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Barack Obama
"Look at Barack Obama. Many of my ministers made the mistake by praying him in to win the election. He has deceived my ministers that he’s a Christian, and many of my ministers followed him because of his material things…Now he is obeying you? Only that my ministers have done, it’s enough for me to send them to hell, but because of my love, I am still waiting for them to repent. Yet they don’t want to repent."

At 2:06:29 in the video: "Obama is not a human being. He’s a demon. Now my people are suffering over there in America. Now he has given an order that gays, homosexuals, and lesbians should be given their rights. I will destroy him and the ministers that agree with him. So let every man plead his case before me and I shall forgive they that ask forgiveness. They that ask forgiveness from their heart shall I forgive."

"T.D. Jakes is included. He should also preach holiness and righteousness to my sheep. And he should change from his worldliness."

“Morris Cerullo is included.”

"Tell T.B Joshua to repent from his worldliness and the worldliness of his members. And he should preach salvation, holiness, and righteousness to my sheep. Out of the whole congregation, there is no one qualified for heaven. I have spoken."

The Lord gave Samuel the following Scriptures for these ministers in connection with the above warning. Please read them carefully, and help get this warning to them, and other ministers like them: Is 52:1-15; 56:1-12; 61:1-12; 63:1-19; 65:1-25; Jer 7:1-29; 6:1-30; 5:1-31; 2:1-37; 11:1-23; 16:1-13; 19:1-15; Col 3:1-25; Jer 25:15-38; Ez 21:1-32; Mt 5:1-48; 10:1-42; Ex 21:36; 22:1-15. After reading these, I can see the Lord is angry, and has given a very big reading assignment with all these chapters. Yet there is a very clear message from the Lord in these passages.

"I hate carnivals with a passionate hatred."

"Tell those named 'Achan' to change their name. (Jos 7:1-26), because it is a rebellious name."

Warning about art that does not glorify God
"Tell those who draw any diagram or creature that does not glorify me, I shall cast them into the lake of fire. In fact, nobody should even draw, because some of these artists are demons, and they are (cartoonists?) used for satan. Therefore, repent and beware."

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Warning to those neglecting their work or commission
"Whosoever shall neglect the work or commission given to him or her, I shall pay him or her with my wrath, and my wrath shall not depart from his or her household. He who loveth his soul shall do it, but he who hateth his soul, I shall fill his belly with my fiery wrath forever in hell."

"I did not create hell for humanity. I created hell for satan and the fallen angels. But humanity has made My Blood to be in vain."

Handling the sheep
"Be careful the way you handle My sheep so that My wrath will not come upon you. But make Me happy, and I will clothe you with fine linen in my Father’s house."

The Lion of Judah shall prevail
"I and the devil are like two lions fighting to defend their territory. But I, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, I shall prevail. And the earth shall shake in the time of battle."

"Prepare! The feast of the Lord is at hand."

Warning to those use artificial nails
"Tell those using artificial nails to repent and change. Or else if they die with it, they cannot enter my kingdom, because they are like lion’s in my sights. And I do not want them to enter my Kingdom, so that they will not come and tear my sheep apart in my Kingdom. Therefore, repent. Remember, you might not know when I shall come. Those that ask for mercy, I shall show mercy, and I will wipe away their tears forever."

"Tell Andy Adiri to repent and change and preach holiness and righteousness to my sheep or else I will crush him through hell and through its demons, and to renounce that title that he is answering. Whosoever is afraid of man is not fit for my purpose. 1 Co 10:12."


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(Part 2)

In heaven she met King David, and you will be amazed at his comment as to why he made it into heaven.
She also met the apostle John in heaven, who gave her advice for all of us on our relationship with the Lord, which is right in line with the kind of relationship he had with the Lord during his earthly life, as told to us in the Bible (Jn 13:23; Rev 1:10).
She met Paul the apostle, who gave her a word of encouragement to remember in our trials and hardships, which I believe you will appreciate. It was essentially what he wrote to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 10:13.
She saw the Lord's palace and described what it was like seeing the Father on His throne.
She saw the twelve, colorful foundations decorated with precious stones, which are spoken about in Revelation 21:19-20.
She described the angels and some of the differences between the worship angels and the warrior ones.
She saw a warehouse in heaven containing spare body parts with people's names on them that were simply there for the asking, if the people who needed them would only ask and believe. But most never bother to ask.
She says that there are separate rewards given to the saints for each thing that they do for the Lord, no matter what it is.
She said that what matters in the end is not how much you serve the Lord, but the quality of your service, which is evidenced by the heart and attitude with which you do it. Whatever we do, we should do it as unto the Lord, for the glory of God, in the name of Jesus, and with love. Then even if all you can do is pray, you will be rewarded for praying. If all you can do is care for the children or do housekeeping chores, you will receive a reward for it, if is done in loving service to the Lord.

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Dedicated Pastor and Foster Father Unacceptable to the Lord

Howard Pittman was raised as a Christian, who heard the Bible daily at home. He was ordained as a pastor and trained in seminary. He served 20 years in law enforcement while pastoring. He and wife have 3 children and foster parented 32 others between ages 18 mos and 18 years! He died on Aug 3, 1979, and stood at the gates of heaven, pleading for his life.

God have him a message in an audible voice. Instead of sweet and lovely, it was thunderous and had a tone of wrath. It knocked him on his face and sapped every bit of strength from him. The Lord said: “Your faith is dead. Your works are in vain. The life that you live and offer to me as a life of Christian service I rejected that as an abomination in the Pharisee. What made you think that I would take that from a Laodicean-type Christian? In fact, untold millions are living the same life that you lived, and they stand in danger of My everlasting wrath.”

A Laodicean Christian is lukewarm and serves God with his lips but not his heart. This is the hypocritical Christian.

Howard was shocked to hear this. He was sure God had him mixed up with someone else. He was a preacher and teacher. He had lived a life of service and devotion to God. But the Lord showed him that it was true.

Howard did not do his good works for the Lord. He did them for a false god. Howard called Jesus Lord every day, but Jesus told him, “You didn’t mean it.” Lord means ruler of life. Whoever you obey is your Lord.

Jesus identified his god: "The loveliest god you’ll ever know – SELF." Self ruled Howard’s life. He fell on his face. The scales fell from his eyes. He realized he was pleading for the wrong life. He was pleading for his earthly life instead of his eternal life. He says now nothing else matters but “My father and his will.”

I urge you to listen to his testimony (see here).

A Christian Musician Who Realized She Had Idols
A musician named CJ, had prayed to ask the Lord into her life, but one day she actually saw the Lord appear to her, and that's when she found out she had idols. The Lord would not accept her unless she gave up all her idols. He said that if she planned on giving Him 99%, she may as well forget about following Him. He would accept nothing less than 100%. She gave Him everything, was baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire, and experienced the unspeakable joy that comes from truly knowing Him.

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Women's Child-Bearing Role
Paul wrote to Timothy, "But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety." (1Ti 2:15, NIV). The King James Version has it, "she shall be saved in childbearing." Either way you translate it, you have a clear definition of the woman's role being one of bearing children, while continuing in faith, love, and holiness with propriety. Since that is her God-given role in marriage, then the modern conzcept of a woman's role as defined by the liberal, secular feminist movement stands in stark contrast to the biblical one. They view prohibitions on birth control as a means to control female sexuality and independence.