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Foreign wifes, are they the solution to the incel problem that we have today in the United States. As evidenced by the recent spree of killings, inceldom has proven to be detrimental to the safey and tranquility of the US. Can foreign wifes solve the problem?

Have to ask yourself why are marriage rates and birthrate down all over the westernized world? Because the men in their countries do not want their women. There is this general misconception that the white man is going to go to Korea or Japan and get himself a little yellow queen to bring back. This is not going to go the way you think. If these women are so great, why do their own men not want them? Why are government's like Korea getting involved with dating? Now as a white man, you'll get laid. And if you decide to marry them, then do not bring them back to the US. Once they get here and realize they have options, you're divorced raped in 6 months. Hojabi's are the same.

Unfortunately nothing will really fix this problem of "female empowerment" nonsense. The only thing that will is a devastating world war. Were talking where the likes of men become the real commodity with a massive population reduction for the nuclear strikes. The balance must be reset and the only time in history where the balance is reset is when there is massive amounts of life lost due to war.

Until that point anons, keep your money, keep your sanity, smash and move on. The modern woman is not worth it. And not just by her attitude and materialistic nature, but she may not even be able to have kids thanks to all these shots that have been pushed into them.



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