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BREAKING: Chinese Coronavirus Wasn’t Weaponized To Just Kill, It Was Genetically Modified To Paralyze.....

I hate being right

Anyone writing this off by citing FLU DEATHS in comparison is intentionally steering the conversation away from the entire point

All rules go out the window with this virus

It was either genetically engineered as a BIO-WEAPON or mutated by the DEVIL himself


Casualty to death ratio doesn’t matter when it takes 2 weeks to even show symptoms with patients highly contagious without even a fever

Couple that with the ability of this virus to survive on surfaces for weeks at a time and you have the perfect recipe for an orchestrated disaster of biblical proportions

I told y’all this is about creating the legal conduit for China and Russia to invade territory under the guise of HUMANITARIAN MISSIONS

The CORONAVIRUS is a means to create a VIRTUAL bank run by stressing the system on a cataclysmic scale

It’s genius if you think about it

This virus isn’t designed to kill, it’s designed to paralyze the system at every level

The incubation period and contagiousness is meant to create as many deaths through the exhaustion of supplies and manpower

IV FLUIDS are imperative for survivability

Only so many IV BAGS available

Wasn’t there a medical supply shortage a year or so?

The elites are covered and I bet a vaccine will be available shortly to milk both ends of this tyrannical amalgamation

The ultimate weapon to keep us chasing our tails for the sake of humanity

The walking dead overwhelming every city in searching for the most basic supplies whether that be an IV or ALBUTEROL or ACETAMINOPHEN and ICE in the most extreme circumstances to bring down these spiking fever episodes

Usually taking 2 OVER-THE-COUNTER (OTC) ACETAMINOPHEN once and then rotating in 4-6 hours another 2 (OTC) IBUPROFEN

Repeat for 2 days with increased fluid intake to stay hydrated

For infants, you can use the directions on each bottle for both children’s acetaminophen and children’s ibuprofen and rotate the same dosage if your child is not allergic to those medications

Infants and children should not take aspirin

Adults however can take aspirin to reduce fever as well after prolonged use of acetaminophen in the same stacking fashion to rotate between ibuprofen

The organized disinformation campaign is proof we have been over the objective this entire time

Time to buy stock in medical supply companies

Maybe investigate who else did 6 months ago



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