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Respiratory Therapy

This is perhaps the most delicate of the seven therapies. I couldn’t possibly go into detail because of its delicate nature, but it is a direct necessity because of the cerebrospinal fluid waste which has caused the RH body to go progressively numb…for some, more than others…and it is directly linked to hormone waste via the same mechanics of waste.

Had you been more responsive to the first two therapies we could have had something we could work with…as it is…well…??

Numbness is a peculiar phenomenon within the human body because when the senses and body parts are numb you don’t really know about it…especially if there is an alternative…and that is what happens here. ..all the weight of the numbed RH body falls upon the LH body and this means the RH lung becomes very inefficient whilst the cerebrospinal fluid pathway through the whole body needs maximum oxygen intake…Older people display this inefficiency in their fatigue, lack of muscle tone, and a tendency to be selfish and unresponsive to new ideas, leading, ultimately, to some degree of dementia…but all of that can be dealt with…if caught in time…and it all begins with Therapy 1…Taking in the accurate teaching of Jesus Christ.

However you might interpret this post it is designed to help, especially those who want or need Christian help…and where a vibrant spirit means rebirth, repair and resurrection, as the case demands, and we know this because of Jesus Christ.



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