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I have no sympathy for people who are bitching because they are housebound! What about me???

How am I supposed to feel sympathy for people who are now bitching and whining because they have to limit their social activities due to the Covid-19 outbreak? How? I don't give a fu&%! I have been "incarcerated" in my own home for years. I am a recluse. To be exact, I am a hikikomori. I have been deprived of basic human needs: love, sex, going to the prom, going shopping for clothes. I have no family and no friends, aside from my pets whom I love to death. The list would take days to compile, but the point is that 95% of things that normal people can do like going to the store or going to the beach, I can't do. Not only am I ugly, I am deformed. My face virilized due to a hormonal imbalance, so, I am the ultimate type of fugly. I have to wait until there's nobody outside to check my mailbox or put the trash in the dumpster, otherwise, I get stared at and laughed at. I have been told that things will be alright, that everything is fine and I just have to think positive, but that was a load of crap. So, people need to stop whining. These are people who have no real issues. If normal people had 1% of the problems I face daily, they would kill themselves.

Some people are outdoorsy by nature. I consider myself a femcel and I am DYING from being trapped indoors. My brain needs stimulus to survive. From my perspective, introverts are acting like bitches with superiority complex bc they're so used to being cooped indoors all day everyday. But I don't complain about their attitudes, because I seek to understand their side as well, and know that everyone is different. No shade.

Do you think I enjoy being holed up at home? I don't. I am outdoorsy by nature, but I can't go out because this society treats me like a leper.



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