Navaros #fundie

I don't obsess about it. But I do declare its truth from time to time in response to atheists/darwinists who try to deny it. And also because I love when evil feminists (and many of the atheists/darwinists here who share feminists' evil ideology) fill themselves with rage at the facts of God's Maleness, God's Kingness, God's Patriarchness, God's Fatherness, and yes, even His Holy Righteous Penis! When they are not busy murdering babies en masse, feminists spend the rest of their time trying to deny those facts of God and replace them with an idol of a false god which is made in their own image: an effeminate, penis-less eunuch god and/or she-god. I'm here to say, "No, you baby murdering psychopaths, the God of the Bible is as real as He's always been, and when you come before His Judgement Seat just before He forever sends you to burn in Hell, then you will have to face HIM in ALL of HIS MALE PATRIARCH KING FATHER HOLY RIGHTEOUS PENIS-OWNING GLORY!" Praise God. Amen!



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