The End #sexist #psycho


eating a pussy = cuck

but once is probably allowed just to know

but still

eating a pussy = cuck


The thought of eating pussy puts me off tbhtbh

Eh, I guess it's just something I really like. I drool when I see girls, so maybe I have an oral fixation.

Also I'm not grossed out by the human body; I revel in how disgusting it can be. I could fuck a girl's asshole while she's shitting, decapitate her head and fuck her eye-socket, or watch her turn blue as I strangle her with her own stinking intestines - what the fuck do I care?

Also... how can I say this - I like playing with women. I want to manipulate her psychologically and physiologically. I love the idea of bringing girls to mind-frying orgasms, but a close second is my desire to torture them til they go insane. Causing effect in girls is very satisfying to me; probably because I feel so powerless in my life!




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