Napoleon de Geso #sexist #elitist ncu.su

Wouldn't be better for wellbeing of clients to amputate eyes of prostitutes and put artificial ones instead?

Clients of prostitutes may be not good looking men, and that may result in decrease of service quality by prostitutes doing her job worse (or even refusing at all), and ugly men feeling insecure and being insulted and receiving emotional damage, if see prostitute looking at them with disgust

JayGoptri #homophobia ncu.su

Trump has now begin using the word "fucking". He can do it now. He's not President.

Yeah the point he should make more clearly (but is not able to) is that Climate change = Covid = Ukraine = Black Oppression = Gay "rights". They are all the same thing.

"America is not progressive enough on Gay rights" LMAO. The LGBT community should come to the East and see how homosexual men are reduced to begging in the streets lol.

Napoleon de Geso, CunnyEnjoyer & Ghost of Eskimo #wingnut #racist #sexist #conspiracy #psycho ncu.su

(Napoleon de Geso)
In honor and memory of Hitler we need to exterminate white females
As much as we respect Hitler and are thankful to him for trying to make world better place, but we also need to look at him with constructive criticism, and see that he just tried, but failed to grasp real truth, what only we, based men of culture, had understood, about what real enemies of humanity and parasitoid vermins are - white females. And is our duty to finish Hitler's work by exterminating them

Foids just need to be controlled and forced into submission by force but no one is doing that, its all on kikes.

(Napoleon de Geso)

Foids just need to be controlled and forced into submission by force but no one is doing that, its all on kikes.

Kikes only give freedom to femoid's inner animal. And white femoid's inner animal wants nigger cock, not white man's

(Ghost of Eskimo)
Hitler was a puppet of the jews. Many Nazis were Free Masons that were manipulated by jews. Some Nazis were even jews.

Hitler sent the kikes to summer camps. The pictures of thin bodies and piles of bodies come from the end of the war when Allies bombed the German supply chains.

Hitler was building a technocracy and developing technology that would later stolen by the Allies. I think all technocracies eventually become cucked.

Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho ncu.su

At this moment so sucks not being manly man who can do serious fight against degenerate ukrainians

After reading news about Russian army not doing so well, and degenerates almost ready to celebrate victory of "western values", I feel so lame not being man enough, who could join Russian army and do serious fight. If at best could be possible to do it as low level expendable mook - thats not tempting idea, as man of honor and culture - I deserve more. But if I could be something like skilled sniper, and shoot me some ukrainians, or be pilot, and bomb their feminist cities - that be nice

Stupid ukrop whore, it is me, who bombed your house and shot your simpcuck husband. AND YOY'RE NEXT



Russia is gigacucked too nowadays

It is fight not for Russia and not against ukraine, but against Wester feminism, which in Russia is still less prevalent

Ghost of Eskimo #sexist #racist #wingnut ncu.su

The Blackpill Needs a MLK and Malcolm X

MLK and Malcolm X were considered the Ying and the Yang.

MLK was the moderate and Malcolm X was the radical.

But in reality MLK was a radical nigger commie. But the normshit cuckservatives loved hearing him quote the Bible and talk about Jebus.
We need a radical blackpiller to publicly say shit like, "We need to enslave foids, you can't rape your wife, domestic violence isn't real, you should be able to marry 7 years olds, Female Genital Mutilation needs to standard, etc."

We need a list of the most radical things you could do to women that can be passed off as serious.

Then we need an MLK incel to come out and quote the bible. And offer more moderate positions and placate the Christcucks.

1 Timothy 2:11-12​
11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
"But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God." (I Corinthians 11:3)

"For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man." (I Corinthians 11:8-9)

Moonman1488 & AnalAndro #wingnut #psycho #racist ncu.su

RE: how do you feel about nuclear war?


Please let it happen, God I hate agecucks and kikes and degenerates in this world just fucking make it happen nuke them all

Yes maybe it will happen, in this case I already have a list of accelerationists and communists that I want to deal with myself. Because commies, just like the cockroaches they truly are, tend to find always a way to survive, so I am sure they will not be destroyed like I would like to happen. For example I need to deal with Toni Negri myself, because he's an accelerationist and an evilcommie that stays far away distant from actual conflicts, he brainwashed many young retards that think communism is highIQ and sent them to do his dirty work.

Then I think it's time for him to pay for the blood he shed, fucking dirty stinky commie.

hate agecucks

Yes I hate them too. In this world we cannot even fap to lolis without facing consequences, all done to protect the mental derangements of some of the stupidest beings of this planet. It's more than enough to wish for a nuclear disaster to happen.

oenz #sexist #crackpot ncu.su

Cultural Lolipill Party
I Will Make a Political Party to make Normies Seethe:

Cultural Lolipill Party Or can be called CP to Make Normies seethe.

Age of consent Reform.
Counter Culture.
Youth Liberation.

This Party Will be California Only.
Anyone want to join?

oenz #homophobia #sexist ncu.su

Lolipill Ideology.

In This Post I Will discuss the Ideology of the Lolipill I Will Structure this Explanation Like a Wiki Article.

The Lolipill is a ideology Very Similar to Standardceldom but Also similar to Mgtow But Most Lolipilled Men Are Closely Cultured with the Incel Blackpillers Rather then Mgtow Redpillers. The Lolipilled Men are Similar to Standardcels in the way they May Describe as, "We Dont want Used up Sluts and Feminists But We Want Virgin Loli's of Culture and Prime Age." Most Lolipilled men Disagree with the Traditional Blackpiller on Wanting to Have sex with Hookers or Sluts. Lolipilled men Are usually more attracted to Females of 8-12 Years old and many of them Do Not Like Homosexual Minor Attracted people or Homosexuals in General. The Debates Between Lolipilled Men and Homosexual Map rights activist are Comical.
Lolipilled Men Dont Have a Unified Solution for the Concept of age or Age of consent but All of them do Agree that Age of consent must be Lowered.
But What is True though the Lolipilled Men are Not Usually Politically the Same or Philosophically the Same they have Only a Few Strings holding them together Such As Anti Feminism, Lowering the Age of consent and Being Close with the Incel Blackpill Community.

(Some Lolipilled Argument)

Demographics and Where to Find the Community:
The Lolipilled Men Largely Consist in Anti Age cuck Forums or Communities Especially the Ones that Nathan Larson had ran and the Forums that Were Made in the General Larsonosphere.
You May Find Many in:

The Blackpill Club

Lolipilled Men and MSTOW:
Some are MSTOW but dont Realize it while Most are Just Blackpill Basement Dwellers.

Lolipill and Homosexuality:
Most of them Do Not Like Homosexuals But Some are Neutral with it.

micropenis29 #conspiracy #wingnut ncu.su

russia & ukraine = pure fake news

i thought this was obvious to everyone here, but apparently it's not

like the covid hoax, the only point of this hoax is to turn normies all over the world against donald trump

in this case, the globalist commies are associating trump with the evil genius putin

Various Commenters #transphobia #psycho ncu.su

disgusting black tranny says this shit


18 year old with a 14 year old is a pedo according to this freak of nature

that "thing" didnt use the word pedo

it doesnt understand romeo and juliet laws though. 18 and 14 is actually legal in some areas even if aoc is 16. the aoc of 16 is when there is no close in age exemption

(Ghost of Eskimo)
Like I would ever listen to this faggot for moral judgement. This thing needs to be curb stomped.



All agecucks should be curb stompted. Me, @JosefMengelecel, and @DominicanDancel91 want to carry out an agecuck holocaust where we torture and kill all agecucks (in gta)

Yes I want to open a death camp to torture all agecucks to death. And also perform experiments on them

What do you complain about? He's already well served because he's tranny. He will simply keep repeating state propaganda, what do you expect from one of his kind? He's just like the incels that keep spamming teenlove oneitis offidoffi all the time, the NPCs are known for being propaganda machines. I simply can't wait till the day all the NPCs will simply be replaced with actual robots, because I am tired of their repetitive talks that never come to the point.

Malevolencel #quack #conspiracy ncu.su

People who get boosters are the same people who tell you to improve yourself

You could be forgiven for thinking that the people who tell incels to take another shower, get an even more fashionable haircut (assuming you got hair) or respect womb-men even harder are trolling. Naturally, only a complete moron would suggest doing the same things over and over again that don't even have a learning curve and expecting an improvement.

Now with the plandemic we see how the normies not only believe in the fake problem of "covid", but also willingly take the same "vaccine" that doesn't work (except if its intended effect is heart disease) and hope that a 4th booster will finally return them to "normal".

We can now see that they are not some clever and vile trolls, they are just stupid and impolite sheep.

-_- , personalityinkwell & ÜbermenschPilled #sexist ncu.su

RE: Hebephilia and ephebophilia are biologically normal.

good thread

they don't have to be some random age or in a certain stage of puberty to consent to sex

all they need to consent is sexual feelings and the ability to say yes

which can be done by foids as young as 7 years old

agecucks dont use logical arguments, they use dishonest ones

high aoc laws were created by feminists, and parents like them because it makes it easier to not worry about grown men trying to bang their jb daughters

Not wanting to kreempie 14yo means your brain is broken by modern propaganda.
No saving you.
I am going to the grave with it even if I marry a roastie someday
12 is prime Yolo. Fuck the police.

micropenis29 #elitist ncu.su

the joy of taxing the poor

the poor should be taxed more heavily than the rich

and the ultra rich shouldn't be taxed at all

yes, in the long-run, taxation should be eliminated altogether (as i've said many times)

but given that we're going to tax some people, those people should be poor people

the poor should subsidize the rich for 2 main reasons:

1) it incentives the poor to become more productive and to become rich, which in turn increases societal wealth

2) it decreases the burden on the rich--who tend to be society's most productive people anyways--which leads to faster economic growth

if we want to eliminate poverty sooner, we need to soak the poor!

Napoleon de Geso #sexist #racist ncu.su

One more type of humanimals, who deserve to burn in one of deeper pits of hell: mongoloid cunts, who dont want to be fetishised

Not so deep as where biggest scum like pretty lithuanian females and overprotective daddies of teen girls belong, but still in one of deeper ones

Stupid mongoloid cunts, if you fetishised by fuckboy who pumps and dumps you - then being used by fuckboy is problem, whatever reasons he wanted your hole. And if being fetished by nice guy who wants to marry yoyu - then just be gratefull for having this great privilege, much greater than white men have being fetishised by some of your kind. How I "privileged white male" wish to have privilege of yours, to be admired and desired for my white beauty, and by hot ones of your kind, not uggies, or even worse - leeches, in what case it's not even fetishisation, but just exploatation. And so, being so white and beautifull, could just relax and rest my ass, because I'm just beautifull without necessity to do anything other than being kemono friend, so could be tang ping, could be even hikikomori, but still greatly desired, because I'm white and beautiful

And even more pisses me of your mongoloid stupidity, induced by Western feminist sjw degeneracies,, that I not even fetishiser of your kind, but of lolis, and you mongoloid cunts are just have more capabilities of being them, thats all. And I also fetishiser of good personality, girl being kemono friend comrade waifu of culture, what is opposite of hatefull toxic feminist sjw anti-fetishist cunt, as good waifu is only anti-chad and anti-fuckboy

oenz , mvolski & AnalAndro #senpai_noticed_us #sexist #crackpot ncu.su

JFL People Reacting to my View on Rape.
oenz #psycho #sexist

it's intriguing because it's perfectly natural

Rape is bad. Reason is because body is private property. Rape is not capitalistic. When you are capitalist you have to hold in your heart the value of private property, whoever touches your body without your permission is doing a communist action, so if you have a rifle you are allowed to shoot. Just like what happened to rittenhouse, somebody touched his rifle (private property) and he opened fire (totally legitimate defense against commy robbers), it's very simple. If somebody touches you without permission you are allowed to shoot him in the head.

Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho ncu.su

For improvement of my mental health white Western European females need be exterminated

Still under current OCD attack, longest one in many years now, lasting almost month, while other in those times last few days at worst. It got started right before Putin's military operation in ukraine from casual daily shit which triggered me, and polluted my mind with intrusive feeling of disgust. That feeling was increasing when reading news about military campaign and getting nervous and disappointed it not going as well as was expected, later got better, but when in tinder was swiping females in Wester Europe, strong OCD feeling of disgust came back, but now, when started swiping mongoloids, it almost went away and even have hope it will vanish atlast. So I see solution how to help me with OCD: exterminate white Western European and North American females, because they give me very negative emotions

If just looking at this easens my suffering from mental problems (similarly too looking at cute animu girls) - just think how much it could help by having and touching as own personal waifu (and exterminating white Western European and North American foids):

Napoleon de Geso #sexist #crackpot ncu.su

Once and for all need to be settled what inceldom is: man's inability to get sex with pretty females by his personal taste and preferences

Females cant be incels, as even ugly ones can get sex with hot men. Harder is to get commitment with that kind of men, so foids can be emcels, but as some uggofoids can bag model-tier man, it can be unironically said, that it's because of foid's personality if she can't. And with positive about this, that cute adorable loli waifu of culture also is emcel, because wants only honorable man of culture, and refuses ordinary males, even chads and prettyboys (because if loli of culture going for chads and pretyboys - she is really loli of noculture, and not kemono friend)

And for man - only sex with pretty females counts, and only inability to get sex with this kind of females is what called inceldom, as it is evaluation of man as evolved civilised being, with sense of honor and aesthetics, unlike humanimals who only want to thrust their ejaculational stick into any ejaculational hole available. And if man is racist, or wants only females of another preferred by him race - females of refused races also does not count, even being objectively pretty. Because it is man's preferences only, what is important. So even more, if man is in ability to get sex with foid who's pretty by more wide and objective beauty standards, but does not fit his personal ones - she does not count, and in opposite, if female is not so pretty by global beauty standards, but fits into his personal taste - she does. Because thats what important, what defines man's status, and one of it being inceldom - man's ability to get things, desirable and valuable by his personal taste. Unlike in cuckcelosphere, where they "REEEEE [ugly] female wanted sex you? FAKECEEEEELL!!!!!111", in that way denying man as civilised being, and instead putting ugly femorloid on pedestal, giving her rights to define man's status by what she, ugly and unworthy creature, wants. [...]

AnalAndro #crackpot #sexist ncu.su

Do you know what is ascension meme?

It was never about "getting a girlfriend", do you know this?

Ascension was used as a term to mean "you earned a new capability", this was referred to as the power to reject femoids. This is why zyzz was used as a meme reference, because for a male the power to reject femoids signifies ascension to godhood. When men can only get scraps and they never complain about scraps, they are simply unascended incels, once a losercel gets the foid he can get he is accepting scraps. The ascension meme was born when some men started to realize that they wanted to claim vengeance for their bitter past, so they looksmaxed and did what was necessary, only some became legit Chads, most people failed but tried.

The goal was never to get a girlfriend, it was never about becoming a normie. Even if most incels will try to tell you that ascension was just about "muh getting girlfriend doing instagram photos", it's all false. It's a lie that most incels will repeat endlessly. But contemporary incels weren't there, when the meme was born, they never wanted to claim vengeance for all what men had to endure. So the contemporary incels simply say that ascension is "when you get a foid", this is not the first meme that was changed by the digital sands in a matter of less than 1 decade.

oenz #psycho #sexist ncu.su

RE: A Harbinger of things to come
(submitters note: in reaction to a newspaper article titled "Russian troops accused of raping ‘numerous’ women as they rampage through Ukrainian cities")

So Sexy. Rape is intriguing to me cause the Idea of a Logical thinking human being becoming so Animalistic is hot.

personalityinkwell , TrashCanCel & micropenis29 #sexist ncu.su

RE: Lolipill Ideology.


i'm still waiting for lolipillers to address the unavoidable fact that young girls simply aren't attracted to them

lolipillers have always dodged this inconvenient truth, and i expect them to keep dodging

i'll continue to wait patiently for them to address this

Lolis have less life experience, and thus lower standards. Also lolis may want a young developed man over a little boy their age.

Problem is it's impossible to verify since merely approaching one is illegal, so we can only speculate. There isn't a way to clear cut verify it like you can with 18+ foids. All you can really say in response is "they probably aren't attracted to you, if you think you have any remote chance, you are coping."


i'm still waiting for lolipillers to address the unavoidable fact that young girls simply aren't attracted to them

In today's environment, I fully agree with you. Girls aged 7-8 have already been exposed to social media and the rest of modern Western culture. As a result, they have the same standards as other, older, foids.

Imo, "lolipillers" are in fact misguided tradcels (in most cases). What they truly want is women uncorrupted with globohomo slut-worship, which is obviously impossible to find today. I think "lolipillers" should just admit that either they want traditional submissive women or that they are just plain old pedophiles. For clarity's sake, the two issues should be kept separate


Lolis have less life experience, and thus lower standards. Also lolis may want a young developed man over a little boy their age.

i'd think less life experience = higher standards

i.e. the young girls who follow around celebrity gigachad, fantasizing about one day being his wife or a part of his harem

Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho ncu.su

Females owe us sex and attention, and only good therapist is one who does not try to brainwash that theyre not

Problem is those dumb foid creatures, with brains wired to breed with chads, fail to understand and fulfill it. So it is man's right to take required sex and attention by force, by doing so called "****". Or, since it is made illegal and so in most cases avoidable behaviour to be participator of it - there is another approach: leave foid be, for not wasting YOUR time and nerves. And we hardly can expect therapist to help us become better rapists (and that in most cases avoidable anyway and not reason we go to therapy), so we have right to demand for good therapist helping us become better at second approach - treating foids like shit, unworthy to waste our time and nerves upon it. No degenerate feministic brainwash about "respecting women's rights". Because theres nothing to respect.

And since some men still have need to love, respect, and cherish someone of female gender - we have anime girls for that

Malevolencel #sexist ncu.su

Why the red pill is total garbage

The red pill's wretchedness is summed up in the proposition that "women are the gatekeepers of sex and men are the gatekeepers of commitment".

This is complete bullshit, because the consequence of sex is childbirth, and by giving birth to children a man and a womb-man become family. Therefore, sex is commitment. That is, sex is not just a physical act of fucking a female, but also a pledge and a promise.

Just because the pleasure seeking degenerates use "birth control" in attempts to overrule nature, the men with "great personalities" dump their baby moms turning them into single mothers and the parties involved never form life-long partnerships doesn't make anything said above false. Rather, it supports what I have said above, because it reveals the low value of promises and commitments that modern people make. Given that many of the sex-havers go for abortion if the baby somehow comes to live, it also reveals how much they hate human life as such.

The red pill correctly asserts that used up womb-men with "high n-counts" are not suitable for long-term relationships, but does not in any way address it. Instead of seeking ways to restore the secure life-long commitment of marriage (like defunding womb-men's "rights"), the red pill cucks develop tricks to obtain "easy sex", devaluing both relationship benefits and the sex itself even further. Essentially, the red pill pertains to the degeneracy that has caused its emergence. The red pill is supposedly intended to help men deal with the degenerate modernity, but in the long run all it does is further exacerbate the problems that the naive believers expect it to solve.

Kevin Logan & oenz #psycho #sexist ncu.su

(Kevin Logan)
In-Prom, or Involuntary Promiscuity, is the status of foids who have been gang raped by Jihadcels and other worthless rapecel diddlers. When you’re diddle’d by an obtuse loony, it appears the moralfags try to stick up for you, but u know they don’t care. U always know they don’t.


In-Prom, or Involuntary Promiscuity, is the status of foids who have been gang raped by Jihadcels and other worthless rapecel diddlers. When you’re diddle’d by an obtuse loony, it appears the moralfags try to stick up for you, but u know they don’t care. U always know they don’t.

Rape is Funny and intriguing Knowing a Logical Living breathing human being Turns on his animalistic Mode to and then the female does also!

What's the blackpill in this scenario? In the last 4-5 years I truly morphed in the monstrous version of my already facially deformed self. (38 yesrs old)Losing all hair, reaching the abominable weight of 286 lbs for only 5'9", most facial collagen of my 20s gone, long messy Taliban bushbeard, non shaven horseshoe head and last time I had a shower being literally October I became the real world incarnation of the hentai uglybastard* […]

Read this if you find rape funny.

micropenis29 & Ghost of Eskimo #sexist #racist #wingnut ncu.su

women hate capitalism because they aren’t good at producing value

yes, there will always be commies like @chudur-budur who'll cherry-pick the most successful onlyfans girls or pornstars

but you must realize that @chudur-budur's a low-IQ ethnic, and so he benefits enormously from his special ethnic privilege granted to him by women, soys, governments, & commies

@chudur-budur views capitalism the same way women view capitalism: he's too dumb to understand it but can sense he'll lose privileges under it

without their fake (government) jobs, fake (government) hiring practices, and of course their welfare, women & the dumbest ethnics struggle under capitalism, while the rest of us thrive

(Ghost of Eskimo)
Capitalism is cucked because it never wants to resolve your issues. The more issues you have, the more money it makes.

Therapy based on Kike Freudin psychology is capitalism at it's finest. It reduces you down to a set of values that can be manipulated into accepting your incel wageslavery.

All that's needed in life is to: nut deep inside 13 year old pussy and a plot of land you can farm.

Ghost of Eskimo & AnalAndro #sexist ncu.su

RE: Based koreancels continue to not disappoint

(Ghost of Eskimo)
We need authoritarianism for women only. Only men deserve rights.

The korean protest is actually highIQ, western media puppets of twitter try to frame them as just stupid right wingers that care about muh they terk err jerbs!, but the reality is different. Korean dudes care about the unfair commiesocialist practice of giving hiring advantages for femoids only, the worse commiesocialist thing in the world: state allocation of jobs.

DirtyCurryCell & Ghost of Eskimo #racist ncu.su

(DirtyCurryCell )
Pretty sure there's a correlation between melanin and low IQ.

I'm serious.

Most white countries are doing good. Even Burgerland with it's decadence and Eastern Europe.

Asians have their own first worlds with Japan and Korea. And Even SEA has Singapore.

Even Muslim Asian and white countries like Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei.etc are leagues ahead of arab, african and curry muslim lands

(Ghost of Eskimo)
There's a correlation between health and IQ. In some tribes the foids have lower IQs because the men give them less nutrition. A good idea for control but not for the health of your offspring. That's why America imports the intelligentsia from Africa, India, and Asia. The white soycuck elite can use them against the poor stupid whites.
I highly suggest reading the Bell Curve by Charles Murray. Libgen is a free ebook site.

Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho ncu.su

Now is best time to swipe foids in Tinder, by doing it in ukrainia

Because now you know that all those disgusting thots who not fit your taste, of swipe you into left, are living in danger of being ***** and shot by russian soldiers, and so much higher chances of happening what we want so much with dumb foid who rejects us to happen - that she stops wasting oxygen, or atleast her ejaculational hole will be used by some ugly bastards without her permission

My new tinder world quest after few days, but in older search of ukrianian foids 18-22yo results were:


Tfu on ukrop whores, ugly russian soldiers are their perfect non-consensual match

Ghost of Eskimo #transphobia #sexist ncu.su

Hate to say it but trannies have allegedly existed in most ethnic groups. A book I read claims animals have a gender spectrum. For example: some fish like seahorses the males will take care of the offspring. The females lay thousands of eggs and the males developed a pouch to protect them. It easier for female fish to cuck the males biology because they can swim off.

Female Mammals ween the babies on the tit so it's hard to turn fathers into mothers. But primate societies have created a social culture that allows for the child to be raised by non-related parents. Most primates go through a sexual cycle that allows a male to know he's the father of his offspring.

But human males are getting cucked if they can't control the female for months at a time. I believe nature cucks many males physically. Most Gorilla males never breed. They're physically powerless.

Trannies represent the ultimate cucked male. Any healthy society will have a surplus of males. The tranny is revolting because it represents the leftist ideal. A compliant feminine male that subjugates itself to matriarchy.

Malevolencel #quack #racist #sexist ncu.su

The vaxx fanatics are absolute imbeciles

Imagine unironically citing the data on rising covid-1984 cases as PROOF that the vaxx is working AND getting booster shots.

Even the self-described "educated professionals" not only fail to see the scam, the inefficiency and the manipulation, they never even look at the data they are citing and how it is collected.

They are bragging about the "return to normal" and fail to see the problem with showing proof of vaccination to visit public places or different countries.

How stupid do you have to be to present your cooompliance as a virtue, blame those who don't take the GMO jab for its inefficiency against jew new "variants" and think you are somehow more civilised than those who resist the tyranny.

Universal suffrage and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

Robtical , AnalAndro & micropenis29 #sexist #wingnut ncu.su

RE: when the blackpill goes mainstream, what will you do?

More men being blackpilled means less simps willing to give foids free stuff, so the foids will have to work harder to get men's approval, like not being chad chasing whores in their prime years.


rooted in communism

yes communism is the big elephant in the room. To be honest, I think nobody truly cares about foids behavior at all. Or at least I don't remotely care about it. But on the other hand the threat of communism is very real.

More men being blackpilled means less simps willing to give foids free stuff, so the foids will have to work harder to get men's approval, like not being chad chasing whores in their prime years.

Normie variant of blackpill seem to be about giving money to ethots, and then calculating social interactions with petty microtransaction economy behavior. The normies calculate the cost they have if they associate with you, they decide if your worth is going to increase their social credit, they tend to be more aware of the impact that status has on their dating prospects, the normies also care more about "what foids think" as a result of mild exposure to blackpill topics, normies start rambling once they learn the foids realism science.

Once normies have that fraud "situational awareness" then they try appease foids demands even more, increasing simp behavior, not decreasing it.


More men being blackpilled means less simps willing to give foids free stuff, so the foids will have to work harder to get men's approval, like not being chad chasing whores in their prime years.

ok, let's say the blackpill becoming more widespread leads to some positive outcomes

even still, capitalism is what gave rise to the blackpilled discussions in the first place!

under communism, there's no free speech; we can't even discuss basic things that might improve society

AnalAndro #sexist ncu.su

RE: Lolipill Ideology.

unless you live in some very patriarcal country you can not get away with hitting foids below 12 regardless of being incel or not

Well, patriarchy doesn't mean anything specific. Maybe men in patriarchal society evaluate your worth, if you don't have money and you not capable to meet father demands you remain incel.

There are some feminist societies that are open to lolipilled behavior, others not so much.

To be honest I don't face much hatred from local feminazis, they do focus on appropriation of resources, they all work for Marxist organizations, but they are entirely focused on appropriation of resources and nothing else. They bother nobody, only some losers like myself actually care to notice how they are all funded by Marxist orgs. Most people don't even notice.

And lolipill behavior is not accepted, but still happens for Chads and lucky normies with cool social media status.

Various commenters #transphobia #sexist ncu.su

(Kevin Logan)

I miss the old /r9k/

Before posting in incels forums, I usually posted at /r9k/. It's was good to have a place to talk with others social rejects, but nowadays that boards is infested with trannies, cucks, guys with incest fetish and normies. I know that there is others /r9k/ in others imageboards, but is still sad to see something that you like get destroyed by outsiders. Trannies also tried to infiltrate wizardchan, but I think they all got banned from there.

Geez, what could possibly be lower-status than an MtF tranny. Even feminists reject them.

(Kevin Logan)

Geez, what could possibly be lower-status than an MtF tranny. Even feminists reject them.

Believe or not, I've heard many cases where women had sex with transvestites, but only trannies that resemble more a woman. Trannies that are too masculine are undesired by everyone.


Geez, what could possibly be lower-status than an MtF tranny. Even feminists reject them.

yeah but don't desperate thirsty dudes go for them?


yeah but don't desperate thirsty dudes go for them?

They'd have to be gay thirsty dudes, wouldn't they?


They'd have to be gay thirsty dudes, wouldn't they?

there are dudes who woud fuck MtF trannies but wouldn't fuck cisgender males

(Kevin Logan)

They'd have to be gay thirsty dudes, wouldn't they?

there are dudes who woud fuck MtF trannies but wouldn't fuck cisgender males

It's a fetish

(Meremy Jeeks)

there are dudes who woud fuck MtF trannies but wouldn't fuck cisgender males

Some men are very very desperate. Understandable considering how bad the situation is for non chad males. Have to add I would never do that but unfortunately lots of men would

JayGoptri , AnalAndro & Ghost of Eskimo #transphobia #sexist #racist ncu.su

Judge whose not a Biologist
This proud woman of color can't even describe what a "woman" is. If the question was making her confused because of all the edgey new age commentary she's supposed to say, which is clogging her mind, she could have at least just given a few examples of the female species. Of course shes not a Biologist, so she gets a pass? And just today, all the leftist stations reporting "Science says there is no easy answer to the question"

The absolute shitty state of affairs in America.

The w*man is the cultural construct to describe the femanoid human beast, it's half human and half beast. The w*man concept is too normie so I never use it. I agree that it's just a damn costruction of a culture, so yes I think I can use the w*man concept to diagnose illness of a culture.

This womban here is a black african american nigger of color oppressed by evilwhitey. The whole concept of "african american black nigger of color oppressed by evilwhitey" is another social construct, that is valid only in white countries, exclusively in white countries. This concept is not universal, if you are white and you go visit some nignogg jungle savages, they don't see you as an "evilwhitey oppressor" because they don't even know what an university is.

(Ghost of Eskimo)
I was going to make a thread about her lenient sentencing of a man convicted for having computer child porn images. She was pretty reasonable and only gave him a few years for having thousands of images.

The Cuckservatives were raging because they would like him to tortured by a pack of soyboys for life in Gitmo. How dare she be lenient to a man who barely committed a crime.

micropenis29 #wingnut ncu.su

the joy of incels

inceldom is one of the many blessings of capitalism

incels, like communists, provide us with examples of extreme failure

by observing this failure, we can deduce what success looks like

here are some shared attitudes of the truest truecels in the blackpill community:

-distaste for capitalism
-violent, rapey thoughts
-fear of jews
-hatred and resentment for winners
-respect and adoration for losers

embody the opposite of these beliefs and you'll be well on your way to becoming a chad!

god bless truecels, god bless america, and god bless tinder


if you want to know who the feds are, look for users who:

-are never banned
-never stray too far from the standard incel dogma
-partake in witchhunts
-frequently bash whites and/or america

oenz , Ghost of Eskimo & AnalAndro #sexist ncu.su

Have you Noticed Some Men Hate their own Race of Women but thinks other Races of Women are Angels?

I Have Noticed a Pattern Some Latino Men dont like Latino Women, Some White Men dont like white women, Some Black men dont like Black women and Some Mongoloid men dont like Mongoloid females.
Yet they All have a delusion that a other Race of females usually white ones are Angels (And I Can Prove them Not to be)
But After Seeing this Hating their own race of women bias I have come to Realize all Races of women are Evil just some People have a Bias against their own But Cope with thinking other races of women are good.

(Ghost of Eskimo)
The biggest lie is that white men are gods to brown women. I've traveled throughout south east asia and every girl I interacted with wanted something out of me.

I do find white women revolting for the most part. I don't even think I could get sex with a landwhale. Latinas and asian women are more attractive to me because they're cheaper to pay for sex.

Yes that's normal. A russian man told me that all the rusian foids are gigawhores with a bossy attitude, but I could tell him the same thing, because in reality all the foids are megawhores with abossy attitude.

AnalAndro & Ghost of Eskimo #racist ncu.su

RE: Pop White Music is Extremely Cucked

Whites have a cult of fake intellectualism, cult of quoting nietzsche bukowski and pasolini. I hate that culture, the emo culture, the doomer phenomenon. If whites are all about doomerism and this fake sense of depth and profoundness, then they deserve to be wiped out completely. Sorry, that's the truth. Abandon doomerism or die.

(Ghost of Eskimo)
Doomerism is a good way to describe white American culture. It's funny that most black rappers have been in gangs and suffered violence, yet, they just party and have a good time. Although, there are many doomer black songs going back to the 60s.

Blacks have high T and reckless abandon. Part of that is the welfare state, drug use, and gang culture.

I was taught by my white middle class community that I had opportunity and a moral obligation to work hard. Too bad I was a retard that couldn't socialize with girls. So I became very cynical.

Sex is such a simple and crude act that breeds so much suffering. Our nature isn't to place women as queens, angels, or goddesses.


I was taught by my white middle class community that I had opportunity and a moral obligation to work hard.

You work hard the niggers instead are taught that you are privileged just for existing. This is called slavery, and you are the slave, perfect example of slave morals taught to slaves. The slave has to feel privileged for even existing, his existence is questioned, his life is not his own property. Niggers are not born with this slave mindset, they are apes that think you owe them shit just because of the color of your skin, top racist primitive jungle animals.

Napoleon de Geso #sexist ncu.su

How about consensus between incels and ugly/average females?

Me, or any other based incel, does not really bothered on it's own that ugly females have easy sexual lives and can do fucky even with chads. What really bothers, its that it reminds that even if ugly femorloids (who we don't want) can get access to chad and reject average and below men, than pretty females (who we do want) will do it too, and also pisses off that uggofoids have easy sexual lifes while incels suffer sexual starvation. Thats it. But ugly femoids with chads on its own is not really problem. So here could be done consensus: ugly females keep their equal rights and proceed doing sex with chads, but pretty females are taken their rights away and enforced into prostitution for being used by incels

Or not only ugly females, but also average beckies, so only top tier foids, stacies, are ridden of rights and forced into sex with average and below men. Keep your chads, but gives us stacies, and so have even more chads, as stacies are removed as competition. How bout dah?


This Sounds like some Internal Dysgenic Fetish.

Let everything burn. Give me sex with hot thots

Cynic #sexist ncu.su

Hebephilia and ephebophilia are biologically normal.

Mating with pubescent females was the norm throughout human history and prehistory. The fact that youth of this age are flooded with sex hormones and tend to be more impulsive isn't a bug, but a feature: If you were able to get across to a late teenager the hard reality of pregnancy, child-rearing, and so on, and gave them a choice, most would probably decline, or at least choose to wait. Evolution doesn't want teens to decline or wait, but instead reproduce as soon as possible, and so has developed a system whereby whereby most early human females were having kids as soon as they reached puberty .

The justifications for a high age of consent, such as them not having the mental capacity to consent, or prevention of harm, are nonsense. There is no magical harm switch in children's or teenagers' brains that somehow for some reason magically makes them emotional wrecks if an adult has anything to do with their sexuality. The idea that sex between adult men and preteen or teen foids causes harm, but that sex between minors is harmless, is just feminist propaganda that demonizes adult male sexuality.

Having a brain that hasn't completely developed does not determine whether or not that brain is sufficiently equipped to provide meaningful sexual consent.

A study found that mentally disabled people with the same capacity for adaptive behavior as 9 year-old children can give informed consent to sex, even by bloated modern standards of consent.


The mentally disabled population is a politically neutral area where scientists can still be objective without getting canned, but the results also logically apply to children.

The components of maturity are subjective and unequally distributed between both individuals and human populations, and biological age isn't necessarily predictive of one's mental maturity.