Eternal Destinations #fundie #crackpot

Warning to those neglecting their work or commission
"Whosoever shall neglect the work or commission given to him or her, I shall pay him or her with my wrath, and my wrath shall not depart from his or her household. He who loveth his soul shall do it, but he who hateth his soul, I shall fill his belly with my fiery wrath forever in hell."

"I did not create hell for humanity. I created hell for satan and the fallen angels. But humanity has made My Blood to be in vain."

Handling the sheep
"Be careful the way you handle My sheep so that My wrath will not come upon you. But make Me happy, and I will clothe you with fine linen in my Father’s house."

The Lion of Judah shall prevail
"I and the devil are like two lions fighting to defend their territory. But I, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, I shall prevail. And the earth shall shake in the time of battle."

"Prepare! The feast of the Lord is at hand."

Warning to those use artificial nails
"Tell those using artificial nails to repent and change. Or else if they die with it, they cannot enter my kingdom, because they are like lion’s in my sights. And I do not want them to enter my Kingdom, so that they will not come and tear my sheep apart in my Kingdom. Therefore, repent. Remember, you might not know when I shall come. Those that ask for mercy, I shall show mercy, and I will wipe away their tears forever."

"Tell Andy Adiri to repent and change and preach holiness and righteousness to my sheep or else I will crush him through hell and through its demons, and to renounce that title that he is answering. Whosoever is afraid of man is not fit for my purpose. 1 Co 10:12."




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