throwitaway3343 #racist #fundie

You make white people sound like a bunch of animals. This is just idiotic.

ehh.... If they were humans we wouldn't be talking on this sub. You think sexpats that go to China and take advantage of the locals and mistreat everyone have any REAL grievances about the chinese systematically mistreating them? The same way that all races in America does? They actually get treated maybe even better than the locals as good faith.. and yet they still do what evil stuff they do there to children, to women, to asian culture. When they get treated fairly well.

Especially when whites live in their western countries living in luxury and comfort they still spiritually are not human. No amount of money will make them happy or human.

Maybe their christian faith is that of the devil.. or a false prophet.. They definitely are not as peaceful as asians.. by a long shot.



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