Gabriel Erb #fundie

( Part 1 )

There it is written in the header above … the biggest Bible clue God has given mankind to help pinpoint the year of His son Jesus Christ’s return to Earth — He will return during the 2,000 year after whatever year it was he died on the cross (not a year before or after).

“Well, I never read THAT in the Bible,” you groan disbelievingly.

Exactly! For God secretly concealed it in the Scriptures.

“God has secrets in the Bible,” you ask?

Absolutely, my friend! And they have been right there in plain sight for all to read in His Word for thousands of years, yet no one could decipher them for He alone knows them. Thus, only He can reveal them — which He does in His time and at His discretion — through people on Earth He deems prophets: “Surely the Lord God will do nothing but He (first) REVEALETH His SECRET unto His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).

This is where I come in. But before you roll your eyes and think I’ve gone off the deep end, realize I am fully aware that God does not love a prophet any more than anyone else on Earth, for He has no favorites! God loves ALL His spirit children on Earth equally because it is His nature: “God IS love” (I John 4:8). Furthermore, all prophet’s jobs will be finished the moment Jesus Christ splits the eastern sky! In other words, there will be no need for a prophet in Christ’s Kingdom. So this is only a temporary calling for me, but I have accepted God’s will for my life in this age on Earth with the utmost of gravity and humility. Therefore, friend, your soul’s eternal destiny is of GREAT concern to me.



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