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WATCH THIS VIDEO. These puppets like Obama, GaGa and all the other higher-up reprobates push the homo agenda because they serve Satan. They are literally puppets, with Ol’ Splitfoot pulling the strings. The Devil is their god, and if they should show any sign of defecting, they are killed and they go to Hell. The only way they can have any victory is if they turn to Jesus Christ. So basically, either way, unless they repent, they will die and go to Hell whether they are for Satan or against Satan. They have more than heart could wish, they have fame and the vain, silly worship of countless sheeple, yet when they perish, it will all vanish away. Some life huh. And this is what you enjoy watching.

I am fuming, absolutely red-hot ANGRY that they think they can get away with this. Since I am decent and fear God, and I assume you can do it yourself, I won’t show any pictures here of the results of homosexual sex. They’re out there, and I’m positive that since I have my filters on, I’m not seeing them all, thank God.

Will the Devil consent to you seeing the horrifying results of sin? NO!! He is a LIAR and a THIEF. He will NEVER divulge the whole truth behind a matter. Never in a million trillion years!! He shows the glitz, the glamor, the cha-ching, the power, the fame, the little children smiling and laughing while over their heads rainbow flags wave triumphantly in the breeze. Gimme a BREAK!! You deserve what you get if you believe this crap. I am here to WARN YOU. GET SAVED, before the wrath of God consumes your soul and sends you to the Lake of Fire.

I sometimes wonder if any other Christians on here preach against sin. Am I the only one? I hope not, because the Bible says that if we don’t WARN people of their wretched sin condition, their blood is on our hands. I for one don’t want that! I am not perfect, but I need to get the truth out at all costs, whether it hurts your feelings or not! And I am NOT judging YOU, I judge your SIN! So don’t get it mixed up! Believe me, I don’t enjoy being righteously angry, but if GOD says for me to DO something, even if I don’t LIKE it, then by His grace and immense power, I WILL DO it! Can I get an AMEN??

I noticed that if I turn off my comments and pingbacks, nobody bothers to view these strong posts. That’s just fine, I like it that way. I suppose that if a person can’t speak their mind, then why bother reading it. Oh well, I did what was required of me. Your blood won’t be on my hands at the judgment, but you will be required to give account of your life, and so will I.



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