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The foundational building block of society, that element which has always been responsible for social order and peace, is the family, and it has been virtually destroyed. The family is to be a man, his wife and their children. The man provides for the wife and children, the wife nurtures and educates the children, and the children obey their parents. In a community of families, adults hold the other adults and children accountable for their actions. The family is based on marriage.

Marriage is an institution of God and therefore hated by Satan. The devil has worked very hard, primarily through communications media such as TV, movies, news journalists, and entertainment in general to convince women that marriage is detrimental to their freedom and fulfillment in life. Satan has deceived women into believing that they have the same sexual desire as men and that all differences are the result of culture. Satan has worked hard to divide men and women and have them at war with one another, and because of this, the violence between men and women has dramatically increased.
Homosexuality and all sorts of perverse behavior are accepted as normal. The world dictator (anti-christ) himself will not have the normal sexual attraction to women and may be asexual. Many theologians believe that he will probably be openly homosexual as indicated in the Bible in the book of Daniel 11:37: "and he will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women". And therefore, after the rapture, more than likely marriage will be discouraged or illegal, and homosexual and lesbian relationships highly encouraged.

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[On lists of impossibilities with Noah's ark]

What nonbelievers fail to realize, or at least accept, is the God-factor. Who shut the door of the ark? Who sealed it? God. So we see very clearly that the ark had God's divine hand on it which eliminates any such problem.

buzzardhut #fundie rr-bb.com

Thank you for your post.

Everything that needs to happen before the rapture has presented itself, except for the possibilities of:

The Fall of Damascus.
We are watching the Islamisation of the Middle East as they regroup in their Arab Spring/Winter to surround Israel.
We are watching countries collapse economically and calling for a financial savior to rescue them.
The Euro is tanking and announces a need for a messiah.
The local church is infected with apostasy and is baring her open wound for a one world religion solution under the guise of sensual love and acceptance of all God and scripture forbids.

The world is actually waiting for us to leave because nothing else can happen and they can do nothing else before we are gone.

Here are some things we won't see before we are taken out of here:

The world system financially collapses and unites under one economic banner.
A new world leader rises up to rescue the world from war and socio-economic collapse.
A new church leader rises up to unify all churches together under one banner of love and tolerance.
Israel builds and worships in their new temple in Jerusalem.
Israel is surrounded by nations for obliteration.

Which leads us back to our original question: "How long will our LORD tarry?"

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[OP says that her 11-year-old daughter has a project that involves painting a statue of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, and is wondering if this is okay].

"They feel this would be a good hands-on learning project for the students"

Learning what??? Idolatry???!!!

That would make me VERY uncomfortable!!! I definitely would not want my daughter to participate in this "project." I would suggest you ask for an alternate project or provide a Christian item for your daughter to paint (a cross, figurines for a creche, etc.) while the rest of the class paints their idols. Or have her paint a poster board with the days of creation and paste printouts of the appropriate Bible verses under each day, illustrating the Christian version of creation. And/or complain to the principal and/or school board. There are most likely other parents uncomfortable with this, too. And if nobody nips this in the bud this year, it's likely to be compounded by being repeated next year as well.* Unless the school also promotes Christian projects, I would think they would have no leg to stand on to promote false god/false religion projects. [Although that still wouldn't make idolatrous activities acceptable, it seems like it would provide a legal argument for fighting it.] Atheists and followers of false religions complain that they are offended by Christian things. Well, these false religious things offend us Christians! Maybe we should use this same tack to fight back!

Brinkley #fundie rr-bb.com

(how atheists will react to the rapture)

The Bible tell us that God will send them strong delusion.

Some speculate that this could be an encounter with UFOs. Others have said that the New Agers have called for "assigning the christians to another dimension" so the New Age can be ushered in.

But whatever the delusion, many will listen and say, ahhhh, o.k., now I see what happened, and then go about their business.

My theory, is that the non believers, who have been unable to prove physical evolution, will say that there has been a quantum leap in spiritual evolution and the undesirables and weakest links have been removed and they are left on the planet as the superior of the species.

razberry #fundie rr-bb.com

I've had 3 friends lose a child unexpectedly and have seen them suffer thru the grieving process. One of my friends lost her 20 yr old son in an accident. He lived for a week and they had to make the decision to remove him from life support. He wasn't saved and my friend became very bitter and angry. Everytime I spoke with her, she'd say, "I'll never forgive God." It was heartbreaking. She wasn't at all that way before her son died. Then a couple of years after his accident, she was in a car accident and died. I've always believed the Lord just took her on home because she became so hard-hearted and refused to glorify Him in any way.

Hisway #fundie rr-bb.com

This past week I saw a bumper sticker on a car that read "In Case of the Rapture, Can I Have Your Car"
I did a double and triple take to make sure that I was reading it correctly! Since then I have been trying to figure out what message this idiot is trying to send. Is this an atheist making fun of the Rapture? Are they just caught up in sin that deep that they know that they are not going to make the Rapture? Is this a Muslim thing?

Please Lord let me understand, I pray for their Salvation!

Luddites for Jesus Award

gzusrulzme #fundie rr-bb.com

My 16 year old son Raymond:

He was playing a video game for 2 weeks straight trying to beat it and finish. It was all he had been doing, and was right on with it every chance he got.

then I heard him in there throwing a fit! I walked in there to find him hitting the disk with a screwdriver, a hammer, and trying to tear it apart! I asked him what in the world are you doing???! He said, "momma--this game is not worth throwing in the trash whole. it asked me to pray to a god. it wanted me to bow and worship a god..... Im going to go outside and burn this thing!" strangely, I was proud of him for this.

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Stay AWAY from my children Hillary!

You, and all of your body doubles, clones, and whatever other sick conspiracy stuff the government is involved in and seems to be testing out on you as of late; using you as their first human guinea pig.

One of you is one too many. A million of you would cause the planet to immediately implode.

Then to think they might start doing the same DNA clone stuff with Obama, with other leftist loonies, with people like the Kardashian's, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus...

crunchymama #fundie rr-bb.com

(In response to Pulse shooting)

My heart is heavy over every aspect of this. that some of those killed were believers, for comfort to the families, for healing for the injured, that everyone involved turn to Jesus, that our 2nd Amendment rights aren't taken away, that more attacks do not happen, for the FBI/police agencies working tirelessly to stop these impossible lone-wolf attacks. Ugh this is just sickening and so terrible.

(Emphasis mine)

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[Fundies have been discussing an imam leading a prayer at Congress.]
When "political correctness" came into the workplace in the late 1980's I saw it for what it was at the time, a Satanic infiltration. I remember the corporate "training" how we were to "role play" all the deviant sectors of our society and "embrace" them... I refused the role play. I paid a price of stunted corporate advancement. God still took fine care of my family, and I made it to retirement.

Coming home from my niece's wedding rehearsal last night, I said the same words you wrote: "We have lost the country. We will become Europe. It is my generation that lost it. We did not "cleanse the land" we embraced the diabolical, satanic and deviant factions. We made them powerful. We are now emasculated and incapable of resisting with our own power. We gave up that power and we support them with our taxes. They now demand that support and we give it, like "protection" was given back in the 1920's to the mob. It is only God's intervention, if He so chooses, that can save us now..."

I am saddened for my country and my children's future.

XMaryX #fundie rr-bb.com

How do we know if we're witnessing to swine? I used to be very 'swine-y' when I was at my lowest years ago, but thankfully the Lord saw something in me & helped pull me out of the filthy pit I was in.

I'm surrounded by atheists, agnostics, New Agers, Catholics, etc.; I'm trying my best to witness but when will I realize if I'm pursuing 'swine'?

OND #fundie rr-bb.com

I've got a really cool story that I thought you all might want to hear! A couple of weeks ago, my son's biology teacher was teaching the theory of EVOLUTION!!! image This really surprised me since my son goes to a "Christian" school. What I want to know is how a school that calls itself Christian can believe in something that denies that Jesus is Lord, and that they would even go so far as to try to brainwash their students into believing it too. image Anyway, it didn't work on my son! After class was over, my son came up to the teacher and asked him, "if we evolved from monkeys, how come we can't talk with monkeys?" My son said that his teacher's face turned red with embarrassment, and he had to excuse himself from the room! The teacher had no answer to that question and he knew it! The teacher hasn't talked to my son since, he's still embarrassed that a high school student destroyed his theory! imageimageimage

The "Corporate Slogan" Award

Come Alive! You’re In The Pepsi Generation

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America has the BEST healthcare in the WORLD!

People travel to the USA (from their socialized healthcare countries where they cannot get treatment) from all over the world to be treated here, because we are the BEST!

[ . . . ]

No one on the planet has the RIGHT to free medicine or healthcare. Universal healthcare is not a right.

Healthcare is a RESPONSIBILITY.

Each individual and family bears the responsibility of healthcare for themselves, where in a free market they can pick and choose from among competing providers for the benefits and payments that best suit their individual needs, and where they have personal choice and authority over their own health and healthcare. No government panel decides what meds they can or cannot have - or whether their lives are "worth" the dollars spent to treat them.

When liberals try to turn a personal responsibility into a universal right, we end up with SOCIALISM.

MrMann #fundie rr-bb.com

Liberalism leads to chaos. I'm beginning to wonder if France will turn communist.
One of the churches I went to supported missionaries to Europe. Countries there are threatened by missionaries because they consider themselves Catholic, but in fact much of Europe is atheist or agnostic. The missionaries (who must operate in secret) report EU children and young adults have never heard of Jesus...the continent is dark, the people are slaves of satan.

I firmly believe the AC will be a European and the EU will be his seat of power.

Buzzardhut #fundie #senpai_noticed_us rr-bb.com

[New Rapture Ready Rule: You won't get into Heaven, unless you've been quoted by fstdt.]

There is a website especially dedicated for ridiculing and hating us.

If you are on there you are more than likely receiving a crown in heaven.

If you are not mentioned you need to question your salvation

My thanks to the pagans for solidifying our security

Watchingthesky #fundie rr-bb.com

At work yesterday morning around 8:30 am there was a sudden trumpet sound. It filled my office. I actually knocked stuff off my desk and ran to the sliding glass doors at the back of my office, eagerly scanning the skies. I just stood there, and I'm telling you, I was breathing very fast. I was SO EXCITED. I was thinking "Yes! This is it!"

Then it quit. It was a train passing through the town down by the Ohio River.

I walked back to my desk, literally short of breath. And all day, that was all I thought about, wanting so bad to hear My Lord's trumpet and leave this annoying planet behind

Been feeling more and more than we are very close. I am constantly listening now and scanning the skies. It's a wonderful feeling.

God bless.

The Lone Soldier #fundie rr-bb.com

Excellent point! I've often wondered why we Christians allowed evolution to be taught without the opposite view included. Having been raised by Christian parents, I don't even recall being taught evolution, but I must have been and it just didn't make an impact on me because my parents taught me the true story. But, for those kids who don't get taught about God and Jesus at home, it is really unfair and unAmerican to teach something that has not been proven as fact without teaching opposing views, which include intelligent design and creation.

We have tried, but like the calvary, the ACLU (American Communist Lawyers Union) always comes in and saves the day for the evolutionists.

IamHis #fundie rr-bb.com

Just remember, on September 29th, at sundown, you may actually hear some trumpets and some shouts, as more and more people are signing on to join the Feast of Trumpets celebration, by going outside at sundown, blowing whatever you have that comes close to a shofar and shouting to the Lord. It is going to be our way of saying 'Come, Lord Jesus, we are ready'. If you don't have any kind of horn to blow, you could maybe record the sound of a shofar and play that! My neighbors, which aren't many, will probably think I have finally flipped my wig, so to speak, but hey, do I care? Nope

Daughter #fundie rr-bb.com

I don't know how to phrase this but, wherever the muslim population grows, the more the crime rate goes up. It's a spiritual thing. The demons follow.

I have a friend who lives in the UK and he said London is getting more and more crime-ridden and it's swarming with muslims.

It is spiritual. Islam is satan's counterfeit religion and it's demonic. Bring in islam and TROUBLE WILL FOLLOW.

giatia #fundie rr-bb.com

If a woman is pastor, I do not go to that church. I also steer clear of "co-pastored" churches. At the churches I have attended, Pastor's wife sometimes plays piano, keeps nursery, or sits near front with her family. She never gets up to speak in services (only praise reports when prompted and the like).

steve53 #fundie rr-bb.com

With every second that ticks by -
I watch and wait and look to the sky -

I think it is just a very small percentage of us beleivers that senses this feeling of His coming soon. I know I can't even convince my family (all saved BTW, Praise God) that things are as close as I believe them to be.

My wife is worried about firewood for this winter and heating propane and I'm like "Yeah, whatever".

[his next post]

[...] We have two fireplaces in addition to a propane central heating system. We have in the past used 5 cords of firewood and 200 gallons of propane for winter heating. This year I'm just not too concerned with getting either. I pray I'm right.

Praise Warrior #fundie rr-bb.com

When I was younger, my parents gave me a little wine at a holiday event. Subsequently I got a tremendous headache later on that absolutely nothing got rid of. Not time, medications, dark, laying down, cold compress, nothing. The most severe headache I ever had.

But I was reading up on spiritual warfare on my own, and I thought I might as well try it as it might be demonic. I had tried everything else--why not? So I did what I was learning about casting demons out--don't remember what I did or said but it involved a lot of oral prayers, making sure I was right with God first, and filling in the space with the Holy Spirit--and the headache disappeared as quickly as a light goes off when you flick a switch.

I'm a practical and often cynical person, but I do believe I cast out a demon that day. I haven't experienced or seen anything like it before or since. I didn't tell my parents--they don't believe other spiritual experiences I've had, and if I did they'd think I was absolutely crazy. And I've shared this only very rarely, with a pastor and only a few close Christian friends.

ConservPride #fundie rr-bb.com

Use science to your advantage.

The word "dinosaur" means "monstrous lizard" (Greek 'deinos' = monstrous + Greek 'sauros' = lizard)

Lizards are reptiles. Reptiles are cold-blooded. That means they depend solely on their environment. They can't regulate their body temperature and must depend on the heat from their environment for warmth. In cold weather, cold-blooded animals hibernate. Hibernation pretty much stops growth. In a warm environment, cold-blooded animals grow faster.

Before the flood, the environment was different. There was no rain. Even man lived longer lives. But after the flood, lifespans began to decrease. If the change in environment affected the lifespan of humans, warm-blooded creatures, then it also affected the lifespan of reptiles.

Another scientific point is that reptiles never stop growing. Now imagine the preflood world. Man lived hundreds of years, compared to the average of 70-90 years today. Reptiles were created just as humans were and if they naturally lived alongside humans, then they would have also lived as long. Imagine a reptile living 500+ years in ideal weather and remember the fact that reptiles never stop growing.

Noah would most likely have taken smaller reptiles on board the ark to save space. Immediately after the flood, these reptiles would have grown and lived fairly long lives, but as their offspring adapted to the environment, the lifespans would have decreased, along with their sizes. If any of the larger reptiles survived they also may have been killed by humans who saw them as a threat.

There's not much mention of the preflood world in the Bible, only that it was wicked. After the flood, there is mention of two beasts that could be dinosaurs, the Behemoth and Leviathan. As far as their demise, the leviathan were killed for food.

Psa 74:14 Thou brakest the heads of leviathan in pieces, [and] gavest him [to be] meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness.

And if any continued to grow large, as I previously stated, they most likely would have been killed because they were seen as a threat.

catchaway #fundie#homophobia rr-bb.com

As far as gay couples or singles adopting; What are we thinking? Being gay is being sexually deviant to begin with. Why do we think that they are not going to molest their adopted children? I think though,that molestation would be more of a problem with the men. I think that women gay or otherwise, have an innate sense of just wanting to rear children.

When my oldest son was just 3 years old, my gay brother asked if he could take a walk with him. Now as far as I know my brother has never molested any children. At first I didn't find the request strange and let my son go with him. After all they were just taking a walk around the neighborhood. While they were gone though, I got this terrible feeling. It may have been the Holy Spirit giving me warning or just maybe my over sense of protectiveness. But I decided that if they were not back in a few minutes I was going after them. They did come back in just a few minutes, but I never got over that feeling. I determined right then and there that I would never let my young son alone with him. Now, if I could feel that way about my own brother, who I love, then something is just not right. I just don't trust gay men to not try and molest little children.

tnybblz #fundie rr-bb.com

I know a man who has been a pastor for 35 yrs. He, for some reason, decided to read the Da vinci code when the book came out. On Easter morning he got up, told his wife of 33 yrs, he didnt love her and never had, called his daughter some very bad names, went in front of his church and told them that he had been decieved by the bible, that this book "opened his eyes to the truth", used several curse words, and said from now on he would be teaching from that book. I would be careful about watching the movie. If you recall, God said in the end times that even the "Elect" would be decieved if possible. I feel that this is a tool of the devil. This world is getting more and more evil every day. We have to be careful.

yellowbo #fundie rr-bb.com


Wolf #fundie rr-bb.com

like Ive said. before.. Ive seen UFOs before, so I have no doubt they exist. and I strongly believe aliens are demons. UFOS are just part of the end time deception.

<p>funny... but, I allways thought the rapture would be explained by a "massive alien abduction" after all.. who would contradict that?? and here comes this guy who summons them, and says he'll bring a spaceship over las vegas.. (if that happens) once all the news gets to cover it then people WILL have to accept that...

<p>it is definetaly no suprise to me that this guy summoned that UFO, people have summoned demons for maaaaany years.. this is no different in my opinion.. maybe he got especific instructions to summon UFOS.. well, he says he does what the voice in his head tells him to do... geeez.. who might that be???? [cartoon Satan smilie] hehe

<p>some of you will agree with me, and that's that UFOs is the perfect ingredient for the end time deception scenario... its something that many people know about.. and by making UFOs appear for everyone to see, including the one on las vegas, will definetaly convince everyone and confirm their existence once and for all.. so after this happens (supposedly durring the month of june) the rapture has clear path to take place now [smilie] the government/NASA/ or whoever's excuse will be "people dissapeared because they were abducted by UFOs" and people will say "of course! one even came down to Las Vegas!.. they were definetaly up to something..besides, now we have proof that they exist," (try to contradict that...) [smilie]

billiefan2000 #fundie rr-bb.com

I think we are in the Home Stretch [of the Rapture],cause I have seen in the media a lot more people have died this year than in previous years. Plus the Persecution of Christians and Conservatives in the USA in 2003 has been really bad.

Chris4Christ #fundie rr-bb.com

You think it's funny that the leviathan is a "dragon-like" creature? I don't. It's really not so far fetched. Many legends have started with a truth and gotten twisted along the way. So 5,000 years ago you had a fire-breathing dinosaur. He became extinct. People started telling stories about this fierce fire-breathing animal. The story gets exagerated over time...you have your current dragon legends.

ann s. #fundie rr-bb.com

Many an atheist (or sincere seeker who is troubled by evil and suffering) throws in our faces, "You claim your God is all powerful. They why doesn't He stop evil and suffering? If He could and doesn't, He's a monster; if He can't, then He isn't all-powerful!" The answer involves certain things which God cannot do.

kathymendel #fundie rr-bb.com

To me, all of this............the fake gender, fake news, fake politics, the gay movement, the pediphile movement, ALL are clear signs that God has indeed, turned mankind over to deluded minds, as He said He would. I would surmise that we are going to see the demise of anything good in humankind, and in our world, go down the drain even faster now, more than ever before. Keep looking up, for it can't be too much longer before our wonderful King and Lord comes for us!!

logosone #conspiracy rr-bb.com

Thought about this awhile back...and I've got a theory that it is in no small part due to the Edward Snowden revelations ( June 2013 ), of the total surveillance society, is in fact reality...Yep, IMO many are now scared or hesitant to be too outspoken on a Christian forum...

Friends, what happened to Alex Jones is just the template for what is in full motion for sites like RR!

sherrid #fundie rr-bb.com

I'm bumping this up and I knew this had been discussed before. I also work at a public library and we are also having drag queens come in and read stories to children. This is so nasty. I'm sure this is a thing of the future. We also had gay pride displays all over the library "celebrating" gay pride month in June, the traditional wedding month.

No where have I seen a Christianity display proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Creator and Saviour. And I won't either. The libraries and cities now seem to be run by flaming liberals. Conservatives don't have a voice and if they express an opinion, they are shot down by these deviants, or lose their jobs.

Yes, I'm ready for Jesus to return for us. Surely it cannot be much longer!

Sunshine #fundie rr-bb.com

Run, Do Not Walk, Just GO!!!
June 25th, 2018, 05:40 PM

Went to wedding in Ohio. We stayed in a La Quinta outside of Cincinnati and drove over the border into Kentucky 2 days in a row. First day we went to The Ark. Second day to the Creation Museum. I was so shocked. I had really not heard anything about these 2 places. They were AWESOME. At Creation Museum attended a 1 hour talk by Ken Ham entitled "How to take the Gospel to our Secularized Culture" and then was in the audience for the 1/2 hour programme of "Answers News". These 2 events are included in the price of admission. I was so shocked because my husband works at a large church and we have never heard about these places. I have tried for years to get my husband to pay attention to the awful teaching/preaching of very popular pastors/teachers and he has refused to listen. Oh, my goodness. Ken Ham in the 1 hour talk showed 5 videos of Andy Stanley saying just really unbiblical stuff. Kevin was really shocked. I said to him afterwards "Do you see why I try to show you all this stuff?" and he said yes. He asked me to find these video clips on Andy Stanley and I did on Ken Ham's website and sent them to him. He is going to review these with 2 pastors at our church. I finally feel like I have had a breakthrough getting my husband to understand what is going on.

Of note at the Creation museum....they have an exhibit on what happened at Mt. St. Helen's. Eleven years after it blew they did Potassium Argon dating of the lava spills and the results said that the event happened about 250,000 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the 11 years actual interval.

The Ark answered so many questions and shows that what Genesis describes can actually be built. So, much for children and young adults to learn. Ken Ham said that the day we were at the Ark a boy was saved after watching one of the two movies they have.

I wish I could drag my whole extended family there. Go there everyone and take as many family members as you can!!!!

Oh, and the reason I say "Run" is that Ken Ham says the LGBT etc. faction is trying to shut down both sites. So there is no guarantee that they will be there say in 3 years.

Roger #fundie rr-bb.com


I've spoken a little on here about our situation. We have several grown children and several grandchildren. Our children are professing Christians.
Over the course of many years things have gotten worse and worse in our relationship with them.
We no longer attend church, it's been over 10 years due to wife's health.
Our children have grown away from us and want nothing to do with us.... we don't see them or the grandchildren.
Even our unbelieving family members want nothing to do with us.
Our children are involved in our extended families life, but not ours and of course involved with the church which also over the course of the many years that we have not been able to attend church, no one in the church has reached out to us.
I've mentioned before that we've tried to reach out to them, but, to no avail we've gotten no phone calls, visits or anything.
Our children visit to our town and visit with their in-laws and the church.
I've brought this to the church board, but, was dismissed!

We are so heartbroken over this and we know Scripture, but, we are SO heartbroken, finding it SO hard, even with God's promises to hold on.
What is going on in the Church?
Is it possible that a whole Church, it's Pastors, Elders and all the members are not true Christians?
Really need some encouragement to go on, it's been a really difficult couple of years.

Tall Timbers #fundie rr-bb.com

Dear America, The LEFT Has Declared War On You

While you’ve been busy enjoying your new jobs, improved wages, lower taxes, and less government interference in your life the left has decided that all of those things are immoral. They must be undone. And those who enjoy them must be made to understand that they are not good American citizens, but some sort of participant to hurt others. They would love to say it makes you a racist, except that African Americans and Hispanics are enjoying the best economy they’ve ever known in American history. They would love to say your lack of desire to give government more and more of what you earn makes you an elitist, except that you aren’t. You’re creating new companies, hiring more people, and taking control back of your personal choices. This leaves less capital for them to make choices for you and run your life with. Therefore when all options have been exhausted their desperation leaves them with only two options—conform to the new energy transforming life, business and people in America, or destroy it.

That they had control of extended reach into law enforcement, justice, the judiciary, and all of the media and entertainment elite allies they enjoy, the left never believed that they would ever see the tornado of activity that has occurred in the first eighteen months of the Trump administration. A Supreme Court Justice who will reliably remove power from the hands of government, twenty-four appellate court judges, and seventy-one additional judicial appointments that all reflect that same judicial temperament add up to a limited window of time before much of the anti-constitutional hackery that has taken place over the last few decades is toast. But they are content to undo as much of what is true just and good as they can on any level. This week Gubernatorial candidate for New York—Cynthia Nixon—openly advocated for the elimination of Immigration & Customs Enforcement. She claimed they had gone adrift from their mission. Yet their mission is to do nothing but enforce immigration and customs law.


This article states what has been obvious to the discerning eye for a great many years now. Trump winning the Presidency has just exposed the whole mess and now you needn't have a discerning eye to see it...

Tall Timbers #fundie rr-bb.com

think that this is just the latest attack on our President by the left. The outrage we keep hearing about is part of the talking points to undermine our nation and our President. The left is pinning their hopes on this latest "outrage" and when it fails, and I hope it does, there will be something else to follow this. The attacks won't stop until the left is in power again, in a position where they can continue to lawlessly degrade and destroy our nation.

None of the kids separated from their parents, nor their parents should be in our country in the first place. That their basic necessities are being provided for by our taxpayers is a generous kindness. We need a good border wall to make it more difficult for people to illegally enter our country in the first place. If our border is successfully closed, maybe those who in the past might try to make it to the USA in violation of our laws will instead fight to make their own countries a better place.

TimeWarpWife #fundie rr-bb.com

I used to always buy their [the Boy/Girl Scouts] over priced snacks just to support them, but that all stopped when they decided to allow homosexuals into their organization. It's a sad, sad day for something that started out to instill high moral standards and character into young men has turned into this politically correct cesspool.

Acts5:41 #fundie rr-bb.com

And that's the funny thing: I am bipolar with schizophrenia on top. I have brain damage. I can't even drive. No person would use me, but God does. It's even funnier when Ron comes along, blind, in his wheelchair. I am getting better distribution when he comes with me, lately.

Things aren't what they were. Used to be I could do 100 in an hour, now I am "lucky" to do 30 in an hour, but I keep going. Glad God can use me.