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RE: First of Four Cops Charged in the Death of George Floyd Will Plead Not Guilty to Second-Degree Murder and Manslaughter

J. Alexander Kueng has a Nigerian father and white mother.

"A Nigerian father and a white mother..." What is it with these white women?

Vile indeed...

She obviously doesn't think much of herself.
I bet her parents are real pleased.

Here's a case where a Grandfather had the nerve to tell his daughter the truth:


Thanks for the link. It was like reading a Stephen King novel. Horrible. So horrible that it was fascinating. I note a couple of salient points. One issue that her father had was that the pavement ape did not marry her prior to her having his child. (Not that that kind of marriage would have made her father happy) Another point. Not only did he not marry her, he abandoned her because he was having affairs with other women. (Surprise!) You can bet the ranch that these other women were also white. One final point. Note this young "lady" is not the least bit surprised or shocked that her "partner" abandoned her. She probably took it as a fact of life that she would be abandoned sooner or later. Now, no white man on this earth any self respect would touch her with a ten foot pole.



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