Prussian Society of America #conspiracy #racist

[From "Celts, Like the English are one of the biggest players in the COVID Cult"]

As I have mentioned previously, the biggest invested races in promotion of the COVID Cult are those of Jewish, English, Celtic Ancestry and of course the Chinese who have made a spectacular financial investment and business model of using this agenda for their very disgusting aims

There are of course, other minor players like Italians, Iranians, Armenians and others who also have had major involvement between a whole host of different aspects of the COVID Agenda, including financial investments with the Vaccine Manufacturing

Wherever Jewish Money Flows, you are sure to find the English and Celtic peoples as next in line to suck off the Jewish Money Pipeline. They just cannot resist themselves

I would like to introduce you to a highly paid and invested Agent, spreading daily Propaganda and totally useless, meaningless statistics, this clown Dr. John Campbell who serves as a perfect example of one of these monsters who makes video after video, with endless drivel about COVID, and the disgusting aspect is how many people follow in lockstep with this clown:

[Mass loss of trust]

I have been following his disinformation for many months, and truly no normal person would ever find anything he says to be interesting or taken seriously. But this race, whether they are English or Celtic, both of them are truly a dangerous menace, and the world needs to awaken to the trouble of these people from the British Isles, and who also compromise the majority of America’s Racial stock and Military Establishment



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