their governments and laws in such a way that certain actions are protected unconditionally, as inaliable rights. A right is by definition something that someone is justly entitled to.

Basically, if you say "women should not have rights", you are saying that such rights exist but should be denied. You are saying that womb-men have the right to spend their sexy years on meme education and debt accumulation, ride dicks and murder whatever climbs out of them as a result, and the only reason this needs to stop is because you don't like it. If you don't see how this is cucked, you need to think about it more.

The only consistent position on the womb-man question that is not cucked is "foids do not have rights".

LOLIstice #sexist ncu.su

I’m Normalize rape (in gta V) , young men (from incel to chad) should be taught to rape and society has to accept it , imagine instead of staying home and masturbate you go outside and pick your fleshlight that you want to creampie (in need for speed)
Everytime there'd be a feminist rally , based men of culture raid it and start raping them left and right (in sims 3)

personalityinkwell and EckhardTollemaxx #homophobia #transphobia #kinkshaming #fundie ncu.su

[Based] Bisexuals are the worst type of degenerates

[Screenshot from some crank site titled “SATAN is a TRANSEXUAL”]

"mixing holy with the profane"

think about the word "mixing"

When Adam and Eve were in the garden, he said to them "you shall become like gods, knowing what is good and evil"

yet technically, he told the truth in a way. he mixed truth with deception.

also check out this comment


Being gay means spreading disease. The bisexual chad is the worst type of gay, he has sex with plenty of women, spreading gay diseases to the women that you get from them later. Actual gays just literally fuck each other and die without spreading the problem to normal people.

Napoleon de Geso #racist #conspiracy ncu.su

[Based] Incels are holocaust survivors

"Holocaust" is greek word, "ὁλόκαυστος", with meaning of being burned, something like that. So what right joos have to take word of another language, and especially of language by used of so much higher civilisation peoples than them? Or do they (think)? Some tribe of goat herders and smugglers, who brought to world much more bad than good...

So joos have no any moral or any other right to regulate usage of "holocaust" word. And what is done on incels, is righfully can be called holocaust

And not even that. Even jewish word for "holocaust of joos", what is "shoah" , is can be righfully used by incels, because what is being done on us, is much more horrible atrocity than that of "joo holocaust/shoah" (even if it happened). Just it be untasty to call ourselves with word of so ugly language, and of so harmfull people, who are at very big part responsible for holocaust, done upon us

Moonman1488 #wingnut #psycho #homophobia #sexist ncu.su

totalitarianism is based

Anarchism and small government just leads the nation into chaos. How can we force traditional values and conservatism if there isn't a strong state to kill all progressives? We need the state to put all cultural-leftists and progressives to death.

Without a strong forceful state, Liberals, faggots, feminists, and people who are opposed to fascism can't be stoned to death. And if we have people with opposing views still alive breathing, then they can rebel.

The state needs to put people with opposing views to DEATH. Genocide all who disagree with you, that's how you can truely bring about the society you want.

Fascism is the only way!!!

ElliotRodger #conspiracy #racist #dunning-kruger ncu.su

[Blackpill] Autism is a jew bullshit myth to target non cucks. It doesn't exist

Firstly autism came from (((psychology))) which is a kike dominated field based on the theories of (((Freud))) and other jew theorists, so any research and concepts that comes from this field is likely lies and bullsit. It's relevant too that autism's demographic is mostly straight males who are usually white, and obviously jews hate this demographic. So what better way to discriminate and target them than to invent a bullshit illness like autism and then stereotype autists as nerdy, faggy feminine and retarded, so that these men get bullied.

Always remember too that jews love and need "neurotypicals". Their best pets and most useful puppets are neurotypicals because they listen to all the nigger jew music and watch kikeflix, and they don't question the lies and propaganda.

Just answer this: if autism is real then why are most autists so normal? True mentally ill like schizos and extreme anorexics are obviously different from everyone else, so why are autists so normal if autism actually exists?

Legendarywristcel #sexist #dunning-kruger ncu.su

It is disturbing that guys who are married never talk about 'morning face'

At 33, i often move in circles where the guys are married with kids. Now ive seen their wives, some of them are good looking and most arent. But even the good looking ones, in the rare instances that ive caught them with less than usual fakeup, look scary. I can only imagine how they look when they wake up in the morning. And yet, this now has become an accepted fact of life for these guys, that they dare not question it. In 2021, you have to accept that your 'looksmatch' is actually a frauding beast, whom you mog to oblivion when fakeup is accounted for.

I think these guys who married their wives for looks, have now convinced themselves that their relationship has matured (JFL) to a point where they like their wives for the person they are.

micropenis29 #wingnut #sexist ncu.su

Serious trump is an absolute beast

the degree to which you're doing these 3 things is the degree to which you're non-cucked:

1. triggering soys
2. triggering foids
3. triggering normies

i have never seen anyone do these 3 things more consistently nor on a greater scale than donald trump

hitler was probably on a similar level

but in my lifetime, trump is in a league of his own

it's glorious to see

Napoleon de Geso (“proud hebephile/ephebophile”) #sexist #transphobia #wingnut ncu.su

[Cucked] Which part of Istambul convention is worse?

Lithuania (separatist part of Russia) not ratified that cucked convention yet, but now, with new government of alliance of cuckservators and "Liberty party" (you can guess what kind of stuff in it) planning to push if for ratification. And it pisses me off, that oppositionaires to concvention are so concentrating against tranny rights and social genders, that forgetting (or just being tradcucks and not seeing problem with that), that really biggest evil of it is just increasing rights of normal femoids of biological female sex, who are parasytes,. and deserve to be beaten by husbands

Poll: Which part of istanbul convention is orse and more damaging to society?


tranny rights and social gender stuff 0 votes 0.0%
protection of natural females from EARNED violence 3 votes 100.0%

micropenis29 #quack #racist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger ncu.su

"covid" really, REALLY makes me hate chinks

daily reminder: covid isn't real

the gay 2-week flatten the curve bullshit i was willing to put up with last year (not really, but whatever, it was forced upon me so i had no choice)

but JFL people are still walking around in face diapers


[ten “Clown World” emoji]

clown world isn't enough anymore to describe this

and i can't help but feel like it's chink influence causing the rest of the world to mask-up like retards and then inject themselves with poison

all in the name of "modern soyience"

(((they're))) to blame too, obviously, and just to be clear: i don't wish any harm on chinks

but WOW is their culture cucked

tsirorreT #wingnut #racist #psycho ncu.su

Pandora's Box

The loss of Donald Trump, the yellow conman, has awakened many whites to the realization that there is no one coming to their aid, as their countries fall to the final stages of the great Jewish plan. I've been following the networks of various extremists within the United States, and I can attest to the fact that their rhetoric is becoming more militant, calling for real life action rather than spreading memes online. It is glorious to watch unfold. All those young men who were mocked by the jewish media are now increasingly joining these groups.

Here is some of what's being posted:

/pol/ - How Vulnerable Are America's Power Grids?
/pol/ - The Accelerationist Manifesto

The elites know this, and are paying close attention :
Jan. 6-Inspired Domestic Terrorism Could Threaten U.S. for Next Two Decades - Homeland Security Today.us

Moonman1488 #wingnut #psycho ncu.su

I hate normies

I hope they all get fucking cancer and die. Oh the pain they have caused me... they will never understand. Nor will they care. I was raised without a family, I never had the childhood any of these normfags had. I’m hated in society, I know. But I hate society too! I want it to collapse! It’s treated outsiders like shit! THERE WILL BE A CIVIL WAR, NORMFAGS WILL FEEL THE PAIN I FELT, AND THEY WILL FALL TO MY MOTHER FUCKING WRATH!!!!!!

Luckily, cancer has killed a lot of normfags. HAIL CANCER!!!!

micropenis29 #sexist #crackpot #dunning-kruger ncu.su

[Blackpill] why do women lack anything even remotely resembling a personality?

even more curiously, why do so many MEN pretend that their wives and girlfriends HAVE personalities?

it's not even taboo to point out this idea that women are "ghosts"

that would, afterall, imply you could successfully convince these men of this fact if you tried, because they'd know on some level that it's true

but you can't; normie men would think you're unhinged for even suggesting it, and it feels like a completely culturally unenforced psychological roadblock in terms of communicating meaningfully with them

sometimes i wonder if the defining characteristic of non-NTs is that we don't pretend to take women seriously as conscious, independent humans, and it's THIS, --that we never WANTED to take women seriously, starting when we were very young--that underlies all our social "problems" and many of our other misunderstandings in life

tldr: non-NTs, as children, see women for the ghosts they truly are, and normie society deems them "autistic" or "on the spectrum" because it mistakens women for normal humans with real personalities

mylifeistrash #conspiracy #crackpot #sexist #dunning-kruger ncu.su

majority of men (80%+, probably much higher) are pretending to the world that they get women and have a sex life

[some graph; Non-Cucks United does not allow enlarging or linking to pictures if you are not logged in]

so women only match 1/50 guys and it takes 50+ matches to even get a date?
and majority of people meet via online dating?

yet normies almost ALL claim they get laid, have gfs and have sex?

JosefMengelecel #sexist #homophobia #psycho ncu.su

So I just watched the first episode of a hentai series called dropout. In that series people refused to work and stayed as NEETs and weren’t motivated enough. The government then passed a new act which gave them foids that would have sex with them if they were able to have good grades.

If this was implemented irl, this could be a pretty good solution to inceldom. It’s a win win situation. Incels like us will be happy because we have foids provided by the government to have sex with and we would be willing to put more effort in school and get jobs.

But there were a couple issues I had with the way things went. The first issue I had was that they were all fucking in the same room. That’s pretty gay because you will literally be fucking some foid but in front of other guys while they are doing it too. I personally wouldn’t feel very comfortable in that situation and won’t have as good of a time.


Overall, the new act passed by the government was fundementally good but just had some issues which should have been fixed. If those issues I brought up above were fixed then it would be a pretty decent solution or atleast compromise to inceldom. It will end up benefitting both parties. And the thing is that the foids enjoyed it as well so cucks/feminists wouldn’t care either but I am pretty sure it was for the sake of the hentai. Too bad the government is too gay and retarded to figure this out.

Lecherous #pedo #sexist #racist ncu.su

[Cucked] Dominican Republic Officially Bans “Child Marriage”

(Link to Daily Stormer article »Dominican Republic Officially Bans “Child Marriage”«)

Dominican Republic, previously very based for having age of marriage at 15 and even 12% of marriages happening before the age of 15, has now cucked to pressure of retarded Western social norms and (((feminism))). Needless to say, another blackpill to add to the pile, I share in Anglin saying that when the ball drops for 2022 that the third world will become as cucked as here. I've also noticed this is becoming a trend, about a week or so ago I saw that the Philippines was going to raise the age of consent from 12 to 16 and of course cucktears was complaining it wasn't going high enough. :Honk: As we should all know, age of consent, is retarded. Girls just gonna get fucked by chad either way sooner or later, almost always sooner, makes no damn difference. Keep it low as possible and maybe some of the lolis will be young enough to know that you're not chad. Oh and it's always some kind of NGO claiming to 'help children' lobbying and pushing for this crap, that's how it just happened in the Philippines. Just the nation wrecking kike parasites doing what they usually do. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Of course the bit about them saying they are doing it to help children is a crock of shit. If pedo hunter faggots actually cared about kids maybe they would stop buying clothes made from child slavery or try to shut down the sweatshops. Maybe solve child hunger. Yeah it has nothing to do with helping children and everything to do with pushing globohomo feminist trash onto the masses. If I were in any position of power I would help liberate all young non-cucks and men of culture, end state compulsory education indoctrination and make it easier for them to find a nice loli.

“Child marriage” being bad is a stupid hoax
Girls should be married off at whatever time it is they are having sex, otherwise you’re promoting mass whoredom.