Katherine Deves #transphobia news.com.au

“Transvestism is very common amongst sexual predators, even serial killers,” she said.“So how are we women supposed to tell the difference between the ones who are a threat and the ones who aren’t? Easier for women to exclude all males from spaces where we are vulnerable.”

Lyle Shelton #transphobia lyleshelton.com.au

The Wiggles, once a safe haven for children, is now indoctrinating them into harmful LGBTIQA+ ideology, confusing them about whether they are boys or girls.

A “non-binary” unicorn, Shirley Shawn, has been added to the phenomenally popular children’s entertainment group in the name of “diversity”.

Two other “non-binary” characters have also been added – a non-verbal police officer, Officer Beaples, and a shy hand puppet named Bok.

Shirley Shawn appeared in a 2020 YouTube video with the Wiggles holding an umbrella in the colours of the rainbow political movement – a movement which teaches children gender is fluid, mothers are to now be referred as “birth parents” and that breast feeding must be replaced by “chest feeding” to accommodate “men who give birth”.

As well as the non-binary characters, the Wiggles added four new humans to its cast representing Australians of different ethnic backgrounds.

That aspect of the changes to the line-up is of course laudable.

Announcing the changes, Wiggles major shareholder and Blue Wiggle Anthony Field AM said in a statement: “As society has evolved, we have embraced the need for diversity and inclusiveness and want children all over the world to see themselves reflected on the screen.”

Most parents would not agree that teaching children that their gender is fluid is a good idea.

Too many children have been put on a path towards puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgery, with experts expressing grave concern about the activities of children’s gender clinics.

Please send a message to the Wiggles: Stop indoctrinating our children!

Scott Morrison #sexist abc.net.au

{Context: Australian Prime Minister’s comment in response to thousands of women who rallied outside Parliament House for the March 4 Justice protest on Monday.}

"Not far from here, such marches, even now are being met with bullets, but not here in this country," Mr Morrison told Parliament.
"This is a triumph of democracy when we see these things take place."

Bernard Gaynor #sexist twitter.com

1. The Twitter class is not outraged at the alleged rape in parliament because it may be a rape.
Instead, the Twitter class is actually ecstatic about the alleged rape because it gives them an opportunity for a political attack.
Sadly that's what this is mostly about. Politics.

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He’d matched with Sanderson on both Tinder and Hinge last week. Sanderson told PEDESTRIAN.TV he was quite forward, imploring her to come to his house for sex, and turning nasty when she didn’t.
“He was like, ‘Who else are you sleeping with? Who else is over tonight? Why wouldn’t you come over?” she said.
She told him that she was sorry to have wasted his time, but that she wouldn’t be coming round.
“You did waste my time,” he said in a voice memo, which Sanderson published on her Instagram.
“You’re fucking ugly. Your ass looks okay and you would have been one fuck. You would have been just one fuck, and that would have been it. Because you’re a disgusting fat pig.”
In another message, he told her she was “below him” in society, and that “the dysgenic like you are there to serve us”.

McGuirk told News.com.au he was a “good, decent person” who made a “huge mistake” and needs to learn from it.
However, Sanderson told P.TV that dozens of women had reached out to her with their own stories.
“About 30 women messaged me that they’d had encounters with him,” Sanderson said.
“It felt like I wasn’t alone.”