Various Incels #wingnut #sexist

ITT: Braincels in the middle ages

King Chad rode by my village yesterday. Every filthy wench in the town flocked to the road to see him pass. I guess he just has good nobility. JFL.

Everyone was a manlet in this time period.

Sir may I have some of the cope you are on I would very much like it. Low IQ even if the average was shorter there’s always GigaChads 2ft above the average. OMEGAcoping

The manlet scale just shifted downwards:

HyperChad: 5'9

Average 5'6

Manlet 5'2

You'd probably have a looksmatch serfwife, at least

imagine being the only one in the village who could count his chickens, get sent to Lutheran university: never even see a woman for 8 years during your studies. never get to go carousing in the tavern with Chod and Brod. never get to visit a whorehouse or pinch a lass's bum at harvest festival. never get to rape sand hole on conquest. tfw diddle the new altar boy to sustain yourself



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