Buzzardhunt #racist rr-bb.com

About 6 months ago I gave a jewish coworker a gospel tract.
He laughed it off and tossed it in the garbage (i fished it out later and gave it to someone else.)
Now he is in a rock group in Austin, lots of fame, fun, and money.
I was wondering if he was rewarded for tossing the tract?
I wouldn't give up eternity in heaven for 15 minutes of fame on earth.

rose4christ #fundie rr-bb.com

["Do you think that Obama is speeding up prophesy?"]

I feel that he is because everything that is in the Bible is coming much more quicker then before. We as Christians are being ridiculed and pushed aside. The Bible is coming to pass even faster now that the big O took office. I pray that My GOD will show the big O the true way but we are so close to the end that maybe not...

JimFromOhio #fundie rr-bb.com

The similarities between the this country (now) and Nazi Germany are astounding. I have always thought this since this regime came to power. I could just see the similarities to obummer's inaguration and the crowds that used to worship Hitler. Everything that they are doing is almost exactly how the Nazi's took over Germany. I am amazed that no one sees it.

RocketGirl #fundie rr-bb.com

Since the rapture is so close...

Should I not worry about getting my wisdom teeth surgically extracted, they cause pain, but it is on and off pain. I do not trust general anesthesia in an office setting, but thats the only way the doctor would be able to block the pain,anyway if we are going to probably going to be raptured before the end of the year why bother with it haha. Also, I have always wondered why God gave us wisdom teeth when we don't need them.

Petezzzz #fundie rr-bb.com

Regarding an article stating that 1/3 of Russians believe that the Sun revolces around the Earth:

"It doesn't say the EARTH STOPPED SPINNING! Can you imagine what the oceans would have done were the earth to suddenly stop then restart? Can you say SLOSH? Get your theology straight people. I could care less what atheist science rambles on about, let God be true, but every man a liar - Romans 3:4

Why is Polaris always dead center up north if our axis is tilted? Where are the 1056 mph winds if the earth is spinning so fast??? Don't even start by telling me the spinning earth drags the atmosphere along with it, 'cause I don't buy it. I don't see any giant fan blades growing out of the ground to help out with this. If the earth was spinning that fast there should be F6 tornado speed winds, 24 hours a day, along the equator, F5 everywhere else. The weather was pretty nice where I live, today. Just a nice gently north western breese. Don't know about the ol' USA. I did hear things are a bit uncomfortable over there these days."

Isaiah #fundie rr-bb.com

What's scary is that the natural disasters they won't be able to stop will cure their population problem, but they will still kill the ones they deem unfit to live.It seems to me though, that, all these religions that call themselves THE church, and have billions of members, and say they are against abortion, why is it happening even more frequently in this day and age than it has ever happened before. I know the whole abortion thing is satanic, because I like to think that God sends down needed angels down here, with these precious new-borns, to help us out, and the evil one knows it. But this is just my own opinion. I would hate to even be a fly on Throne-Rooms' wall when that lady tries to explain her decision to abort her baby, with that excuse, to THE ALMIGHTY!

Miriam33 #fundie rr-bb.com

Obama will reverse 200 of president Bush's decisions as soon as he gets into office. Days olds embryonic stem cells are needed for research. Tons of eggs will be fertilized just so they can be harvested......sound evil?!

Barachem #fundie #senpai_noticed_us rr-bb.com

I am quoted several times on the fstdt forums and have given some rebuttals.
One of my rebuttals did shut them up in this specific thread: http://fstdt.com/fundies/comments.aspx?q=53327
Seems they couldn't criticize the truth.

It's one thing speaking out towards one of the "christian majority" in the U.S., but a mistake is made when one tries to rebut a christian from the Netherlands.
Not only is this specimen a former atheist, but he's also part of a very small minority of fundamentalist christians in the now atheistic Netherlands, who do face a mild form of discrimination from spiteful ex-christian atheist youth.

Anyway, these people say they're openminded, but in reality they are closeminded and will never consider our point of view, all the while while condemning us for being closedminded even though we do understand their view.
As an ex-atheist i'm ashamed for the extreme stance they take, the perpetual antagonism they take towards us, as if they're angry that mommy and daddy took them to church each sunday and now see a need to pay it back.
I never had this, as i was never forced to go to church and just believed that there was no God.
Then the Holy Spirit worked on my heart and opened it for Jesus, because i was actually open to other possibilities, as i asked for evidence and God Himself gave it to me, by changing my heart miraculously and using many different people to bring me to Jesus.
God be praised.

Victor #fundie #senpai_noticed_us rr-bb.com

[FSTDT! Thread]

The only problem with that site, is that they use bad language.

There's a Scripture verse that says something like:

A person who uses bad language, their Religion is worthless -

I would say 90% or more of the people at the web-site nead prayer or they may be doomed.


God's Blessings



It's probably better Hootmon they haven't quoted you, that site is most likely - Completely not Spiritually good.


Buzzardhut #fundie #senpai_noticed_us rr-bb.com

[New Rapture Ready Rule: You won't get into Heaven, unless you've been quoted by fstdt.]

There is a website especially dedicated for ridiculing and hating us.

If you are on there you are more than likely receiving a crown in heaven.

If you are not mentioned you need to question your salvation

My thanks to the pagans for solidifying our security

3 Fundies for the Price of 2 #fundie #senpai_noticed_us rr-bb.com

[Help! Help! we are being Persecuted!]

EndIsNear: Persecution will be tough, but it will be worth it.

kgreen20: That's easy to say when you're not the one being imprisoned, starved, raped, tortured, and brutally murdered.

Robert: That's why when my posts are ridiculed at FSTDT, I am actually happy. It means that i stood up for Christ in the midst of those that hate him.

iSong6:3 #fundie #senpai_noticed_us rr-bb.com

(FSTDT! thread)

I agree with this and that we should pray for them. I think some of them are just working on their *bon mots* and *clever insult* ability. Others seem to have had some *Christian* background and understanding. I don't know why they haven't come to Jesus...

We are living as in the days of Noah and people made fun of him, too. Right after the Rapture I believe many will come to this and other Christian boards and we'll be gone. They'll get that sick feeling and know we were right.

KaiafromBergen & inhisglory2007 #fundie #senpai_noticed_us rr-bb.com

(Your all self righteous little boogaloos, satan hates you and you're all going to heaven)

KaiafromBergen: Yeah what is it with that website("Fstdt")that they have nothing better to do than come here?

Guess they don't know that they are fulfilling prophesy . . .

inhisglory2007: This is the only amount of Vocabulary on sites like FSTDT. No intelligence.

Also, they never argue their position. Because we have the truth and they don't!!

Angyl #fundie rr-bb.com

[Replying to 'Humans are primates by definition']That's the problem...humans thinking their definition... This goes beyond simple categorization to just about everything science does. Some scientist saying I am a primate 'by definition' does not automatically make it fact. It's still an opinion until that scientist can claim to know absolutely everything about every difference and nuance in both primates and humans.

forbygrace #fundie rr-bb.com

I was thinking about this the other day, this proliferation of the radical homosexual agenda almost simultaneously throughout the entire world.
Almost everywhere you look, governments and or/judiciaries are imposing this upon what is for the most part an unwilling populace.
It's just too bizarre and co-incidental that this is happening all across the world at almost the exact same time...in countries as disparate as South Africa, Canada, Israel, Germany, Ireland, even some Central Asian Muslim countries "wink" at homosexual practice.
It's as if there is an invisible "hand" behind the scenes, a spirit of evil sweeping across the world causing this.
Personally, I am beginning to wonder if this is not a direct and startling fulfillment of Jesus' warning that in the end time it will be as it was in the days of Lot.

MidnightCry #fundie rr-bb.com

[From a thread on the HPV vaccine.]

I was thinking about this this afternoon. This part of it may sound harsh to some, but I'll say it anyway . . . YES, we all hope and pray that our children wait to have sex until marriage . . . and think that "if they don't, this vaccine will give them added protection" (kind of like the whole "don't have sex but if you do use a condom" approach). My question is, what about allowing them to reap the consequences of making poor choices? In other words, suppose a child does stray from God's will and have sex and get HPV -- that would be the natural consequence of their behavior. How far should we go to keep them from "reaping what they sow"?

MROD #fundie rr-bb.com

he jacked up the oath... its a very short oath and he couldnt even say it. Its harder to repeat marriage vows...

He is just a great orator... and so was Hitler, ...

I just cant believe all the worship of this man. They sing songs about him, that is WORSHIP!

How long before they start making statues of him?

sunshine2777 #fundie rr-bb.com

[About Barack Obama]

My 2 cents: I think he has been hand picked and groomed also by some group for the presidency. I also think the forces behind him are satanic and supernatural. It may be part of God's plan for him to be elected, but personally I'd just as soon get raptured rather than witness what I think we are going to witness. And if he is elected, I think he will be so controlled by this "group".... you wont see a senator, you wont see a president, you will see a "figurehead" used for evil purposes. And he aint "even" the antichrist yet.

JoyfulSister #fundie rr-bb.com

Reading this thread and others similar to this subject makes my stomach hurt, my heart hurt, chills go down my spine as I think, God sees this abomination, it must hurt Him so very bad to see this happening. Oh, God has to be getting so angry, I really fear the wrath is going to be so horriable that we just won't be able to imagine. I read about the coming wrath, but I can't imagine....
Another thing... I am evidently very politically incorrect... they are Homosexuals NOT gays. Call it what it is. Gay means-Happy. Homosexual means-(well you know) This misuse of this word really makes me angry. When I am told, "Oh, you know so and so are Gay" I always respond with, "Oh, you mean they are homosexuals?" Call it what it is. Or, "The Gay rights blah, blah, blah" I come back with, "Oh you mean the homosexual blah, blah, blah" I always get a surprised look, a look of, "don't say that", a look of fear. hey, if we all did this, call it what it is, maybe, just maybe the shame will return and maybe then we would have a chance to get through to them to turn away from this abomination, they don't want to experience the wrath of God.

JS19L90 #fundie rr-bb.com

AMEN! Being Gay is an IMMORAL AND DISGUSTING LIFESTYLE CHOICE! All they have to do is STOP choosing to have feelings for people of the same sex! Gays are an ABOMINATION!!!

Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.

Gay 'people' (if you can call them that) are drug addicted, promiscuous sex addicts, (some have thousands of partners!!!) who Hate God and want to destroy your family. They would probably molest your children if you weren't paying attention.

God's gonna have to apologize to Sodom and Gumorrah if he doesn't do something soon!

snowbird #fundie rr-bb.com

Yes, pokeman are evil... Shoefoot [a Venezuelan shaman] does not speak English, but when a missionary showed him a book of pokemans he identified each one by it's name in his own language (he is from the most primitive culture in the world). He said they are starter demons for children. Now if a fellow who has been demonically possessed, and who has actually danced with the devil can recognize them for what they are - I think we should take notice.

take_me_away! #fundie rr-bb.com

Take_me_away!: I have just gotten the official email that the flu shot will be mandated for ALL healthcare workers in NYS. Worse yet, we have now found that 3 out of the 4 major hospitals in my area are MANDATING the SWINE FLU shot as well (for all healthcare workers). My husband and I have come to a decision that I will not be getting the swine flu shot, and we are preparing for the worst, financially. I'm a nurse, so there are no jobs out there for me in the state that won't require me to get this shot. Prayers for all of us, folks. The persecution has begun

I think this is terrible and I pray for you to stand strong. It must be very, very difficult-scary and so unfair. Yes, the persecution has begun. To order people to subject themselves to what may well be a kind of poison is unconscionable to me! Your'e doing the right thing!

take_me_away!: I know.... I actually feel at peace about it. My husband and I have already had discussions about this over the past months, as we knew this was coming. We most likely will lose the house, as there is no way I can get a job that will make as much money. My son will have to be pulled from daycare if they require kids to get it - there's no way he's getting that vaccine, either. So...... I most probably will get a waitressing job - or two, that will get us some money.I KNOW that the Lord will provide.

DAVEYBOY #fundie rr-bb.com

And so we build the tower of babel. It's completey a thumbing of the nose to God. It just kills me to think that here we all are, with our personalities and our thinking brains, and it al started when a couple of enzymes got together. How complex is just human cell. Or the human eye that has millions of lenses. All this made by accident. Or the mere fact of where our planet is located. This planet is in the precisely perfect location for our existance. Any closer t the sun, and we're done. Any further from the sun and we're done. Again I say it takes more faith to believe that this is an accident than in a Creator. May God have mercy on us for our arrogance!

In Christ #fundie rr-bb.com

Satan is running rampant and decieving many on this earth. Not all things are God's will. I will state that everything that has breadth is a creation of God and God loves all people, but maybe there is a reason ethnic groups are to be separated and not intertwined (I am not an expert on this), but I will reach for God's word. In Gen 11, the people all spoke the same language and rebelled against God, they rose and thought they could build a tower that would reach to heaven and essentially be Gods. God saw this and thwarted it by confusing the language all people spoke and scattered them each with his own across the face of the earth.

The muslims think that allah is God. They think he/it (the moon God) is the supreme creator/ruler, allah and God are not the same... In Noah's day (after the flood) when Gen 11 took place I will emphasize that God scattered the people. So why is it that today, we feel the need to undo what God did, to bring all the people back together again, to coexist our religious beliefs etc... I ask, is this of God?? Will God once again scatter the people? The only way I can see the muslims imposing "sharia" law on the public as the will of our God would be to further the cause of the end-times. I have often asked myself why did God scatter the people in Noahs day? Was it because of the rebellious attitude that would ensue if peoples were brought together or forced to live together and at odds, was it because of the power they would feel to disregard all things of God? I do not see any good coming from intertwining the muslims with the Christians... I see this as the work of Satan...

As in the days of Noah... Look up our redemption draweth nigh...

Derrick #fundie rr-bb.com

The bottom line is that God clearly commands that witchcraft, sorcery and wizardry are evil. He gives no situations under which these evils are not evil: no conditions under which these evils may be tolerated. There is no such thing as a "good" witch. Not even Wendy.

The Lone Soldier #fundie rr-bb.com

Excellent point! I've often wondered why we Christians allowed evolution to be taught without the opposite view included. Having been raised by Christian parents, I don't even recall being taught evolution, but I must have been and it just didn't make an impact on me because my parents taught me the true story. But, for those kids who don't get taught about God and Jesus at home, it is really unfair and unAmerican to teach something that has not been proven as fact without teaching opposing views, which include intelligent design and creation.

We have tried, but like the calvary, the ACLU (American Communist Lawyers Union) always comes in and saves the day for the evolutionists.

Hisway #fundie rr-bb.com

This past week I saw a bumper sticker on a car that read "In Case of the Rapture, Can I Have Your Car"
I did a double and triple take to make sure that I was reading it correctly! Since then I have been trying to figure out what message this idiot is trying to send. Is this an atheist making fun of the Rapture? Are they just caught up in sin that deep that they know that they are not going to make the Rapture? Is this a Muslim thing?

Please Lord let me understand, I pray for their Salvation!

tnybblz #fundie rr-bb.com

I know a man who has been a pastor for 35 yrs. He, for some reason, decided to read the Da vinci code when the book came out. On Easter morning he got up, told his wife of 33 yrs, he didnt love her and never had, called his daughter some very bad names, went in front of his church and told them that he had been decieved by the bible, that this book "opened his eyes to the truth", used several curse words, and said from now on he would be teaching from that book. I would be careful about watching the movie. If you recall, God said in the end times that even the "Elect" would be decieved if possible. I feel that this is a tool of the devil. This world is getting more and more evil every day. We have to be careful.

r8ermang #fundie rr-bb.com

As adult Christians, LOTR, HP etc will have little affect on us, but to little kids its TERRIBLE. Satan has desensitized our culture. He has made it so we allow our children to read HP books. Satan loves to get us doubting Gods infallible Word. Satan loves to get us adults thinking these movies are ok, so we let our children watch it... Can you imagine what Jesus would have said to one of the apostles if they had said, 'Hey Jesus, you should go watch this magician at the Jerusalem 8 Cinema, and bring along some children, this guy is a good magician. He wears a white robe'.

Fundamentalism in a Nutshell Award

razberry #fundie rr-bb.com

I've had 3 friends lose a child unexpectedly and have seen them suffer thru the grieving process. One of my friends lost her 20 yr old son in an accident. He lived for a week and they had to make the decision to remove him from life support. He wasn't saved and my friend became very bitter and angry. Everytime I spoke with her, she'd say, "I'll never forgive God." It was heartbreaking. She wasn't at all that way before her son died. Then a couple of years after his accident, she was in a car accident and died. I've always believed the Lord just took her on home because she became so hard-hearted and refused to glorify Him in any way.

buzzardhut #fundie rr-bb.com

Thank you for your post.

Everything that needs to happen before the rapture has presented itself, except for the possibilities of:

The Fall of Damascus.
We are watching the Islamisation of the Middle East as they regroup in their Arab Spring/Winter to surround Israel.
We are watching countries collapse economically and calling for a financial savior to rescue them.
The Euro is tanking and announces a need for a messiah.
The local church is infected with apostasy and is baring her open wound for a one world religion solution under the guise of sensual love and acceptance of all God and scripture forbids.

The world is actually waiting for us to leave because nothing else can happen and they can do nothing else before we are gone.

Here are some things we won't see before we are taken out of here:

The world system financially collapses and unites under one economic banner.
A new world leader rises up to rescue the world from war and socio-economic collapse.
A new church leader rises up to unify all churches together under one banner of love and tolerance.
Israel builds and worships in their new temple in Jerusalem.
Israel is surrounded by nations for obliteration.

Which leads us back to our original question: "How long will our LORD tarry?"

glory #fundie rr-bb.com

I saw on TV once that 99% of people who claim to be an atheist, can not pass a lie detector test when asked, "Do you believe in God?"

I also read that most who claim to be an atheist, had a very poor (if not bad) relationship with their earthly father while growing up. Therefore, because they never felt loved and accepted by their earthly father, whom they SEE... have extreme difficulty in perceiving how this Heavenly invisible Father could possibly give 2 cents about them.

SO, I decided to put this information to the test.

Whenever someone tells me they are an atheist, I look them square in the eye and say;

"You know, studies have proven that 99% who claim to be an atheist, can't pass a lie detector test."

They usually grin at me, but nervously.


I also read that most never felt loved by their dad's. So it's hard for them to believe that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them unconditionally.

By this time, they look serious.

Then I ask,

"Do you feel loved and accepted by your dad?"

And at that moment brothers and sisters, you see the pain in their eyes.

So don't believe them when they say they don't believe in God. Try to get to the heart of the matter. Some so-called ex-atheist I once knew are now totally in love with Jesus! HALLELUJAH!!!!

kathymendel #fundie rr-bb.com

As each day goes by, and I see the hatred and vitriol increase...as well as watching the utter delusions of people........ I realize that society in general, has become pretty much the same as God recognized in the days of Noah, leading up to the destruction of the world by flood. God saw them and all of their evil, and said in His heart that He was sorry He created them. Imagine............

Well. I have a feeling that history has repeated itself, and once again, God is probably very sorry about the way His creation has turned out. The good news is, He will once again step into history, and make all things right again. I feel that it won't be too much longer before that happens, and he sets up His perfect kingdom here. I think satan knows this, too, and is working more than overtime to ensnare as many as possible to drag down to hell with himself.

I feel sorry for Trump. No matter what he says or what he does, they are going to condemn him...........he can't win. I don't understand the man or his twitters, but I pray that God will use him as he used Nebecednezar for His good purposes during these terrible times.

scapegoat #fundie rr-bb.com

(Oh teh ironing)

Does he choose to ignore the massive slavery, murder, rape, and general oppression done in the Islamic world to non-Muslims in the name of Islam?? Then I charge him (and all others who ignore/make excuses) with being complicit in these crimes.... He is a war-mongering slave-trading, murdering racist Bigoted thug.

lilbitsyspider #fundie rr-bb.com

[RE: the Christian marine in trouble for proselytizing to Muslim Iraqi citizens... it starts so good...]

If he was on duty he should be held accountable for his actions. If he was off duty then he shouldn't be handing tracks out at such a vulnerable place making a distraction opening the check point to be more vulnerable. But if the spirit had prompted him to do this, then he must submit to Gods' will. Who knows which one of those muslims might convert and cause a domino effect as a result of those coins. He needs our prayer and support not condemnation, no matter what your understanding of the constitution says.
GOD first, everything and anything other than Him is just static.

LivnForChrist #fundie rr-bb.com

I wont be buying the book [Harry Potter]. Who's the father of Witchcraft? Satan. He hates me, he hates you, he hates your kids, he hates my kids, he hates US ALL. I would not pay one thin dime to support something that even remotely or indirectly glorifies anything that has to do with Satan or his demonic forces. He'd kill your kids just as fast as he could given the oppurtunity. He'd love to see your kids burn in Hell with him. Think about that a while. Last point before I go, I love the Lord more than I love anyone. Yes, even my kids! I'm not about to offend him by bringing that trash into my house.

Acts5:41 #fundie rr-bb.com

In Houston, these MARKETs sells meat that was butchered according to their tradition, part of which is shouting the battle cry. The thing is shouted at the slaughterhouse. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halal

Islam is becoming more and more prevalent in our society; sadly there are some things we can't fight. They are allowed to have their grocery stores anywhere they want. The women are allowed to wear the "getup" when I'm out shopping. I dislike seeing a big sign saying "Halal Meats" knowing what that means, and seeing these places very busy makes me even more nauseous. They have a perfect right to have their religion.


I can say that, I am proud to say I have been persecuted for evangelism, shot in the leg with a BB gun, and 2 attempted robberies just last year. I have been screamed at, hated on, and thrown off 2 buses because I offered the driver a Bible. Just in the last year. But I don't think everyone is out to get me and label me a hater as a result.

Servantleader #fundie rr-bb.com

I'll agree with you there. I was actually looking at posts on YouTube, searching under the title "rapture." A lot of good things came up, but there are plenty of posts from atheists who actually WANT the Christians to be raptured so the rest of the world can not be bothered by all of our "preaching and telling them how to live." I was floored! It also told me that they are not true atheists in that sense because they believe there will be a rapture, so there must be a God to rapture the church. They just want us beievers out of the way!