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[SuicideFuel] “Women Never Make The First Move Bro! Just Ask Her Out Bro!”

I can’t believe this deluded normie cope. This shit makes me so angry. In high school, all of my high tier normie or higher classmates who were introverted and possibly autistic all had cute girls make all the first moves for them, and that’s how those guys got their first kisses and lost their virginity. They didn’t even have to do anything. The girls did everything because they were genuinely attracted to these guys and they knew the guys were too introverted to do anything about it, so they made the first move instead. Women are fundamentally the selectors in the mating game and will at the very least, give you signals/signs that they are attracted to you. Anyone denying this is coping. If you are good looking, pussy will be thrown your way often enough, that it’s almost impossible to stay virgin unless you have some extreme form of mental illness. By extreme form of mental illness, I mean you need to be locked up in a hospital or prison, not “self diagnosed autism”.

They never make the first move for you. Meanwhile chad mumbles something and they laugh while touching his arm

Seen it too many times. I will never experience that :feelsrope:



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