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RE: How do you feel being classified by the Coalition of Communities of Color as 'a community of colour'? Coalition of Communities of Colour 'formally recognized the Slavic community as a community of colour'.


Anyway, i've already heard before that among black folk in USA - russians (and slavic people in general, i suppose) are not considered White, but i thought it was kind of joke or something. But apparently it was true all along :D

I couldn't care less, all this tolerant circus bullshit is exclusively US' construct and it should be contained within USA, like any other contagious disease.


White Americans tend to treat immigrant Russians more like people from brown and black countries (think of them poorly and offer less access to high quality jobs) than they would treat a white German immigrant (basically like they would treat another white American).

Sounds like a class issue to me. Poorer people have a lower standing in a classist society, that's nothing new. Moment you suddenly should realize, a lot of American racism is class disparity and has absolutely 0 connection to what universally is considered racist... Like believing some nation to be bound to be alcoholics.

holy fuck, god forbid this disease spreads across the border.

Whats the point of classification of "white or colored" if whites can also be colored? If oppression can classify you as colored, does this mean a white amercan who faced discrimination or somenthing in asian or african country is also considered colored?



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