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Re: Mass Gun Battles Between Chechen v Algerians in Dijon France

One group of Muslims fighting another, in France. I'd assume it's gangs fighting over their share of the drug trade.

It started over an attack on Chechen 16 year old kid.

Not saying it's the case here but, as I'm sure you know, that's exactly the kind of age group that stabs and even shoots each other in London as well. All these little immigrant wannabe thugs need to be deported. They're often the worst of the lot. Subhuman rats.

France will probably look more and more like the worst parts ofthe country look now, or similar to America.... Actual French people more and more a minority. Might as well rename the country to Muslimstan.

France sends police reinforcements to Dijon after 3 days of unrest | News | DW | 16.06.2020

We're not talking American towns like Detroit and Chicago here but historic European ones, famous for producing wine and mustard before they were overrun by foreign trash.

They probably thought it was a French lad they beat up, then they realised it was a Russian...and a Chechen at that.

Good to see these thugs getting a taste of their own medicine for once.

One group of Muslim thugs fighting another, showing no respect for the country they've invaded.



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